cornering lights

  1. Jim_from_shoreham

    Front Fog Lights

    Recently bought a t6 high line to convert to a camper, last night whilst parking I noticed my front fog lights were coming on when selecting reverse gear. Any help on this please? Have I damaged any cables when running the split charger cable under between the seats do you think? tia Jim
  2. Barley53

    Cornering Fog Lights Issue

    Hi, does anyone know if there's a separate fuse for the cornering aspect of the fog lights? Although the fogs themselves are working fine on demand (standard fit H11's on a my19 T6) they no longer light up when turning or when activating the indicator at any speed. I'm buggered if I can work...
  3. Dieseldonkey

    Cornering Lights Speed Adjustment

    Is it possible with VCDS to alter the speed at which the cornering light function is disabled. Seems the factory setting is 25mph. Would prefer 35mph. Can it be done?