1. Drew75

    DSG gearbox free-wheeling

    Hi looking for advice my Dsg gearbox was not very smooth at slow speeds so I’ve done a VCDS reset in basic settings I’m not sure if it done this before but now when Im driving along if I take my foot off the throttle the van free wheels and on the dash it shows D and not D6 or whatever gear I...
  2. Dannyb6467

    T6.1 Coasting function??

    I have 2020 Highline DSG....does it have the coasting function as my 2017 did? Can find it in the info screen anywhere. Cheers.
  3. MarekS.

    Coasting - DSG

    Hi all. I can't see the 'coasting' option on my MFD. Is it available as an option or is there another problem? Is there alternative way to turn it on/off? T6 Velle SE BMT Petrol DSG 204... TIA
  4. Stigofthedub

    Interesting Fault

    Hi Guys, This isn't a T6 problem, but there may be some similarities between the T6 DSG operation and my wife's 2018 golf diesel DSG. I just wonder if anyone has experienced this. We have a 1.6 diesel golf DSG 2018 that we have had a year. We noticed the problem first when in cornwall when going...
  5. Westy78

    Dpf Regen & Dsg Coasting

    I’ve started to use the coasting function to try and get a few more mpg. However with the engine dropping to idle every time I’m off the throttle will this interfere with the regen? Surely a good blat at a constant of over 2000rpm will favour a complete regen cycle over interruptions from...