1. danncus

    Towbar coding south Manchester/ Cheshire

    Hi. Can anyone help me code a towbar on a 2018 T6. It had factory prep and I fitted a PF Jones rear loom. Can easily travel during weekdays Thanks
  2. danncus

    Looking for someone to code a towbar and H4 headlights for LED bulbs - Cheshire /Manchester

    As title, 2018 Highline Kombi Fitted towbar (factory preparation /PF Jones short loom) Also I’ve fitted my Philips LED H4 bulbs from my T5 which trigger an error. I have Carista, and have enrolled on the Beta scheme but have no experience with its capabilities. I suspect that I’ll need...
  3. M

    Hello from Cheshire

    Hi All, new member from Cheshire here. Picked up my 2017 T6 yesterday and love it already. First trip in a weeks time :)
  4. D

    Auto electrician - northwest

    Had this unit fitted 12month ago linked up with solar panel. Not technically minded but not 100% satisfied everything is working as it should. I'm after an auto electrician in the North West area who is familiar with this system that can check everything over. I'm located Littleborough OL15 and...
  5. A

    Cheshire: Electric upgrade to sliding door?

    Hello all. I am based in Cheshire East. I would like to make the side door electric, as well as potentially a few other upgrades. It's a 2021 T6.1 camper. Does anyone have any recommendations or who I would contact regarding this? Thank you Alex
  6. Mikerl8797978

    Caravelle seat install Cheshire, any recommendations?

    As the title states. Looking for someone to supply and fit rails and carpet for a caravelle bench seat in the Cheshire or Manchester area. Thanks
  7. C

    Converter in Staffordshire/Cheshire!

    As above I have decided to move on my T6 and kombi convert my T5.1 4motion T32. I want a drive in and out job, including 2+1 in the rear, sound proof and insulate and change my closed windows for x2 openers. Any recommendations for someone to carry this out in Staffordshire/Cheshire? I don’t...
  8. Dav-Tec

    Nutexa Frictions meet, 25 June 2023, Hoylake CH47

    See below, we'll be attending too. Come and say hi to the guys at Nutexa and see the quality of the superb products!
  9. Howzat

    The Vehicle Tuner - Warrington

    The Vehicle Tuner - Vehicle Tuning Warrington I'd been considering a map for a while but had an issue with clutch judder which was putting me off pulling the trigger. My mechanic wasn't sure it was a worn clutch/DMF with only 60k on the clock so we tried a few things with no luck before...
  10. O

    Independent garage - near Warrington Cheshire?

    Hi, can anyone recommend a good T6 garage in the Warrington area for an MOT, service, replace broken suspension springs and fit 4 new wheels/tyres, I’m trying to avoid VW dealers because of the cost, many thanks
  11. Ambrose

    North West Tow Bar Centre

    Shopped around to have a detachable tow bar fitted and ended going to Welcome to North West Towbar Centre Stockport | Established 1984 - North West Towbars Manchester as it was just down the road from me. Dropped it off this morning at 11am and got a call just after 1pm to say it's ready for...
  12. T6 Forum

    Carry On Dubbin’

    T6 Forum created a new event: Carry On Dubbin 26-29 May 2017 Warrington, Cheshire Read more about this event...
  13. J

    Cheshire area body shop recommendation

    can anyone recommend a good bodywork garage / paint shop around Warrington Cheshire area. I need a rough paint repair made good on a Pearl black T6
  14. B

    Ceramic coating & detailing - Cheshire

    JR Automotive in Hyde Cheshire are a good place to have your vehicle ceramic coated ,they have a choice of options to suit your budget.we have had the 5 year coating put on our van, looking better than new! the inside was also done ,which just finished the job off.
  15. tinctina

    easter wild camp

    hi easter is coming, trying to find a out of the way place around 70 miles radi of stockport away from the hoards who will be out. Any body got a place for me wife 2 goldens and a campervan cheers oilman
  16. R

    Independent Garage S Manchester

    Any recommendations for an independent VW commercial garage around S Manchester? My heater/ac control needs looking. Thanks
  17. A

    Anyone in Mid Cheshire area with VCDS

    I checked here But is there anyone in the mid-cheshire (Crewe/Northwich) area with VCDS as need a few changes making to my T5 (2013) - prepared to travel a little way. Thanks
  18. D

    Wheel Alignment - Cheshire, help/recommendation needed

    Hi everyone, First time posting. I’ve got an 18 month old T6. It’s been pulling to the left for a good year now. About 5 months ago I took it to a garage to have 4 wheel alignment done. They altered something they said was way out. However back in the driving seat the van felt the same. I...
  19. Andyr12

    Listed building contractor in Cheshire

    Hi guys. Just asking .... My wife is working with a client who has a Grade 2 listed home that requires some minor work and potentially some alterations. Do any of you know or even do building work in the Cheshire area as always like to work on recommendations if I can.
  20. B

    Stitch in time

    My stitching is starting to fray on my steering wheel. I’ve superglued it down for now but it’ll need a proper repair. Does anyone know someone North West of Cheshire that could help me?