1. sipep

    For Sale Ceiling hardboard liner

    Roof liner panels.. Good if you want to have a try at carpeting lining. £15 Collection Newcastle under Lyme
  2. Johny

    Sold Cab ceiling trim

    Cab Ceiling Trim taken from a brand new t6.1, but obviously will fit t6 and t5. Includes fixings. £10 plus delivery.
  3. M

    Rear Head Height

    Hi, I've looked at several T6 conversions now and there is a fairly large difference in internal head height with the pop tops down when I sit on the back seat. I'm 6 foot 4 and on some vans I can't sit up at all whereas on others I can just about. This is even with the same seats (RIB 130CM)...
  4. Cupotea

    Wooden roofs

    Evening all, As we slowly plan our conversion, one thing that keeps popping up is the desire for a wooden roof to keep the interior light. The slatted ones in particular look great. Are there any obvious downsides to them, or anything to look for? Any pics and/or advice greatly appreciated. Pete
  5. B

    Solution to cover /make nice pop top when down

    Hi friends I'm looking for a solution to cover the pop top material when its down..I seem to find it gets in the way /view when driving and looks a bit messy too. I'm sure I'd seem a solution on some at the campervan show at NEC last year. A simple nice looking bit of material (I think leather...
  6. G

    Fitting ceiling trim between boards

    After cutting and carpeting some 3.6mm ply I’m finding that the clips on the ceiling trim are too short to engage so won’t hold up. Are there any longer or different alternatives? Ideally I’d like to retain the grey strip if possible and not make and carpet a new ply strip but will if I have no...
  7. Jimmi

    Roof Trim

    I can’t get the roof panel joiner/trim strip to stay up. Can anyone point me in the direction of the longer fixings that slide into the trim strip. Thanks
  8. Dom76

    Mounting TV to ceiling..

    Hi All, I’m picking up my new caravelle on Friday and the shopping list is currently being compiled, we have a couple of trips planned post lockdown and to keep the kids entertained I would like to install a tv / DVD player on the ceiling between front seats, firstly do you guys know if the...
  9. M

    Caravelle ceiling mounting points

    Hi everyone, Can anyone tell me what these fixing points in the ceiling are called along with the type of corresponding bracket that goes into them? I’d like to get a rail that joins the two fixing points just inside the tailgate so I can fashion a cargo net onto it. Does anyone know if such an...
  10. Deviant Tubs

    Folding Grab Handle Coming Loose

    Morning all, So it's been pointed out by my wonderful co-pilot that the folding grab handle immediately above the passenger door has worked it's way loose on the one side. It appears that the bolt what holds one part of the grab handle has come away from the main structure of the cab...
  11. Bluey22

    Screwing items into the bottom of a pop top bed/base

    Hi, (first post alert :) ) Any insight into how suitable the pop top bed is for being screwed into (no pun intended). It already has grab handles screwed onto the bottom, and I’m wondering if I can screw additional items into/onto the bottom. Nothing substantial but maybe a mount for an iPad...
  12. L

    Sold T6.1 LWB kombi rear OEM roof panels (free)

    Removed from new kombi - free. London (SW)
  13. Gino D’Campervan

    bifold bed vs a standard one?

    Hi there. We’ve put a deposit down for a pop top roof but not entirely sure of the pros or cons of a bifold bed? Happy camping everyone!!
  14. p6raf

    "How to" fibre optic star look roof lining

    My son has severe cerabral palsy and as the van is primarily for his use. I wanted to make travelling a sensory experience for him. I remember seeing a rolls Royce on Top Gear that used fibre optics and decided that's what I wanted for him. After watching various YouTube videos I decided to...
  15. N

    Roof lining strip

    Hi all. New to the forum and my first t5. Can anyone tell me. Am I the only one finding it very difficult to get the roof lining strip for a t5 2007 LWB, the one in the back in the centre that connect the roof interior. I've made multiple calls to breakers and salvages, with no luck. I knew...
  16. T

    Wanted T6 kombi roof panels SWB

    Hi, looking for VW OEM roof panels for my T6 SWB kombi. Must be in good condition as I'm only getting them to replace a current panel which has silicone on it. In the Devon / Cornwall area- what's available or does someone have panels lying around after a conversion? Thanks
  17. K

    Sold LWB OEM Kombi Panels Including Roof Panels

    Since buying and fitting plywood in the Kombi, I now have these lying around. The NS rear has a hole cut out when the racking was fitted (not that it was needed but we didn’t know this at the time ¯\_(ツ)_/¯). Free for collection in Bristol.
  18. Chambo24

    LWB ceiling panels

    Hi, i'm trying to replace the OEM hardboard headlining panels, on my LWB T6, with 3.6mm ply. The front section fits on an 8x4ft sheet nicely, but the rear section is too big to fit on an 8x4 ft sheet. Are there any solutions to getting the rear section on one sheet or am i going to have to split...
  19. S

    Ceiling mounted speakers

    Hi, I'm considering mounting speakers to the rear of my Kombi, just in front of the Motexion bulkhead in the ceiling. These are just to add a bit of fill for the rear passengers so don't need to be fab, but any recommendations, and what depth can I go up to?
  20. M

    Shuttle - recommend fans?

    Dear all, my 9 seater van has only front air-condition. :( during hot days, like these, it is very difficult to cool back seats and my kids feel very very hot. :eek: I have an idea to mount two roof or side fans just to push the colder air to the back. Red or green position? Can anyone suggest...