carbon fibre

  1. Jon

    Sold New VW Carbon front splitter

    For Sale a brand new VW Carbon proper Carbon fiber front splitter. I originally bought 2 thinking I would catch it or it would not last when actually the original one lasted perfectly for over 5 years. I have now sold the van, so here we have a still in the packet unused brand new one. Ideally...
  2. Bynxy

    Carbon-fibre mods

    Anyone had a go at carbon fibre skinning would be interested in seeing the results or what you have had done as I am think of giving it a go for some of the bits on my van
  3. Reedspeed46

    T6.1 interior trim ideas

    I'm starting to plan my stuff to do on my pending t6.1 arrival, and booking it in in various places, however, im struggling to source some internal dash trims, I ideally would like carbon fibre, also the mirrors, any ideas guys where to get good quality dash trims from ?
  4. W

    For Sale T6.1 Carbon-Fibre MFSW

    Hi there , Selling this MFSW Carbon Fibre Red Stitched non DSG steering wheel for sale , bought from Leighton Vans but no longer required . This will only fit VW T6.1 , This is Brand New and never used . Looks Stunning Cost me £659 will sell for £500 , postage should be £10 . Any questions...
  5. W

    For Sale T6.1 new Carbon-fibre Red-Stitch Flat-bottom MFSW. £580

    Hi Selling this VW T6.1 Transporter Flat bottom carbon steering wheel , BRAND NEW , Red Stitching . Cost me 695 , will sell for 580 ! Plus 15 pounds postage . Bought this from Leighton Vans but no longer required . Will be well packed for postage . Comes with buttons as well , just swap out...
  6. Elliott

    Sportline Carbon Mirror Covers

    I’d like to get a set of original sportline carbon mirror covers, my main question is, I’ve got oryx white top sections at the moment, I’ve heard the covers just stick on, do I need to buy some Matt black covers as well? I don’t want to see a white line? Or do they completely capsulate the white...
  7. Killo

    Carbon Dipping

    Hi has anybody had there front grills carbon dipped and if so have any pictures, looking at having mine done just wandered what’s people opinions on it.
  8. LT2019

    World Of Carbon Tailgate Spoiler?

    hi peeps anyone fitted a woc rear tailgate spoiler? If so, any pics please? I’ve got a indium grey van, with carbon tailgate handle and bumper protector, thinking carbon spoiler will finish of the rear end! Photos on woc website are pants so can’t get a feel how it will look.
  9. IMG-20190122-WA0004


  10. Anthony Ball

    Full Carbon Bonnet

    After nearly 12 months in the making I have finally today fitted my full carbon fibre bonnet , full double skin utilising all original hardware , fixing points , hinges etc I’m really pleased with the end result , fit and finish etc but there has been lots of swearing and cursing and head...
  11. T6dder

    Vanstyle Carbon Fibre Wing Mirror Covers

    Has anyone purchased these Carbon Fibre Wing Mirror covers off Vanstyle? Mirror Covers Real Carbon Fibre VW T6 2015 - Vanstyle I just wondered how they compared to the genuine VW ones?
  12. Fish

    Fish's T6.1

    Thought I would set my own little thread for Bert. Next phase was today.. Sorting Dash out.. been building up the courage for a while now.. But.. For weeks now I have been driving round in a stripped out van.. image 1. It took 3 hrs to get the dash out.. and 3 hours to get in back in and...