caravelle triple seats

  1. D

    Triple Rear Bench - T-Roc Rear Seat Transplant

    Hi All, I picked up some T-Roc R-Line front seats for my van over the weekend and the seller gave me the rears for free. I am wondering if anyone has or knows someone that has the skills to transfer this pictured onto my pretty beat up triple rear bench? Thanks in advance, D.
  2. L

    For Sale California Beach/Caravelle triple bench/bed on rails

    Hi - I have a Vw California 3 seat bench for sale - sliding rail system in Vw fabric as shown in close up pic - (other pics taken from internet as ours in storage ) this has just been removed as we have converted our beach and is in immaculate condition - buyer collects as it’s very heavy £2000 ono
  3. P

    Caravelle with OEM Multiflex

    Hi all, Seems to be hard to find images of a Caravelle / Multivan with the OEM Multiflex board set up for sleeping. As it stands (without the board) I know I can fold the triple bench flat and the captains chairs too and then put a SIM or similar on top. If I have the multiflex board, will...
  4. T

    Wanted Caravelle rear seats

    Hi. Looking for caravelle rear seats that slide in rails. Anything considered
  5. ADMT

    Caravelle bench seat handle missing

    Hi all, I have just noticed that I am missing the handle which allows the bench seat on the Caravelle (2016) to fold flat, does anyone know what part(s) I need to fix this? Thanks!
  6. D

    For Sale Caravelle triple bench / bed & table on rails

    Caravelle table for sale £250 Caravelle triple seat with headrests In ok condition £750 Collection from warrington
  7. RemfanUK

    sliding seat cost?

    wondering what the cost is for a sliding rear bench seat conversion in a t6 so it has sliding seats, i think like the california? thanks.
  8. Andyman

    Rock and Roll bed recommendations

    Hey everyone Anyone got any ideas please on getting a single seat R&R for a Caravelle Did a Google search but always find forum recommendations best cheers happy Saturday :waving:
  9. G3GSB

    Caravelle rear seat bed hinge cover

    Hi all, just bought a T6 with alcantara rear seats. The rear 3 seater bed has a hinge cover at the back of the seat. Mine is just hanging down and isn’t attached to the seat. It’s almost as if a rail is missing that it attaches to. Can anyone help me identify what I need please. Photos attached...
  10. K

    Difference between Caravelle and Kombi rear seat bench

    Hi all, I’m looking for a Caravelle rear seat bench in Cheyenne Anthracite. Looked on eBay and they have everything but. The also have a lot of Kombi benches. Please excuse my ignorance but what is the difference?
  11. Captain Rick

    Caravelle 3 seat settee used as a bed

    I've been converting a 2016 T6 Caravelle into a camper. Got the furniture sorted in the rear and now concentrating on the bed. Using rear facing front seats with the 3 seater bench opened out as a bed - but it isn't very flat! The front face of the 3-seater is at least an inch too high (on...
  12. moodsterT6

    Caravelle bench seat panels

    Anyone know what the panels at the bottom of the triple seat bench are called? I’ve broken the middle one and my Google-Fu has failed me for finding what they are called
  13. N

    Caravelle leather seats vendor

    Anyone have the rear three seater seat up for sale or ideally a set with the captain seats? So, just two rows? Thanks
  14. bilko

    T6 caravelle rear bench seat will not come back up.

    Hi all. 6 years ago I took my t5 caravelle bench seat out , folded down the back rest and put in in my garage, and replaced it with two new captains chairs. I sold the caravelle when I purchased the new t6 caravelle. I have decided that I do not need two bench seats so want to sell the t5...
  15. Coradia63

    Sold Caravelle triple rear seat Pandu trim £1000

    Im selling my Caravelle triple rear seat I bought it when it was brand new I think it came out a 2016/17 T6 its had a waterproof seat cover on it from day one so the seat material is in as new condition no marks or stains there are some very faint light scratches in the plastic trim around the...
  16. R

    Caravelle 2012 rear bench seat wont fold backwards into bed !

    Just joined hoping for expertise ! I have 2012 Caravelle, but cannot for love nor money fold rear bench seat flat backwards. I have seen this discussed on this forum and many other sites...but still no joy. Seat base only lifts inch or two at front, and seems to catch/lock on under frame i...
  17. Martin Gibson

    Caravelle Bed And Captains Front Seats

    Hello,we are thinking of fitting Caravelle rails and 3 seater bench/bed into our Kombi. We have a large dog cage at the back when we go anywhere as we always take our two bulldogs with us. What we would like to know is if we slide the bed forward and flatten it and then swivel the two captains...
  18. L

    For Sale 2019 Caravelle Rear Bench - Black Leather Alcantara £2000

    2019 Caravelle three seat bench/bed finished in black leather and alcantara. The bench was removed from my van after only two weeks of use, and has been inside the house since. They're in excellent condition as a consequence. Decided to purchase two single captain chairs for versatility. All...
  19. O

    T5 Caravelle Rails And Seats - how to fit?

    Hi guys I’ve recently purchased rails , 2 x captain seats and the bench seat for the rail system. I got them at a really good price but need to get hold of a few parts. I’m wanting to replace the aluminium rail covers as they are a bit tatty and I’m also wanting some bits including the two...
  20. bullracing

    Sold Caravelle Leather Rear Seats & Bed £1800

    As I am going for a full camper, I am hoping to fund a pop top with the sale of this and the full rear shuttle conversion (seperate ad) unless there is a pop top installer wanting to do a deal ;-) You get 2x 2nd row captains swivel folding chairs with storage. 1x rear 3 seater bench which turns...