captains seat

  1. C

    For Sale Captain seats x2 plus 2+1 rear seats Kombi set

    As pictured below, please excuse the mess. These are in showroom condition if you need any more pictures just let me know. looking for £2500+Vat, part exchange is considered delivery can be arranged but at buyers cost. do have some more kombi seats to get rid off soon, but these are the...
  2. p6raf

    For Sale SOLD VW T6 Carlex Design heated leather Captain & Pax seats

    Hardly used, perfect condition. These seats are from Carlex Design and not cheap covers. Absolutely gorgeous. Both fronts are also heated. £1800 ono Collection from Plymouth
  3. JonnyTee

    Tall Person issue….Drivers Seat…

    I’m 6’1” Tall and on Day 3 of New to me Dsg T6 ownership and it’s Not Going Well….. Feels like I need a Hip Replacement Lol… Question is can you get a drivers seat that goes higher? It’s full pumped up with handle on right hand side of seat and fully back (kitchen unit behind seat) sat ok behind...
  4. Mike Dean

    Sold T6.1 Captain Seats.

    Hi All, I’m switching out my factory captain seats from T6.1 for factory captain swivels, therefore I have the originals coming up for sale. Seats are like new condition. I’m swapping out my leather, but can supply with the grid covers coming off the swivels. See picture. Sadly there is a...
  5. Lukavell

    Sold 2 x Caravelle Front Swivelling Captains Chairs. OEM. Leather Alcantara.

    As titled, these are as good as new. Only removed as I needed to fit the height adjustable version for my driving comfort. Been stored in a warm dry garage. £2000.
  6. Tiggy1955

    T6 Seat Headrest

    I replaced the twin seat of my 2019 T6 with a single captains seat. However the headrest on the single seat is a slightly different shape to drivers seat. Rather annoyingly I hadn’t actually noticed this until after I’d got rid of the double as obviously I could have swapped for one of those...
  7. Andysmee

    Sold Driver's Captain's Seat with armrests and Folding Double Seat in Highline Simora / Titan trim

    VW T6 Highline Drivers Captains height-adjustable Seat with adjustable armrests and Folding Double Seat in Simora trim with Titan black fabric armrests and headrests. £SSTC Based in Reading, but due to health can only deliver relatively locally. These seats will fit all T5, T5.1, T6 & T6.1...
  8. Andysmee

    Sold Passenger captain's seat

    I don't normally advertise these seats on this forum as most T6 owners are looking for black trims but this is the last pair that I'm going to do due to ill health so here it is... Edit: I have sold the drivers seat so can now split the pair. VW T5.1/T6 Passenger Captain's seat retrimmed in...
  9. Mike Dean

    Lowest profile T6.1 captain seat swivels

    I’m looking for the lowest profile aftermarket T6.1 captain seat swivels. Both sides. Thanks, Mike
  10. oxocube

    Wanted Drivers captains seat brick T6.1

    Hello, just bought a passenger 'brick' design captains chair. Now after the drivers side, if anyone is selling please let me know. Thanks Emma
  11. K

    Sold Captains seat and passenger double seat Simora

    Captains seat and passenger double seat for sale for t6. Other than being a bit dusty they are in very good condition. £275 Pick up : Glasgow
  12. Dogs Dung

    Factory Swivel Drivers Seat swap

    Does anyone have a T6.1 Drivers Captain Seat that would like to exchange for Factory Swivel Captains Seat, new Highline van , 2k miles, just sits too high for me so will forfeit the swivel for a height adjustable alternative,
  13. H

    Captain Seat Fixing-Bolt

    Have just installed a Captain Seat in our new T6. Having an issue tightening up the bolts that retain the rear of the seat to the base. They appear to look like a mini locking wheel nut. An 8mm Allen key almost fits. Any idea what I need to tighten these?
  14. Andysmee

    Sold VW T6.1 Driver's captain's seat and folding front double seat in highline Bricks trim

    VW T6.1 Drivers captains seat and folding front double seat in highline Bricks trim. Height adjustable driver's seat with leather armrests and leather headrest, and brand new 2020 front double seat fitted with VW folding bracket (not reclined, Vancraft 10 degree reclined bracket available for...
  15. Mikey2ooo

    For Sale T6 Front double folding double seat in Simora fabric

    From my 2016 T32 T6 in great condition, not required due to seat swap out. Complete with base and under seat storage and fold flat feature Also makes a great home office seat Open to offers £250 buyer collects or we can discuss delivery Plymouth based
  16. casjcave

    Original VW front seats with swivel bases - worth selling?

    Hi all, QQ I thought someone might give me an opinion on: We have upgraded our T6 seats and so we now have an extra pair of original WV single seater 'captains chair' passenger and driver seats with factory swivel bases. These are at the converters right now and we are trying to decide if we...
  17. X

    Sold drivers seat from a 2016 VW T6 (highline) finished in Samora

    Hi all, I have a great condition drivers seat from a 2016 VW T6 (highline) finished in Samora fabric for sale. The seat has two arm rests, is height adjustable and is in fully working condition == No seat base is included. == Overall in very good condition, no rips, burns and has been in dry...
  18. F

    Sold Simora Heated front Double + Captains seats

    I will have a heated captains drivers seat and heated foldable bench seat available in the coming days/week. I'd like to get them sold as soon as I'm getting my new ones as I have limited storage for them. They're from a 2019 Van with 10k miles and have had heavy duty covers since new...
  19. B

    Wanted T6 Captains Seats

    Looking for a Drivers and Passengers T6 Driving Seats, Ideally swivels but can add them if the right pair came along.
  20. S

    Sold 2x. Captains seats Simora as new £1350

    Hi all re-posting for clarity with better pictures before going to Ebay. These are in great condition as have come out of a van with 11,000 on the clock and treated with TLC all the time. if you have had the other post you know I want buyer collect ideally have now boxed them up so its not...