captains seat

  1. Giannino

    Wanted Driver's seat Uk (passenger seat LHD)

    I am looking for a driver's seat with armrest and airbag (with or without base) preferably in Pandu fabric (other upholstery also accepted). Possibly without a jewelry price. :whistle:
  2. Doulsy

    anyone fit a driver seat on passenger side?

    cant seem to find a matching seat, was thinking i could put drivers captain seat on a swivel at passenger side, i have just got my rib bed recovered to match original seating and all ways have a cover on drivers seat anyway, could pick a drivers seat up cheaper and just wait till i find right covers
  3. Q

    Simora captain seats - value?

    Hi i am thinking of selling my Simora front captain seats. How much are they worth? Without the bases
  4. N

    Wanted Captains chair in Simora

    looking to fit a captains chair into the front of my T6 willing to swap bench with some cash
  5. drew_greenday

    Sold Passenger Simora captain, with base.

    My mate just swapped out his single captain seat for my double and is looking to sell his captain seat. Good condition, comes with no tears or rips, there is some light scuffing on the plastic trim but I'm sure you can buff this out. Item is located in Inchture near Perth. He isn't on the...
  6. Gillon Johnstone

    Wanted Single front passenger seat wanted

    Hi, Looking for a single front passenger seat
  7. R

    Sold Double folding passenger seat, swap for single captains , 2016 lwb Kombi.

    Hi, first post on this very useful forum....considering changing my single captains front seat to a double folding in Simora ( trim code JG ), if its not too involved fitting wise.. anybody want to swap seats c/w floor mat and airbag plus maybe some cash adjustment? its from a 2016 lwb kombi. My...
  8. Roberts

    Sold VW T6 Captains Seat Passengers - Brand New Condition (Base Not Included) £800

    VW Transporter T6 Genuine Front Passenger Captains Seat Simora Trim NO METAL BASE This has come out of a 20 plate transporter with 59miles on the clock from Salop Vans. Perfect condition and has only been used a couple of time in the month I have used the van. £800 collected or plus £75 for...
  9. J

    Sold VW T6 Single Passenger Captains Seat with Base (Simora Trim)

    VW Transporter T6 Genuine Front Passenger Captains Seat Simora Trim & Metal Base. £900 collected or plus £75 for U.K.postage. Excellent condition genuine T6 passenger comfort captain seat, complete with premium metal base (with side pocket) and plastic seat base back trim. From a 2016 Highline...
  10. StudleyGlass

    For Sale Vw Captains Seats With Recaro Backs Leather/Alcantara/Red Stitch. OEM. Heated

    I have my original factory heated seats which i had re trimmed by vision upholstery complete with Recaro Back foams. They have been trimmed in Black Nappa leather with Alcantara backs and base seat. stitching and logo in red. The passenger seat has not been used really, its brand new. drivers...
  11. Tiggy1955

    Looking for a Single Passenger Seat - Simora Cloth

    Hi All - Newbie here! I am looking to source a T6 single passenger seat (captains seat with armrests) to replace the double bench seat. There are a few available on eBay. Has anyone ever purchased from the Polish supplier: egoistvan-com and would you recommend? Any recommendations of where...
  12. M

    Multivan - order chairs from VW

    I am trying to buy a used T6 Multivan, but most of them have missing chairs. Either the bench is missing and they only have the two captain chairs, or one or both captain chairs are missing and they only have the bench. My question is, if I can't find one with all 7 seats and end up buying one...
  13. S

    3 seater bench folded forward with swivel captain seats?

    Hi all, I've been reading up for several weeks in preparation of buying a T6 or not. Question to make the most of the space in the back. If you have the 3 seater bench could you fold this forward and still swivel the two captain seats around and sit in them? Or is the bench too high to sit with...
  14. Bentley T6

    Sold 2no. Front Captain seats and 2+1 rear seats with Bentley red stitch

    I’m selling the interior seats from my 67 plate LWB T6. There are 2no Capitan front seats and a 2+1 rear. Will need to be collected from Chessington KT9 (5 minutes from junction 9 of M25) Looking for £1,500 for whole set. Thanks Andy
  15. H

    Sold Captains Drivers Seat, Simora

    As title very good condition. £360 collect Lincs
  16. GS1980

    Genuine or non genuine swivel captains seats

    Hi all, I’ve been looking at genuine front caravelle swivel seats... has anyone got these or had experience with them? How do they compare to a non genuine swivel with just a standard captains seat bolted to it? cheers
  17. G

    Wanted Captains passenger seat

    Looking for a passenger captain seat with armrests, Simora preferably. Cheers.
  18. H

    Captain seat no airbag

    Hi, first post so please be gentle:) Having purchased and fitted a simora captains drivers seat I realised it doesn’t have an airbag down side. My old startline drivers seat has an airbag but no armrest. Also I don’t believe I can fit armrests to my old seat. My question is should I have...
  19. N

    Driver seat to go back further

    Does anyone know if there is anyway of making the driver seat slide back further than the standard limits. is there any mods than can be done or alternatives parts that can be fitted. only need it to move back a few more inches.
  20. rtg1200

    For Sale T6 Captain Seat w/ Double Passenger Bench Simora

    Good condition front seats from my 2018 van, no damage and covered just 17k. given them a good hoover and clean, would benefit from a wet vac but still presentable. No base for the drivers side as I've used it for my new seats. Collection and viewing welcome at BB3 so long as you keep distance...