california roof

  1. Mosher

    Asking for plastic part identification

    Found two plastic parts. Who knows the puzzle. Thanks
  2. Stagspares

    For Sale California pop-top cover for sale.

    Comfortz Leisure T6 pop-top cover. Black with left and right side windows. New unused. £150, collect from Portsmouth.
  3. B

    Rear aircon and poptop?

    So the van build planning took a break for a while but back on it, currently pondering the idea of if I find a decent kombi van with rear ac vents how difficult is it to reroute ducting and wiring once pop top is fitted, similar to that of a cali, I'm stuck on wanting a lwb or I think I probably...
  4. Eli

    Sold VW California Pop top screen Black

    Now selling my 3 month old Rainbow pop top screen as no longer needed. This is specifically for a VW California As new condition, only used a few times Save yourself the minimum 8 week wait Looking for £200 inc postage within the UK
  5. Cnud

    Pop top identification?

    Can anyone Identify which pop top this is? Notably the hinge and gas struts are contained within what looks like stainless steel box section. Seen a few of them now but not the owners to ask.
  6. L

    California roof rails and bars

    Has any one fitted roof rails to their Cali roof so roofs bars can be added when needed, same as van have on?
  7. Montecha

    Kombi Evolution - California Roof

    I thought I'd post this up as when I was researching getting a California roof fitted to my Kombi, I didn't find much information, apart from that it's not the regular route and there seems to be only a couple of places that do the conversion. Anyhow, for a number of reasons I convinced myself...
  8. C

    Roof not working

    Hi, I have a question about the roof on a 2019 Cali Ocean. It is not raising. The last time I tried it was February and it worked satisfactory. Sin The van went in for the first year’s service last week and when I got it home I tried to raise the roof as I wanted to check the 12V sockets...
  9. S

    Sold California Roof Panel for Solar Panel

    Hi All, I have a metal powder coated panel which bolts directly onto the California roof for a solar panel (see photo). Ideal if you don’t want to stick a panel directly to the roof. I purchased the panel from a company in Switzerland where it wasn’t clear this wasn’t the right product for my...
  10. S

    California elevating roof option

    Hi all, I’ve been reading lots about different elevating roofs but Have found hardly Any mention of fitting a California roof. They’ve had some issues with corrosion but I haven’t seen any photos of this yet. There are a couple places around the NOrth that fit used California roofs. Not sure if...
  11. Eli

    Sold Pop Top Cover

    Brand New, Never been out of the bag. Bought from the California Club for £240 but have now bought a Vanshades Wrap around cover £200 inc postage within the UK
  12. C

    Exploria Reimo Or Kernow Cali Roof?

    Hi folks, I’ve a T6 velle and weighing up whether to put a second hand T6 Cali roof in with Kernow or go to someone like Exploria and have a Reimo roof. The reason for narrowing to these two is the finishing trim. With Kernow/Cali it will be like factory with the velle and Cali trim being able...
  13. O

    T6 California - Pop Top Sealing Bits Falling Out

    Hi all, Let's hope i'm posting this within the correct group. Cleaning my T6 Cali yesterday, I've spotted some heavy missing bits from the pop-up roof top sealing. Is this something usual? Are such parts falling under warranty from VW ? Is this easily replaceable? Maybe, is there something...
  14. 18T6

    California Poptop - Can You Buy?

    Hi I’m just in a VW showroom and they have a California. The poptop bed base has a slide out section to cover the access gap when driving/privacy when up there. This seems a much better build quality than what I remember looking like particle board on the reimo version. Anyone know who makes...
  15. siestacampers

    T6 From VW direct with California roof installed.

    Hi There . just putting this out there to see if anyones heard of this. I've been told from VW in Portugal that I can order a T6 150BHp with tinted windows all round, color matched bumpers and an original manual roof installed , 2 seats up front and the rest a totally blank canvass. Has anyone...