1. J

    Travel / camping BBQ

    We’ve recently borrowed a neighbours BBQ for a camping trip and it was perfect, the legs came off and stored inside, the lid doubled as a windbreak and when not being used as a BBQ it made a perfect table to cook on (using a gas burner). It was bought from B&Q, but is no longer available and I...
  2. A

    Smev 9222 and cadac dual power pack

    As per the title, can I run my smev 9222 Cooker hob off a cadac dual power pack. The smaller containers seem better value than the 907. Any thoughts?
  3. czmate1999

    Cadac - transporting

    Hi All Cadac Owners, So i have a brand new Cadac Carri Chef 2, Pizza stone, Paella dish etc. My question is has anyone found a better way of transporting the kit about other than the Cadac bag? Also my Pizza stone didn't come with a storage bag, is this normal? Thanks all CZ
  4. Skyliner33

    What Gas Supply For Cadac?

    I have a cadac grillo chef and currently have the cadac dual power pack to us the threaded small gas cylinders. I am wondering if there is a more cost effective gas supply. Is it better to go for Butane, propane or campingaz cylinder? What size? Thanks for any input.
  5. R

    Cadac Safari Chef Not Hot Advice

    I've got a Cadac Safari Chef 2 (LP) attached to a Coleman butane/propane mix C500 gas cartridge via a Cadac 28 Mbar regulator and hose- I'm using it outside in slightly windy conditions and am unable to boil water due to the cadac not getting hot enough. I can boil water using same gas cannister...
  6. Kramsdog

    For Sale Cadac Carri Chef

    For Sale...CADAC Carri Chef open to offers This is a deluxe portable gas cooker with lots of different cooking plates, pan, grill and lid to creat an oven. Has the following:- 1. Griddle plate 2. Flat plate 3. BBQ Grill 4. Paella plate 5. Oven Lid 6. Tray 7. CADAC Carri bag If anybody is...
  7. andy greenwood

    Burnt Pizza Base On Cadac Pizza Stone

    We used our pizza stone for the first time last night on our cadac grillo chef 2. I followed the instructions...put the pan stand on, pizza stone on with metal holder. Heat until 200 degrees. Turn onto low and sprinkle with flour. Let temperature cool to 180 degrees and add pizza. Cook until...
  8. Teesix

    Can I Use Coleman C500 Gas Cartridges With My Cadac?

    I'm having a bit of trouble locating Cadac gas. Can I use the coleman cartridges?
  9. Teesix

    Does Anyone Use A Cadac 2 Cook Deluxe?

    I'm after an external stove with a couple of gas rings for cooking the likes of fry-ups, stews, stir-frys and such outside the camper. I'm tempted by the Cadac 2 Cook below. However, a lot of folk on here have the Safari and seem to swear by them. I'm not sure a Safari would suit my needs...
  10. Vinci

    Cadac Conundrum

    I have read on the Forum that many have grills from Cadac. May I have your views on real life experiences, I don’t have a gas point on the van, and no will be used in the awning/outside? Low or high pressure? does look like the base kits are good and then add the...
  11. S

    Underslung LPG tanks

    Morning, I have one getting delivered tomorrow from Autogas and the install looks fairly straightforward, but I have a couple of questions. 1) Is it somehow possible to mount the filler nozzle in the spare grommet by the fuel cap where the adblue would normally go (retro euro 5 here)? Its...