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  1. D

    Sold Ququq Busbox

    The van has gone so I’m selling a few bits, this is a Ququq bus box with bed and extra height frame to lift it so it can be used over folded VW kombi rear seats. It’s a really good quality item that basically straps into the back of a VW T4,T5 or T6 (or other similar van), it has a folding bed...
  2. D

    Carpet for area behind seats

    So we use a ququq bed box in the rear of our 2018 T6 kombi and are looking for a carpet mat for the area behind the front seats. I know that there are lots of options but I’m looking for a single mat that goes from the rear of the front seats to behind the rear seat, it should be a single piece...
  3. bullracing

    Sold Ququq Camping Box - Best Instant Camper On The Market

    Ququq camping box out my T5. This is the Kombi box so universal in both a caddy, T5 or T6. Check out the Ququq website for more info. Turn your van, shuttle, caravelle, caddy into a campervan in seconds. It comes with a full sized bed folding bed with thick foam, a pull out double hob with...
  4. F

    Kombi Swb Seats

    I have just purchased a 2017 Kombi. I want to fit a slide pod and change 3 seats in back for a rock and roll bed. Can I have existing seats converted? What is best way to go about it?
  5. mackmaya

    Ququq Vs Slidepod

    Hi all, ququq busbox vs slidepod, what's the thoughts? Cheers
  6. mackmaya

    Ququq Busbox.

    Hi all, has anyone got any experience or actually owns a ququq busbox? Just seen them at a show and was very impressed just another option opposed to a full camper, cheers
  7. Davenjo

    Ququq - Kitchen And Bed Solution For Occasional Campers?

    Just reading the latest version of the Camping and Caravanning Magazine and there is is review of QUQUQ (Cuckoo). I had not come across these before and the only reference I can find on the forum is a mention from @ausyray last April - seems he used one in a Tourneo before upgrading to a T6...