1. Andyham105

    10j et40 with 255/40/20 fitment?

    Looking to replace my current wheels that came on my t6 t28 (range rover alloys in 20" on 255/45/20) I have found a set of bmw wheels I like the look of however waiting to check load rating of them. They are 10j, et40 x 20" and I have x4 255/40/20 tyres already knocking about i would plan to...
  2. Baz..SVT

    Which Ones ??

    Thinking off changing my rims for this season coming of camps and shows.. Steels or 297s or 176s
  3. True Romance

    Any BMW i3s owners on here?

    Anyone own or run a BMW i3s? If so your thoughts good, bad or indifferent. Thanks.
  4. K

    9X19 ET48 .... Ok?

    Bonjour à tous, I will put 9x19 ET48 on my van ... Is this correct you think ? or should I put 8mm spacers to get to ET40 ? I have to order the special bolts to fit my BMW wheels to my T6 Thank you for your answers
  5. Merryman

    Mini Cooper seats - similar size to T6

    Hi, There is a chap called James in Chelmsford selling a pair of White / Cream ( Great Colour) Mini Cooper seats on eBay. The rail width is 40cm and length is 34cm so pretty close to a T5 Rail. The reference is 265103204279 Mini Cooper R59 Roadster. They are still at the start price as of...
  6. Tourershine

    Sold Mini Winter wheels.

    No, not really small wheels for winter before someone thinks the title is misleading :rolleyes: I have a set of 15" alloys I purchased for my daughters Mini that we put a new set of Riken Snow tyres on to use as her winter wheels. The alloys have the odd mark, but overall these are pretty...
  7. D

    Wheel bolt spec. for Range Rover / BMW alloys

    I have purchased a set of 20” Kahn alloys for when my new van arrives. They are off of a Range Rover/ BMW . I have already purchased the required spigot rings, and I understand I will have to also buy new wheel bolts. my question is, all the sites I look at reference Ran
  8. C

    Bmw 5 series wheels on t6

    hi all Will bmw 5 series wheels with a 8.5j x20 and 10jx20 wider rear with a load rating of 825kg per wheel fit on a t6 t32? The load rating is fine ( or so i think!) as this adds up to 3300kg but I am not sure what offset they are?
  9. Spaghetti

    Sold BMW F20 F21 1 Series Roof Rack Genuine

    Genuine BMW 1 Series Roof Rack. F20 F21 2011-2019 Models. As new £100. Collection Bedfordshire. Plastic protecting pieces not included (as these are stuck in my car), but are available for a few quid from BMW or eBay.
  10. C

    Bmw X5 Wheel Rating

    Found some 19in X5 wheels but no info on load rating. Has anyone ever found out what the rating is as there not stamped on the back.
  11. markob

    Fitting BMW Wheels...

    Does anyone have experience of fitting BMW X5 or X6 wheels to a T6? I know I will need some spigot rings and possibly different bolts (?) I am trying to work out if I need spacers too on 19" wheels (19 x 9J with 255 tyres) and if so if I should buy pacers with spigot adapters built in? Any...
  12. S

    Anyone Running BMW Alloys?

    Any of your fine motorists running BMW alloys, i have a spare set of mint wheels with winter tyres on that i used on my 5 series. Bought them direct from BMW and they have only done 2k! Now got a 2016 shuttle and was wondering if they will go on without any issues. It might save me selling them...
  13. T6


    Bodhi at the drop shop. Dubtend.
  14. S

    BMW X5 Tigerclaw wheels

    Have tried the search function to no avail. Does anyone know if these are sufficiently rated for a T32! Ta.
  15. Stuart Payne

    Bmw 6 Series Wheels Fit T6

    hello , I’m after a bit of advice weather the below wheel offsets will be good for my T6. Wheels have come off a 6 series. Alloys: 8.5j x 19" x et 33 , 5x120 Alloys: 9j x 19" x et 44 , 5x120 Also what tyres size are best to run ? Thank you in advance, Stu
  16. W

    Bmw X5 E70 19 Alloy Wheels Style 211 Onto Vw T6

    Dear all, Another wheel question, I have given up on the idea of using the 20inch Range Rover as I cant get the right tyres with correct load bearing. Does anyone know if the BMW X5 E70 19 Alloy Wheels Style 211 will fit onto my T6 with the new fitments etc? Thank you for your wisdom in...
  17. Jay

    Vivaro problem..

    Made me giggle... Happy Monday people...:smile bounce: