big brake kit

  1. R

    T6.1 Brakes shagged

    Hi all, I got a 2021 T6.1 - T28 on 20 inch alloy wheels. The front discs (and possibvly the rear) are shagged and I want to replace them. Not sure of the current disc sizes but can I install 340mm discs and still use the rest of the equipment (calipers etc.) ? Thanks for any help you can offer :)
  2. Steved55

    Wanted T6 340mm Big Brake kit

    My front discs on 2016 shuttle have come up as an advisory so looking at options for possibly upgrading to dia 340. Anyone have any kits for sale?
  3. D

    Genuine VW T32 16” steel wheels?

    I bought some genuine VW 16” wheels and tyres (brand new with delivery miles only) for my 2016 T32 LWB T6 as a cheaper alternative to four new tyres and to give me the opportunity to get my aftermarket alloys refurbished. The wheels came off a new van, not sure what. They don’t fit. The front...
  4. L

    For Sale New Brembo front discs T6 340mm

    Set of new 340mm Brembo front discs for sale Box was opened but realised wrong size. Fit VW transporter 2015 onwards according to packaging. Collection or delivery if arranged by buyer due to weight. On autodoc for £85 each. £100 the pair.
  5. T

    For Sale 17” Design spare wheel £20

    For sale, 17 inch steel wheel with tyre (spare) good condition spare wheel, with Bridgestone tyre 235/55/r17 103v ,tyre not great could do with changing but been sat in the shed over a year and no loss of pressure £30 collection Wetherby area
  6. A

    Wanted T5.1 or T6 340mm brakes

    I am after T5.1 or T6 larger 340mm brakes. Pm me if you got a set.
  7. T

    Sold New Brembo 6pot Calipers, carrier, pads and discs - cost £1,600, asking £1,350

    Brembo Big brake kit with new calipers, carriers, pads and 375mm discs, adapted for Transporter T6/T6.1 - cost me £1,600 so looking for £1,350. Open to offers, just nothing silly !! No longer required as bought new van and got a different plan. Happy to advertise on the forum initially, before...
  8. P

    Sold Big brake kit 340mm T6.1. £650

    for sale nearly new 340mm big brake kit off my t6.1 only done 4000 miles so these are like new, have been cleaned and resprayed to a great finish. Collection ideally from Worcester for any pictures just WhatsApp me it maybe easier. No time wasters either Iv had people message and to rude to...
  9. George_T6

    340mm AM 4 pots fitted

    Fitted these 4 pots from a aston martin db9 yesterday. Dead easy job. Just uses standard 340mm discs, specially made caliper carrier. I couldn't decide on the colour but happy I went red now.
  10. Lightrofit

    My take on upgrading to the 2E4 340mm twin pot “T32” big brakes

    Hiya folks! A while ago my van developed a sticky front Caliper and with the distance needed to travel back home from where I was, I knew that the discs and pads would likely need replacing along with the Caliper. With that in mind, I realised it wouldn’t be too much more to replace the rest...
  11. Pewt

    Big brakes and spare wheel size

    Keep looking at big brakes.........anyone that has them just wondered what spare wheel do you carry that now fits ?
  12. M

    Wanted T6.1 - 340mm Front Brakes

    Anyone got a set of T6.1 340mm front brakes, possibly removed following an upgrade? Looking for calipers / carriers as a minimum. Would need posted. Let me know :)
  13. Jayster

    Caliper covers

    Ok Im not really a fan of caliper cover but the T30 stock calipers look just OK. Thinking of painting but was curious if anyone done the caliper covers? Thanks all
  14. Mr D

    Caliper covers

    Does anyone know the dimensions of both front and back of my brake calipers as I want to put covers on them but unable at this time to remove my wheels to measure
  15. supernova

    T6 brakes on a T5?

    Hi all, Does anyone know if the T6 340mm disc's and callipers are a direct bolt on to a T5 (T30)? Cheers
  16. P

    Navis 17" off road wheels Brake Clearance

    Does anyone have the 380mm Alcon brakes and 17" wheels ? I realise It's a slim shot but fancy the 17" Navis 5 spokes with some AT3's on them :cool: but don't want to swap back to stock T32 Calliper's if I can help it
  17. Notsobigsi

    Devonports only being fitted to 204PS T32’s now?

    Hi all still awaiting like alot of us my new van which is a t32 150 dsg and was reading issue 4 of the latest brochure and it reads like it's only the t32 204 spec vans that are coming through with the 17" Devonports now this could be a typo but just wondering if anyone can shed any light on this
  18. Kwok8

    T6 T32 big brakes or not?

    Hi, not long had my camper van van then had it converted. Just wondering if I have big brakes or not? I'm looking to change the wheels but just want the black 16" steels that every converter seems to be trying to get rid of.
  19. CRS Performance

    Sold T32 big brake kits.

    We have 5 brand new sets of T32 / Big Brakes. They are the latest T6.1 Calipers. we can offer combos with performance pads and J-grooved discs. call us for quotes on supply. Or supply and fit. 07469785932
  20. T

    Sold T32 big brakes

    For sale I have a set of T6 T32 big brakes, the vans covered 13k, the brakes are the uprated set up, from a factory highline kombi. Will hopefully get some photos up tomorrow. Looking for sensible offers.