big brake kit

  1. Littleblackflash

    Upgrading to the bigger ‘T32’ brakes

    My front disc need replacing but I would like to upgrade them. When towing my car on the trailer it really doesn't have that initial bite and they fade to much. I can't afford a REVO kit so I'm thinking of a upgrading to T32 brakes which is only £400, and given my small discs are £200 for Brembo...
  2. T

    Swamper wheels to fit large brakes

    Hi all I have a T6 T32 and having issues getting swamper wheels to fit around the large breaks. I have tried the Wolfrace Sahara with 10mm spacers (to get round breaks) with 245/65/17 BFGs and the set up doesn’t work. Tyres sit outside wheel arch and rub the wheel arch liner. The van is on...
  3. D

    Brembo calliper upgrades

    Has any successfully carried out a Brembo calliper upgrade on a T6/6.1? There are lots of calliper options (Audi q7/z17/z18/Aston Martin) Just after some guidance
  4. StudleyGlass

    340mm 'Big' Brakes

    Had a wander round the stock vans at the vw van center when i called in the other day, it was the first time i noticed the bigger brakes on the 180/204. looks like 4 pots with big discs filling the rims. is it just the 180/140 have these as my loner 140 dont ?
  5. C

    Bognor Motors.

    Oli, couldn’t have been more helpful in all aspects of helping us with his experience of placing orders for van sales , for which we are most greatful. Collected the Kombi yesterday and can’t believe how quiet it is , so many many thanks Oli. Can’t recommend him highly enough
  6. J

    Porsche brake calipers

    Hi, I have a T32 and im wanting to install Porsche brake calipers to the front..does anyone know of a company that make adaptors for a T32 to suit Porsche brembo calipers?
  7. BognorMotors

    ** Revo/ Alcon Big Brake Kit Special Price **

    Following on from the recent thread on brake prices and availability I've been speaking to Revo today, and we can now offer this brake upgrade at a discount of £300+VAT, making them £1708+VAT+delivery. We can obviously offer a fitting service on site too. As always if you wish to try before you...
  8. J88arv

    Aftermarket Big Brake upgrade thoughts..

    Hi all, been looking around and love the big brakes on the t6, my brakes are shot so thought I may aswell go the whole hog once this bloody lockdown is finished. So my questions: Can any fit? Seen a set of rs3 brand new ones on eBay back and front if not what do people recommend is it really...
  9. Mkgolfnutters

    size of the front caliper allen-bolt

    HI i tried to search the forum, I am trying to find the size of the front caliper alan bolt it seems to be 9mm odd size me thinks. Could any one shine some light on this please. TIA
  10. Mr D

    Brake Caliper dimensions (for covers)

    Does anyone know the dimensions of both front and back of my brake calipers as I want to put covers on them but unable at this time to remove my wheels to measure
  11. W

    T32 Or T30 ?

    Hi All, What's the best option out of T32 & T30 for a general day van ? Understand that the T32 has a higher load capacity but is it overkill for what I need as it will never be fully loaded. Would the ride be too harsh ? Regards
  12. J

    Wanted T32 Front Hub Assembly

    Hi, Im looking for a front hub assembly for a T32. Preferably complete with an old disc and maybe caliper/carrier. Im wanting to cad design a caliper adaptor to suit various brembo calipers as there seems to be none available fot the T32. Any condition, free of cheap as really if anyone can...
  13. J

    Brembo Brake Fitment

    Hi all, Im looking at converting my front brake setup..Can anyone tell me if the caliper carrier on the T32 is the same as a T30?..just trying to work out caliper and disc sizes etc. I have several brembo calipers of different sizes and fitments. Any advise or part numbers etc would be great...
  14. B

    Revo big-brake kit upgrade

    Fitted my REVO big brake kit. Fantastic and excellent upgrade on the originals.
  15. B

    PB Brake upgrade

    Hey guys, I am considering a brake upgrade, certainly with a bigger disc. After speaking with Forge and other dealers there lead in time is ridiculous so after a bit of research I am thinking about PB Brakes. I have read a few comments on here regarding PB Brakes and you can fit a 405mm disc...
  16. Martin Gibson

    18" Sportlines On A T32 With Big Brakes

    Hello, i am thinking of fitting a set of 18" sportlines on my black t32 kombi. It has the bigger brakes and so i was wondering if i need spacers? Probably going to fit b14's at the same time if that makes any difference. I think i read @Deaky had the same wheels/brakes and had spacers front and...
  17. HHO

    Custom Vanz

    Just back from Custom Vanz - front splitter day. Really pleased :thumbsup:
  18. Va6314_calibre_tourer_18_inch_matte_gunmetal_finish_alloy_wheel_1035_jb_d


  19. T6180

    OEM Brake Disc Size?

    Is there a way without taking any wheel off as I'm working away this week to find out what size my discs are? I've provide my registration number and I've been told there are two different sizes for my model of vehicle...
  20. MrTesco

    Brake Change Prices

    Van is going to need the brakes doing in the near future. I've just had a look on the VW website and it shows me prices for vans over 3 years but not under. Front disc and pads : £365+vat Rear disc and pads : £335+vat So my question is has anyone had brakes replace before being 3 years old...