bbq gas

  1. J

    New owner - Looking for expertise from this group!

    Hi All, My wife and I have recently taken the plunge and bought a 2019 T6 highline campervan, and we are gearing up for 5 weeks away with our two kids over the summer. In the last minute panic there are a few questions that i could really do with some help on. Apologies that they are slightly...
  2. P


    Need some advice please ,I have a lpg underlying gas tank with BBQ POINT, I'm looking at the cadac safari chef 30 (previously 2) do I need the low pressure or high pressure bbq to connect directly to the gas tank
  3. P

    BBQ point for underslung gas tank?

    Hi there, apologies if this has already been answered. I'm in the process of purchasing a new VW camper conversion and it comes with an underslung gas tank for cooking, diesel heater for the heating. I love my Cadac gas bbq and was wondering if many people get a BBQ gas point added to their...
  4. Ricardo T

    Gas BBQ fittings

    So, slowly sorting the Webber Go Anywhere gas bbq connections to the QD connection on the van. After extensive research trying to get just the brass fitting that fits the bbq I had to bite the bullet and get the whole hose and regulator (already a regulator fitted next to the underslung gas...
  5. S

    Random Question About Creating Exterior Access.

    Bear with me on this one as I try to explain it... ... Has anyone attempted to create an external access point in their T6. You know how caravans and motorhomes have storage which you access from outside the van. I have tried google and pinterest but not really found anything. Is that because...
  6. N

    Underslung Gas Tank, Bbq Point And Fitting

    I've now decided that I'm only going to fit a single burner in the camper as after speaking to a few people I'm going to get a Cadac and cook outside. What I'd like to do is fit an under floor tank and fit a BBQ point near the side door as well as connect it to the single burner in side. Does...