bad work

  1. Keepad

    Window Tint Advice

    Hi, so I’ve been unlucky with a company doing a window tint- I’m giving the company a chance to put in right- the main issue is a crease in the tint. However every one who has seen the van has noticed the tint film has been cut free hand in fact it looks like the a ocean going up and down ,with...
  2. Gillon Johnstone

    Hawco Inverness, Avoid At All Costs

    I had a terrible experience when I took my 2016 T32 LWB shuttle in for a service and its dreaded first MOT, It was that bad I was actually seriously considering buying a new vehicle and had gone through all the options etc with their sales rep pricing out a vehicle at £46,000. Issues I had 1)...
  3. Keepad

    New Window Tinted

    Hi just had my pride and joys windows tinted however around one window I have what looks like white ghosting around the edge of the window and looks bad against the rest, I will try and post pics- I was told it will go when it drys out but the other windows are ok - any one had this before.
  4. Matt bremner

    So The T6 Caught Fire

    So yesterday my T6 caught fire, luckily for me I was quick and managed to find it and pull the fuse quick, rip trim out faster than that, and then cut the wire, turns out that when my van was built, who ever put the van-x light steps in decided to wire it in used normal speaker wire!!!! Amazing...
  5. Pipe&Slippers

    Review: Slidepods

    I have been driving VW Transporters over many years, and in that time, have covered many enjoyable miles. Back in September ’16, I picked up a new T6 SWB 150PS T32 Euro 6 Kombi in Indium Grey. It had been quite a wait for the new Kombi, as there were factory build delays on vehicles fitted...