awning rails

  1. Martinw

    Leisuredrive Vivante awning rail

    Looking at fitting a driveaway awning to our Leisuredrive Vivante campervan. It has a fixed fibreglass high top which comes right down to just above the doors. Has anyone had experience of fitting an awning c-rail to one of these please?Not sure of where it may be safe to attach screws...
  2. B

    Awning rail for Glawning

    Hello friends T6.1 SWB. I have recently purchased a Glawning set up. I need a solution for an awning rail on the van in order to attach the glawning. I've got a pop top roof. Looking for recommendations for an affordable solution. I've been quoted a lot of money to supply and fit a Reimo... Thanks
  3. Steved55

    LEDs on awning rail

    I see that awning rails are now available with LEDs already fitted. I already have a rail fitted but like the idea of LEDs on the rail, either for general illumination or lighting under the awning. Has anyone successfully bonded aftermarket strip LEDs to a rail, and if so what with? And where...
  4. Stan Dingup

    Is this an awning rail?

    Hi, New T6 owner here. Just back from 1st night away and need to sort out an awning/sun shade as ended up bodging a tarp to bridge the side of the van to the event shelter. I see the metal piece pictured is installed under the near side of the pop top, doesn’t have the same piece on the off...
  5. racT6bus

    Awning coming off awning rail!

    On my third awning now, after the first one was too big, the second was mis-sold (it was missing a door!) and finally landed on the Vango Cove 2 Air Low. The Cove is great, but when staying in the Gower last week it was extremely windy and the awning kept coming off the awning rail (using the...
  6. MrD

    Short use awnings?

    Right looking at a short use awning for 1 or 2 night stops (have a Vango Como Low Air for 3+ nights) , originally thought right The Tarp from Stitches and Steel looked ideal but watching a video it looks a bit flappy and billowy when set up due to large surface area , also material “looked” thin...
  7. MikeWillmott

    For Sale Awning/Keder rail

    Funky leisure for fitting with (or without) roof rail. 2.85m for S/LWB It’s in the way in Exeter A decent bottle of single malt secures! Pick up only.
  8. H

    Awning rail advice needed

    I have just upgraded from T5 to a 2019 T6. The van came with an awning rail fitted which I suspect was fitted when the van was supplied new (OEM?). The problem I have is that although it sits discreetly in the roof gutter it is fitted to the drivers side and I am used to fitting my driveway...
  9. M

    Sikaflex 522: activator/primer?

    Do I need to use activator / primer for Sikaflex 522 when bonding on an awning rail ?
  10. G

    Awning Rails for both sides

    Hi Thinking of fitting a arwning rail on the right hand side of the van, to help with rain water coming in the drivers door when opening, and possibly the rear sliding window. I have a pop top fitted that covers the factory roof channels. do people usually do this with a camper,? I think the...
  11. A

    Awning rail + poptop?

    Hi all will pick up our new transporter on Monday a t6.1 I was wondering if there is a awning rail that will use the bolt holes in the roof too fix a awning rail that will fit with a pop top I have spoken too stitches + steel they do one but you cannot fit with a Poptop Thanks Adrian
  12. dave_b

    Drive away awning rails

    Are there any drive away awning rails that fit to the van using the roof bar mounting bolts? I’ve sen the OEM awning rail that needs to be bonded on and bent into shape, not really a DIY job. Got me wondering if there are bolt on solutions?
  13. Sparkyis

    Custom fit colour coded leak- free awning rails to fit under roof bar feet- How I did it

    Sparky’s Guide to leak- free, concealed, colour- coded awning rails with Thule bars on top! So….we have had the van (2017 T32 LWB 204 DSG Kombi) for almost a year now and I have been obsessed with the idea of fitting a leak- free awning rail under the roof bars. I wanted a sunshade and...
  14. Johnno

    Awning rail with Skyline Pop-Top

    Hi all Collecting the van today after getting a skyline roof installed Realised last night the gutter C rail I had for my drive away will be gone so interested in what my options are The three I’ve been told to look at are Remio multi rail (most expensive) Stitches & steel combi rail...
  15. Ashok2429

    For Sale Camper Essentials Hidden C-Rail SWB Interchangeable

    Hi everyone, After getting my pop-top fitted the camper essentials rail I had won’t fit anymore, need to look at an alternative. It’s for a SWB and interchangeable so can be mounted on both sides. Only been on the van a couple of months. £50 ONO collection from SE London
  16. T6 owner

    Sold White Plastic Awning rail, to fit under OEM roof bars. £20 collection only.

    For Sale White Plastic Awning Rail, SWB. Fits under your OEM roof rails. Near side, holes and shape. 10 min easy fit, and no corrosion issues with it sat on your paintwork (it's a nylon plastic) in the roof gutter. Has been on my for just 3 months. Pop top fitted , so no longer needed...
  17. I

    Which awning rail is compatible with a pop-top?

    Needs to be compatible with a pop top
  18. Mike Dean

    Hidden awning rail under Pop-Top

    Hi All, Does anyone have a hidden awning rail, the channel type with their poptop? I don't want the eyesore on the exterior of the van. Thanks, Mike
  19. Matrob93

    Reimo v vamoose awning rail

    Currently have a pop up roof and looking at fitting an awning rail to my t6 van and like the look of either reimo or vamoose, does any have an preferences on which is the better product and would more likely stand the test of time. TIA
  20. moodsterT6

    Leak free awning rail fitting (I hope)

    Fitting awning rails to both sides of the van and wasn’t confident about water tightness. Then found all the horror stories about leaks through the roof rail fittings into the interior of the van. I found this thread which is really helpful...