awning rails

  1. Paul Binding

    C-shaped Awning Rail in black?

    Am looking to fit a c section awning rail under my t6 roof bars. Can’t find one in black. Has anybody had one powder coat? Does the connection kit still slide through it easily enough.
  2. Patch

    Sold Awning C-Rail - SWB Aluminium pre-drilled for passenger side fitting

    For sale - Aluminium awning rail to fit SWB T6. (2.4m) I have pre-drilled this for use on passenger side. Easy to fit (if you have step ladder). Comes with stainless steel bolts and washers (re-use your pre-fitted VW rubber washers under the rail). The rail enables use of Sun shade or driveaway...
  3. Tiggy1955

    Awning Rail Question

    I’m planning to fit the F45s wind out canopy to my T6 transporter for short stops. I will also be using a drive away awning for longer stays. Can you tell me please do I need to have a separate awning rail as well as the F45s or does the F45s have a channel that a drive away awning can be...
  4. M

    Wind out awnings

    Hi, Brand new on this forum today. I have a T6 SWB and want to get a wind out awning professionally fitted. I don't want something bolted on the roof bars but want something that sits low and does not have a gap between the roof and the awning that will let rain in. I would appreciate your...
  5. S

    Sold Stitches and steel van awning rail

    I have a pre drilled Stitches and steel bolt it straight into the roof bar holes £10 including postage
  6. Apretext

    Reimo or VW Awning Rail?

    So, yet another decision that needs making. Our converter will fit either the Reimo or the VW rail, they are both same price, apparently the VW one looks a bit neater, but I can't find any pictures of it. The Reimo one seems to have an integral gutter, which I assume the VW one doesn't? Which...
  7. F

    3 piece awning rail fitting?

    I saw a video on youtube how to fit the 3 piece aluminium C rail on the roof channel but the video showed an extremely rough and ready method. How did you fit yours? I have the wild earth awning but will have to run a length of erosion tape along the roof length as eyelets are near the...
  8. C

    Driveaway Awning-fixing

    Looking for a bit of advice....I've got a T6 2017 SWB no roof boors, which I'm starting to convert, pictures to follow. I've got a Kela Driveaway Awning from Vango and getting confused (not difficult) on which rail to buy for keeping it on..... I was looking at this? Is this the correct or...
  9. carlkirk82

    Kampa Drive-Away Awning

    Hi can anyone recommend a fixed/permanent awning rail for a Kampa Dometic Touring Air VW drive away for a VW Transporter T6? Thanks in advance.
  10. S

    Lightning Leisure Awning Rail For Vw Oem Roof Rails

    Can anyone tell me if this Awning Rail fits without having to trim the existing Spacers / Plastic Seals when using with VW OEM (Omtec) Roof Rails? The alternative Camper Essentials one seems to require new, purpose designed Spacers.
  11. T6LadyDriver

    New Member - Best Awning Rail For My New T6

    Hi folk - Been a VW Transporter owner for a number of years now and I've just bought a late 2018 T6 modified by "Waverney Campers". I'd like to fit a good awning but it seems to be a mine field to me. I really am looking for an awning rail to support a sheet awning just to keep the sun (when it...
  12. LPollard

    What Awning Rail

    Hi All, I am sure this will of been asked in the past but I'm new to the group. I am having my T6 fully converted in a few weeks and need some kind of awning rail. I do not like the grenade launcher look of the fiamma or do I want to stick a multi rail on the side of my van. Are there...
  13. andy greenwood

    Reimo Multi Rail Installation

    I am going to be fitting a Reimo multi rail this weekend, do I need to put primer on the back of the rail ? or can I just use Sikoflex 221 on its own ? if I require a primer can anyone recommend one please ? If required I was hoping to pick some up from our local screwfix
  14. Skyliner33

    Roof-bars and Awning Rails?

    I am looking for an awning rail that will fit under OEM roof bars. One I have seen is this one from Camper Essentials. It uses the OEM roof bar holes so no need to drill. Wondering if anyone has one of these and can give feedback, or have you found a similar one? TIA
  15. B

    Vango Drive Away Awning Attachment

    hi all I’m pretty close to buying a Vango air beam drive away awning, but am baffled by the various ways of attaching it to my van! I have a T6 Kombi with no roof rails or pop up roof, so have the roof rack bolts which I can use. Can anyone recommend a mount to bolt to the roof and anything...
  16. toonaroon

    Figure Of Eight Awning Fixing

    Hi just wandered if anyone Knows of a better/stronger figure of eight kit for our galli air beam, we are finding that the kador strip keeps popping out in places as the plastic does not seem to hold firm, which is a real pain, also ours is in three sections and I think two sections might be...
  17. Kfant1

    Awning Rail Help!

    Hi. Was just wondering if I get a reimo awning rail fitted to the side of the van, can we attach a Fiamma to it at a later date? We want it for a drive away awning initially but wouldn’t Mind a wind out awning further down the line. Is that possible or would I need to remove the rail and...
  18. amdowney

    Sold Brand New Unopened - Stitches + Steel Multirail - B50 Postcode Collection - £100

    I have one of these, unopened and surplus to requirements, currently sold out again! The S+S Multirail £100 - collection from B50 postcode
  19. Stay Frosty

    Awning But I Don't Want No Steenking Rail On Van...

    As thread title really, I'm thinking of getting a used Vango Kela 3 Airbeam so that we don't have to just sit in the van when we finally go camping... May... Windermere, thankyou. However the van has a pop top so not a lot of metalwork left to fix an awning multirail to and if I'm entirely...
  20. D

    Kiravans Railsail Question...

    I really like the look of the railsail and it seems to be well liked on here so I am poised to push the button and order one but I am looking for a bit of info as Kiravans dont seem to be responding to their contact page (I know i could ring them but when I think about it they are shut!) We...