altera bike rack

  1. peter1987t

    The Big Bike Carrier Topic - Hoping to build a FAQ and list of Racks

    Hi Everyone! I was looking for information about how to carry bikes with me on my T6, ofcourse I started with the Search function and there is A LOT of information in all the different topics. I am dutch, therefor apologies for the grammar which might be incorrect. Feel free to point it out...
  2. Jack T

    Sold Atera Strada DL3/4 bike carrier

    Atera Strada DL3 with 4th bike adaptor. Great condition, used 10 or so times. No damage and everything works. Comes with 2 keys. Very easy to use and lightweight. Folds down when not in use. Ideal for a T5/6 with tailgate, tilting/sliding mechanism allows tailgate to still open. 13pin...
  3. H

    Folding Bike rack

    Hi all, T6 with twin side-opening (Barn door??) rear doors which allow access to rear facing toilet cassette and filler for toilet and domestic fresh water. has a gooseneck tow bar. We have 2x e-bikes so opted for a fold down ATERA rack however the doors will not fully open without snagging the...
  4. Gary1967

    Altera Genio Pro bike rack

    Hi all totally new here … so the above rack is it suitable for an e bike specialized .. i presently have a vw rear mount carrier on a tailgate T6 but find it a PITA TO a) lift the bike .. b ) the jaws arent flexible enough/ positionable enough to hold the frame securely … its an OEM rack from Vw
  5. Mote365

    Bike Racks - eBikes & Clearance

    Hi All, I've been looking around for just the right rack, lots of misinformation about on clearance and so forth, plus I've got 2 downhill style eMTBs so they're heavy, wide, 2.8" tyres and a handful to mount on most racks. My van has the removable Westfalia hitch. The first big hurdle is a...
  6. O

    Towbar bike rack that allows tailgate to open fully

    Hi I am looking for some advise on tow bar bike racks for 4 bikes. My T6 has a tailgate and wanting a rack which tilts so we can open the tailgate. I have seen the Witter ZX204/ ZX304 but does anyone know if this tilts enough to open the tailgate. The bike rack will only be for occasional use...
  7. F

    Bike-Rack: Tailgate or Towbar Mount?

    What are the general thoughts around bike carriers? I want to be able to transport 4 bikes, am I best going for the VW Gen type one that mounts to the roof or are tow bar type ones better. Id like to be able to have a spoiler on the roof which is why I am thinking of the tow bar one however I’m...
  8. Timr

    Sold Atera Dl3 Tow Ball Bike Rack

    I have an un used atera dl3 bike rack for sale. Based in west Yorkshire. Bought to use on our t5 but the van got stolen and I'm not fitting a tow ball on the t6. Looking for £270 Cheers
  9. A

    Which bike rack should I get for 4 cycles?

    Hi, can anyone recommend a towbar attached bike rack for 4 cycles that tilts enough to be able to open the tailgate on a T6 Caravelle.