1. M

    Air bag light on code 01321

    Hi guys my 2017 t6 highline is showing fault 01321 no comunication with air bag module, and won't clear with my delphi diagnostics any ideas where the unit is please ? and any help to diagnose or check wiring or fuses related cheers Jon
  2. R

    Sold Double folding passenger seat, swap for single captains , 2016 lwb Kombi.

    Hi, first post on this very useful forum....considering changing my single captains front seat to a double folding in Simora ( trim code JG ), if its not too involved fitting wise.. anybody want to swap seats c/w floor mat and airbag plus maybe some cash adjustment? its from a 2016 lwb kombi. My...
  3. VioletVW

    Changing the double-seat to a single in a T6.1

    Hi all, I've recently joined as I'm hoping to pick up a T6.1 soon. I've seen a van that has a double front passenger bench and ideally I'd like a single seat in it's place. When I mentioned changing this to the dealer he said that it can be done, after market, but they would not do it as...
  4. Campervandave

    Disable built in passenger seat airbag (not the dashboard one - the one IN the seat)

    I am removing a twin seat from a shuttle and putting in a single captains. My problem is that the original seat has a built in airbag down the side of the seat and the new seat has no airbag. How do I disable this? Can I do something in VCDS to prevent the airbag warning light being on all...
  5. S

    Removing seats without airbag light

    Can i remove the front seats without a airbag light coming on dash or is it a case of disconnecting the battery
  6. R

    Heated seat pad install??

    Hi all first post on here so take it easy I have a kombi high line 69 reg had a quick look under drivers seat and there are some wires are they used for heated seats and if so what’s the process for installing the heat pads as in would they plug into these wires then a switch on dash or is it...
  7. drew_greenday

    Passenger airbag swap

    My pal has just bought a t6 with a single captain seat and wants to swap it with a double. I had a double and swapped it for a single. I know you need to change the passenger airbags over if you’re going from single to double so I thought I could just swap mine with his? has anyone got any idea...
  8. H

    Captain seat no airbag

    Hi, first post so please be gentle:) Having purchased and fitted a simora captains drivers seat I realised it doesn’t have an airbag down side. My old startline drivers seat has an airbag but no armrest. Also I don’t believe I can fit armrests to my old seat. My question is should I have...
  9. P

    Golf R Airbag ??

    Have just stripped the original Highline steering wheel of my T6 and attempting to fit the Golf Mk7 steering wheel. I was on the understanding you switch the airbag loom with the original T6 loom...... but I have seen there is an extra terminal on the Golf's airbag and terminal with an extra...
  10. bullracing

    Seat Airbag Wiring - Soldering Looms - Resistance

    I have installed a set of T5 captains in my T6. The seats have side airbags but the connectors were different. I have the connectors from both a T5 and T6 with cables on. Can I make a loom for the airbags by soldering the cables together or will this change the resistance of the wire and make...
  11. bullracing

    T5 To T6 Airbag Front Seat Wiring

    Fitting T5 captains chairs into my T6. The airbag wiring connectors are different. What does one do about them?
  12. boxbark

    How To Tell If T6 Kombi Has Side Airbags?

    Hello to everyone. This is my first post. I'm a proud owner of a nearly new t6 kombi (team black:)). I've a question. I don't know if my vehicle has the side airbag option fitted and I'm looking at seat covers. I don't want to buy a cover that stops an airbag working if I have one. If the...
  13. N

    Child Seat fitting without Isofix

    Hi. New to this forum. Just wondering if anyone has managed to find a way to legally fit a child seat in the front of a transporter. I know in vans other than in Australia there is a button to disconnect the airbag. Also does anyone know where you can have aftermarket isofix points fitted. Any...
  14. M

    T6 Steering Wheel Airbag Cover - Help!!

    I have a big crack in my steering wheel air bag cover and just contacted VW to get a replacement and apparently it comes with the airbag for a princely sum of £945!! Does anyone know where I can either get a new cover (everything else is ok) or an aftermarket version? Many thanks
  15. Bluey

    Success: T6 Bench Seat W Airbag Now Swivels!!!! Hooray

    All, some of you will have seen my post on this - see this link below. T6 Help: Can U Fit Swivel Plate On Double Pax Seat W/side Airbags HOORAY - SUCCESS - DAN AT CUSTOM CAMPER SOLUTIONS - see below: In short, the swivel plate is fitted as normal, now here is the clever bit. Dan has extended...
  16. B

    Seating Advice! T6 / T5.1 Double Front Seat

    Hi All, I'm looking for advice please, i currently have a T5.1 2015 Sportline 60th Edition. I'm looking to replace the front passenger seat to a double seat. I've been looking on Ebay and have found VW Transporter T6 Double Passenger Bench Seat In Simora from a 2017 transporter for £100. Can...
  17. Minkey

    Aftermarket Seats With Airbags. Safe?

    Hi All, Just ordered a set of car seats from fleabay with side airbags. My current Startline panelvan seats don't have airbags. So... Safety question... Is it worth trying to hook these up to the existing dahsboard airbag circuit or is it best to just leave them inactive?? Any CANBUS issues...
  18. Cham13

    Airbag light on after removing passenger seat and end panel

    Can anybody help? I removed the airbag end panel to remove the glove box along with the front passenger seat and now I have the airbag light on. I've checked all connections which are correct but I can't get it to go off, any ideas why?
  19. T

    Tripped my Airbag dash light ...

    Folks, I have tripped the airbag light on the dash during the course of a small mod I was doing. I removed the front passenger seat to explore the leisure battery and gubbins under there. With the seat removed I fitted a CTEK indicator connector to the battery for future hook-up's When I removed...
  20. Sjacko20

    Passenger Airbags

    I have read somewhere that T5’s were fitted with 2 types of passenger airbags to suit either single or double passenger seats, does anyone know if this is the case on the T6 because as part of our conversion we will be replacing the single captains seat with a double bench so want to make sure...