1. E

    T6.1 Seat airbag - diff connector and wire colours

    OK so i bought a 6.1 with double passenger seat, knowing i could swop in my T6 single passenger seat, but in their wisdom VW have slightly changed the airbag plug and wire colour.... so they are now White, green and brown, where before they were black, blue and brown. so i could take a punt with...
  2. F2JON

    Drivers seat air bag

    It may be a stupid question but how can I tell if my seats have airbags? The genuine seat covers that on them have airbags wrote on the seat cover lable but I can’t see anything on the seat itself?? It’s only a start line t6 van
  3. A

    Airbag rattle issue

    Have a really annoying rattle from the airbag, not all the time just if you get a small vibration through the whole steering... anyone else had this..? Have unclipped it but nothing seems loose..?
  4. Brindle

    Seat airbag cable extension

    Don’t suppose there are any clever people on here that can make a seat airbag extension lead is there? Only needs to be 300mm or so? TIA
  5. Pauly

    T6 Airbag Systems Wiring Diagram 2018

    Airbag System Circuit Diagram VIP Membership is required to download this document
  6. S

    Changing the steering wheel without airbag warning light [Guide]

    I've got a bit confused having read a few posts on this. How do I change the steering wheel without getting an airbag warning light? Disconnect battery before disconnecting the air bag? If so should that be done with the ignition on or off? Thanks
  7. P

    airbag missing

    Hi I have just bought a T6 conversion doesn’t seem to have a passenger airbag,can one be fitted.
  8. Y

    I want to learn about Multivan rear passengers safety and airbag standards for rear passengers

    I plan to buy a new Multivan with high line specs. I have three kids aged under 5 years , so safety is a big concern for me. Has the Multivan enough security for rear passengers with good standard of airbags, what do you think ? thanks
  9. GingerPig

    Caravelle curtain airbag removal

    Evening all, I've just recently purchased a 2016 T6 caravelle 150bhp bluemotion and new to the forum. I am currently in the process of converting it to a camper. Complete rear rip out including curtain airbags, rear HVAC system etc... basically its a van now B post reward My question is...
  10. AlexJoe

    Crash sensors for side airbags - fitting

    As you already know, I'm in the middle of a T5 to T6 conversion project. One of the next things I want to finish is the airbag system (safety first ;)). Today I got rid of the recurring driver airbag steering wheel error by replacing the slip ring with the steering angle sensor. I still have to...
  11. T

    Airbag warning light on

    Folks, I have tripped the airbag light on the dash during the course of a small mod I was doing. I removed the front passenger seat to explore the leisure battery and gubbins under there. With the seat removed I fitted a CTEK indicator connector to the battery for future hook-up's When I removed...
  12. E

    Single seat to double - but with seat airbag

    OK so i am going to change my single passenger seat for a double. My passenger seat has an airbag in the side which the double doesnt have so i am guessing i will get an airbag fault light up as there obviously isn't a wire to connect to - can this fault code be perm deactivated ? also i note...
  13. M

    Airbag light on - code 01321 [Resolved]

    Hi guys my 2017 t6 highline is showing fault 01321 no comunication with air bag module, and won't clear with my delphi diagnostics any ideas where the unit is please ? and any help to diagnose or check wiring or fuses related cheers Jon
  14. Ricardo T

    Sold Double folding passenger seat, swap for single captains , 2016 lwb Kombi.

    Hi, first post on this very useful forum....considering changing my single captains front seat to a double folding in Simora ( trim code JG ), if its not too involved fitting wise.. anybody want to swap seats c/w floor mat and airbag plus maybe some cash adjustment? its from a 2016 lwb kombi. My...
  15. Dazzat53

    T6.1 Changing the double-seat to a single

    hi guys We are changing our front bench seat for a single our van is a 2017 kombi. The seat is in great condition, what would be a fair price to sell it for? Any help appreciated Cheers
  16. Campervandave

    Disable built in passenger seat airbag (not the dashboard one - the one IN the seat)

    I am removing a twin seat from a shuttle and putting in a single captains. My problem is that the original seat has a built in airbag down the side of the seat and the new seat has no airbag. How do I disable this? Can I do something in VCDS to prevent the airbag warning light being on all...
  17. D

    Plugs Under Front Seats?

    Hello guys, just upgraded the seats and was wondering what these plugs are for on the new ones. I'm guessing airbags, but hoping heated seats.
  18. Sjacko20

    Passenger airbag swap - Captains seat to Double.

    I have read somewhere that T5’s were fitted with 2 types of passenger airbags to suit either single or double passenger seats, does anyone know if this is the case on the T6 because as part of our conversion we will be replacing the single captains seat with a double bench so want to make sure...
  19. H

    Captain seat no airbag

    Hi, first post so please be gentle:) Having purchased and fitted a simora captains drivers seat I realised it doesn’t have an airbag down side. My old startline drivers seat has an airbag but no armrest. Also I don’t believe I can fit armrests to my old seat. My question is should I have...
  20. P

    Golf R Airbag ??

    Have just stripped the original Highline steering wheel of my T6 and attempting to fit the Golf Mk7 steering wheel. I was on the understanding you switch the airbag loom with the original T6 loom...... but I have seen there is an extra terminal on the Golf's airbag and terminal with an extra...