1. CJW

    For Sale Airbag

    From a 2016 T6. Of the two pin variety. Airbag loom is not the MFSW version, but can be swapped over if you’ve already got the loom. Only removed because I switched to a 3-pin Polo wheel when adding MFSW. £100 but open to offers. Collection preferred but maybe we can sort something out. I also...
  2. M

    Golf GTI Mk 7.5 seats into Velle - Airbags

    Searched the forums, where this is asked, but yet to find the answer. Fitted a pair of Mk7.5 leathers from a GTi to match the GTi steering wheel, i fitted recently. (in case someone is searching answer for that - i used a non-dsg wheel, with Polo Gti buttons as that matched my buttons and...
  3. HoopDub

    Sold Flat-bottom Golf Mk7 TCR MFSW + airbag £400

    Anyone fancy a swap? My mk7 golf gti tcr flat bottom mfsw (dsg) including airbag.... For a standard t6 mfsw, highline be nice with airbag. Must be really good conditionI need one to control volume and track skipping without the hassle of changing buttons etc on this. Cost me £400 a few months...
  4. R

    Airbag light after swapping for single passenger seat

    Just had single passenger seat fitted in T6 Shuttle, replacing double seat and now airbag light is on Told by garage the airbag light is due to the 2nd seat belt/double seat internal belt not now plugged in. They said needs to be programmed. Does this make sense for an airbag light? Contacted...
  5. dandan88

    Steering wheel help

    Guys I need a little help I’m replacing my steering wheel and I’ve released the airbag it… can I just release the connector straight away? I e taken the black connector off the battery Many thanks
  6. S

    Removing Passenger Seat (heated+airbags)

    Removing the seat is easy, but I’m damned if I can figure out how this blue connector comes apart. I assume that the locking mechanism is here (yellow arrow) and I’ve pressed, pushed and pulled but no joy. Can anyone help? TIA Bill
  7. sipep

    Wanted Flat bottom steering - compatible with existing air bag

    Hi all. I know there are a couple of flat bottom steering wheels for sale, but they need a new air bag. I am after the most straightforward swap over using my existing airbag and my mfsw buttons.
  8. D

    Seat air bag resistor for airbag delete.

    Hi.. can anyone put me onto the correct resister rating for deleting the air bag in a double passenger seat airbag? I’m switching to a temporary single seat while I hunt down a Timo cloth passenger captain seat. Thanks in advance.
  9. I

    Warning lights - Airbag Error and Engine Management

    In France, just starting a fortnights break in Normandy. The Engine Management light has been on for weeks, no change to driving and VW said they can’t book it in for weeks so I assume that’s OK. However, the Airbag Error light and message just came on today as we drove through Arromanches...
  10. H

    Air bag module

    Hey new to this. Have just had some issues with my vw t6 airbag module. I located the module and removed it which then i find it had water corrosion all in the board and fried the microchip. So i order a second hand module with the exact same part number. Iv installed the new( second hand)...
  11. M

    passenger air bag switch

    Hi can anyone shed any light on what this might be (see photo attached) i think it may have come off the passenger air bag switch as i was removing the plastic trim that the switch is housed in . The switch fell apart whilst removing the trim but still seems to be working ie switching passenger...
  12. andy greenwood

    Sold steering wheel + AIRBAG

    Non multi function steering wheel plus airbag . Airbag in excellent condition with no marks. Taken off our 66 plate camper. £125
  13. Alan slyde

    Swapping Single passenger seat to double bench seat been tolled by converter it’s a easy straightforward swap ??

    Hi we are looking a round at the minute for a t6 van but wife wants it to have a double passenger seat as sometimes there are 5 off us but all the vans she has seen and like are just Single passenger seat I was talking to a Van converter he was saying was a straightforward easy to do swap ...
  14. V

    Wing mirror wiring related to airbag

    I'm in the process of repairing my drivers side wing mirror. I got a quote from VW garage for £665! I have managed to remove the broken wing mirror and ordered new parts for around £35. In order to remove parts I had to cut 3 small coaxial wires, (RG174) and I will need to resplice these when...
  15. T

    Clearing the Air bag warning light

    Folks, I have tripped the airbag light on the dash during the course of a small mod I was doing. I removed the front passenger seat to explore the leisure battery and gubbins under there. With the seat removed I fitted a CTEK indicator connector to the battery for future hook-up's When I removed...
  16. T

    passenger airbag change - southwest

    I'm trying to find someone in the Salisbury area that would be willing to change the passenger airbag on my T6. I am changing from a factory fitted captains chair to a bench seat and would like the larger airbag fitted. Does anyone have any recommendations? I've emailed 2 dealers and not...
  17. p6raf

    Dashboard passenger airbag

    Ok, moving forward with my passenger bench seat install.... The single passenger seat indeed does have a different dashboard airbag to a bench. I've sourced the correct one but my next question is how to get to it. Spent ages googling and searching forums but cannot seem to find any information...
  18. R

    LHD to RHD Caravelle electric seat retrofit

    Hi, looking for some help with installing two captain seats I have bought. Existing seats are from a standard RHD T6 transporter (single + bench), non heated with seatbelt warning on drivers seat only. I have secured two single captains chairs from a LHD T6 caravelle (told 2017, but think they...
  19. p6raf

    Anyone up for an airbag swap?

    I'm swapping my (single) passenger seat to a bench and I understand the dash airbags are different in size. I'm after 7E2880202D. Is anyone out there doing the reverse conversion and needs the single airbag?
  20. Giannino

    Airbag transfer from bench to single seat.

    Hi all, I have a double bench (caravelle 2016) with an airbag, could I transfer the airbag to a single seat that does not have one? Is the seat side frame and housing the same? Since my van is equipped with it, I didn't want to give up the airbag or put in a resistance to fool the warning light...