air conditioning

  1. Robert Hallyburton

    Water leak or a/c condensation?

    I have water coming out of this rubber groomet in the bulkhead. In the 4 years of ownership I've never noticed it before but might just be A/C condensation. Does anyone have any idea what it it and where the water is from? Thanks
  2. Dickieboy3

    Water Leak in engine bay

    Hi can anyone tell me what the grommett in the centre of the photograph is..I have just recently noticed that after driving the van that a non oily liquid drips out of the end..It eventually stops and does not leak if van is not used. Thanks in advance.
  3. Paynewright

    Air con on all the time

    After using the air con a few weeks ago it now seems to be on all the time regardless of whether the button is pressed (and light on). Van is 2018 startline with basic heating controls and aircon on a button. I’ve had a search via google and the forum search and not found anything specific...
  4. Shaun Witts

    Good mobile Air-conditioner

    Has anyone tried one of these budget Eveporative Coolers...
  5. 2 Air-Con Retrofit Temperatures??

    Hi all, has anyone on here had their air con retrofitted in their T6 by that can tell me what temperatures they are getting out of the vents? I’ve had mine done and I’m getting 16.4 degrees from the drivers vents and 19.5 degrees from the passenger vent!!
  6. R

    T6.1 rubbish air con

    Anyone else got a new T6.1 Kombi my Aircon barely feels cold, dealer says it has 535g of Gas the drained and refilled it to spec but it’s just rubbish has to be full cold and fan 5 then it’s still rubbish was hoping someone else could share their thoughts I’m really disappointed with the...
  7. S

    Air conditioning not working

    Hi All, Wondering if anyone has any advice please. 2017 T6 shuttle with climate control. Owned about 5 months. Few months ago noticed the air con wasn't blowing cold. Not sure if it ever had to be honest, never really checked it until weather heated up. Had it regassed, think the chap said...
  8. need4speed

    Long code to include bi directional climate control

    I am on the final leg of retro fitting air-conditioning in my T6. I just need to code the climate control into the Cambus. I have launch and snap on scanners not vag com. My scanners will show the present long code and allow the new long code to be over written including the new aircon...
  9. Ayjay

    Uneven Air Con Blowers [Resolved]

    My van has Climatic air conditioning and with the heat today I started the engine and set the air con to the lowest temperature with maximum fan and blowing into the face (as in the picture below). The air came out of all vents cold enough but I did notice that the the strength was rather...
  10. need4speed

    Facia vent temp sensor

    Could anybody please tell me the location of the G191 AC facia vent temp sensor. Thank you
  11. Pauly

    T6 Climatronic Air Conditioning Wiring Diagram 2018

    Climatronic HVAC circuit diagram Please check the history/updates tab, first release is for early T6s manufactured from June 2015, second release is for vehicles manufactured from June 2016 onwards VIP Membership is required to download this document
  12. Pag

    Sold Air con parts most parts to do this are here.

    Hi I have for sale almost all the parts to retro fit air con to a T6 most of the parts came from a 2018 Van and a brand new aux belt . I was going to fit this myself to our T6 but we have sold the van and going in another direction (the dark side caravan) because of the excellant thread by...
  13. B

    A/C dryer location

    Morning all. Anybody know the location of the A/C dryer? Need to replace following catastrophic compressor failure!

    Water dripping off firewall - AC condensate?

    I've not been using the van much lately, and it can be parked up, sometimes for weeks in a garage. Whenever i do use it though, there always seems to be quite a lot of clear water where the van has been standing- usually below the front bumper area. I've always assumed that the underside of...
  15. T

    AC randomly not cooling?

    So I've been on a trip this weekend, first time driving the van in summer heat (20-25c). Sometimes the AC works really well so it should not need refilling, and sometimes it just doesn't seem to want to cool at all and the van starts getting too hot inside. When it cools it also turns the fan up...
  16. D

    Air con pipe!

    Hi I have a hole in the high pressure pipe between the condenser and compressor-anyone know the part number so I can order a replacement please? Thanks in advance.
  17. G3GSB

    Engine noise related to interior fan

    Hi All, wondered if anyone can steer me in the right direction. New to the T6 as usually had T2s in the past so not very familiar with the sounds that the engine makes but pretty sure this isn't right. I'm getting a strange noise when driving with the interior fan is running almost like its a...
  18. M

    Heater issue. 2018 T6 Shuttle

    hi peeps. heater went doolally on Saturday. passenger and rear is fine, nice n warm, but drivers is cold. its showing no faults, both probes in side vents are working. my friend is baffled by this, says it could be little radiator in matrix, half full of sludge. he's come across this problem...
  19. Tsixty

    T6 Aircon effectiveness

    As its been warm this week I've been reliant on the aircon a bit more in my 2019 T6 for the first time since I purchased it. I don't have anything to compare to other than previous non VW vehicles and it is, frankly, rubbish. Yesterday it was 18deg outside and I needed the temp dial permanently...
  20. Petehelmet

    T6.1 Heater not working correctly

    Ok so a couple of weeks back when it was freezing my heater stopped working properly. By this I mean that the temperature dial in whichever position it’s in won’t change temp, won’t get hotter or colder just stays warm ish. The fan speed works 1 to 6 and the position dial all works. Any idea...