air conditioning

  1. andys

    Air condenser replacement

    Before I book in to have this work done, can anyone confirm that this is definitely the condenser/ radiator for the aircon that I have damaged? It’s at the top of the grille, behind the uppermost slats, to the left of the badge (when looking from the front). I’m 99% sure as there was gas...
  2. M

    Climatic to climatronic

    Hi all, looking to do a little lock down project to take out my climatic air con system and replace with the climatronic version. Granted I’ll need a climatronic air box and control panel. Are there many other changes between the two? Has anyone done this?
  3. Bathaudio

    Pictures of your Air-con pipe routing in engine-bay

    Hey guys, I'm undertaking the Aircon retrofit and just wanted to check for my sanity... Could any of you with factory Aircon attach some pictures of inside the engine bay as to the routing of the AC pipes? Many thanks :)
  4. A

    Water dripping from behind glove box

    Water is dripping from behind the glove box on my 2016 T6. I removed the glove box for access and found an unusually large amount of condensation accumulating on the bottom of the HVAC unit. Any ideas what might be causing this?
  5. D

    Aircon won’t chill

    Is there a fuse for T6 for air con
  6. D

    T6 ticking noise when engine running [Resolved]

    Hello, I'm new to this forum and I have had my 69' T6 150 manual for a few weeks now and noticed a ticking or clicking noise from the engine with the engine running. It's there from cold or up to temperature. The van has done 8000 miles. The noise is not really noticable when driving but when...
  7. minmax89

    air con - what exactly is going on...when on?

    What is actually happening when you switch on the air con? I have standard stuff, not climate control or anything. When I get in the van at the end of a hot day and it stifling in the cab, I turn the temp right down, switch on the blower to about 3, and press the air con button. I've never had...
  8. A

    Ambitious first question

    I have recently bought my first van and am eagerly awaiting delivery; I will be carrying out a camper conversion and had a tour of my mates pop topped T5 yesterday to try and help me decide whether to go that route or not. I think rather than have a pop top, I would much prefer an AC unit to...
  9. T6ARF

    Air-Con question re: windscreen

    Hello folks, I have a question for you clever people about my air conditioning? I’ve had a look through the search section, but can’t seem to get an answer on this one. I’ve had my van for just over a year now, and although I’ve not done a lot of miles to date, I’ve noticed that when driving in...
  10. F

    Airconditoning problem

    Hi I have an MY16 Multivan. It has 3 zone airconditioning. The driver side air-con blows hot air all the time. All other zones working fine. Any suggestions
  11. B

    Caravelle rear AC

    I've just bought a T6 Caravelle SE 2017 plate and am in the process of changing the floor for a vinyl finish ( kids, dogs and sand don't mix well with the present carpet) have also removed most of the panels to add in some extra sound proofing and thought as I was this far I could look at...
  12. M

    Retrofitting rear AC to SWB T6 Shuttle

    Hi I have recently bought a SWB 2016 T6 Shuttle and didn't realise it didn't have AC in the rear. I have it in the front but would like it in the back as well. Is this something that is possible? Has anyone attempted it?
  13. C

    Bad smell from blower

    Hi all, I originally had some bad smells coming through the blower when I tried out the air con on our relatively new )to us) 17 plate van. Squirted the foaming anti bac/fungal stuff in the vents and on the evaporator. This totally cured the bad smells from the air con. The funny thing is, is...
  14. Jez

    Air-conditioning retrofit?

    Hi there. Has anyone had rear air conditioning reto-fitted by VW or aftermarket. I need to know if a bigger compressor is required to handle to the extra load eith from the factory or when retro-fitted. My 16,000 km (10,000 mile) van's compressor has packed it in and I would like to retrofit a...
  15. Duggers83

    Removing rear AC unit from Shuttle

    Hi, I would like to remove the rear AC unit from my '17 Shuttle. Can anyone provide advice on this subject OR recommend who I could speak to or the work, please? After speaking with a few garages, unfortunately, it doesn't sound straightforward. Many thanks, Ben
  16. T

    What is this leak?

    Newbie question, probably already asked but I’m on the road right now. I noticed a leak when filling up, just wondering what it is and if I’m going to break down/ do damage. It’s coming from this rubber outlet in the firewall. Sorry picture isn’t that good but it’s the black bit behind the pipe...
  17. R

    Aircon service?

    Hi guys how often should you get your air con checked/serviced. Just want to keep it maintained through ownership.
  18. nibbit106

    Install AC to middle and rear seats in Shuttle

    Hi all, I’ve recently bought a T6 shuttle (9 seater) with AC, not knowing that the AC doesn’t actually reach the middle or rear rows of seats, which in summer makes it a greenhouse on wheels - not so great for my kids. Is there a workable solution for modifying/changing anything to allow cold...
  19. Big T

    Air con help required please

    Hi all, Could anyone help with a problem I have with the aircon on my 2013 T5.1 2.0 tdi. When I first start the van the air con seems to working ok reading about 8 degrees at the vents inside on the coldest setting. Once it's been running a while the air is getting warmer upto about 20 degrees...
  20. cbrblade

    aircon not really cold

    Hi all my aircon wasnt getting cold or the heater blowing hot,so had it regassed its still the same,changed the control panel got it to blow cold briefly but no real change,had it on vagcom came up with temp sensor for footwell vent (no idea where it is) anybody had any similar issues