air conditioning

  1. J

    AC compressor leak

    Hello fellow T6 owners!!! Am I correct in thinking that this is just a faulty seal on the A/C compressor solenoid? Has anyone else had this issue before, if so was it an easy fix? I believe it's a Garage job as the system will need draining and refilling I'm just after reassurance
  2. A

    AC Expansion valve Leak from being Bodged

    Hi I have a T5.1 Shuttle that has been converted. The air con doesn't work so i took it for a re-gas and was told it had a leak from the rear of the van. The garage has had a look and said that the expansion valve has been blocked off with a rusty plate, two bolts and a load of sealant. The...
  3. B

    Rcd 360 head unit affecting air conditioning

    Help please guys and gals I have bought an aftermarket head unit , when I connect adaptor harness and power radio on head unit works perfectly but air con keeps turning off and on . I have tried 2 leads and still have same problem when I reconnect old factory head unit air con is fine again any...
  4. Lux

    Could someone please ID this for me?

    Hi all, Could someone tell me what this rubber part with a small nozzle on it is? It's located on the firewall. Pics attached. Appears that my washer fluid may be leaking out of it. Really appreciate any help. Matt
  5. U

    Electronic aircon

    Has anybody tried fitting an electric a/c compressor like this? I'm thinking I could potentially replace the existing compressor with another alternator to...
  6. M

    A/c compressor suppliers

    Needing to replace the A/c compressor on my 2017 T6. Quoted £1200 from VW for part only. Anyone know of any other places to try for price. Only need part, can fit and recharge system on my own. Thanks.
  7. R

    AC always on problem

    Anyone Else have a t6.1 can you check if your info display actually shows air conditioning off when off on the main controls? Mine never turns off and if at cold it’s freezing! Doesn’t matter what function is on it never changes unless I switch off the fan to 0!!
  8. E

    Airco fails till car restarted

    Hello, Nice to meet you, I am a proud driver of vw t6 from the Netherlands. I have a weird problem with my airco. When I start my car, the airco works fine blowing cold air. After ca five minute it stops. Blown air is not cold though outside temperature. When I stop the car, switch it off and...
  9. Stevio

    Fault code - B10A915 - Activation A/C Compressor, Open / Short Circuit to Positive

    Hi Guys, Currently having issues with my Air Conditioning. AC looks to be running as it should but no cold air coming from blowers. Checked with diagnostics tool and that was the code I got. Dropped the under tray to reveal the compressor, checked over the connectors but all looks normal...

    Water leaking out of this [A/C drain]

    I've not been using the van much lately, and it can be parked up, sometimes for weeks in a garage. Whenever i do use it though, there always seems to be quite a lot of clear water where the van has been standing- usually below the front bumper area. I've always assumed that the underside of...
  11. Andyham105

    Aircon issue?!

    My t6 has aircon fitted as standard, I had it re gassed around 6 weeks ago and it was ice cold ever since the last few days, it was intermittent would work one day not the next and now it's just like warm air. I ran live data and it's at 9/10bar when AC is on which makes me think its not a leak...
  12. S

    Air con condenser change over today

    Was going to swap the rad while I was in here but it looks OK. It's well protected with the ac and intercooler. No gas in it so I'm swapping then getting it vac tested again before gassing. Lovely day for it!
  13. I

    Intermittent Air Con problem

    Hello, Hoping some experts can help me with this situation. Twice in the last 2 months the aircon in my T6 doesn't work properly. When you turn the dial for more power the blow noise gets louder but it doesn't blow more out of the vents. It's as if something under the dash is blocking the...
  14. K

    Power steering pump with air con

    Has any one changed there power steering pump on there van with on air con just trying to figure out if it can be done with out completely removing air con compressor just may be in bolt it and move out the way enough to get pump out thanks
  15. Crazymind

    Cooled seats

    Anybody attempted to install/upgrade to cooled seats? Driving in hot weather is something I really miss from my old car…
  16. T

    Air con and fuel economy question

    We’ve had our T6.1 DSG since December and have been getting an average overall fuel consumption of 34 mpg. On a recent trip to the West Coast it was up to around 37 mpg. On Sunday we did a day trip of 90 mins of pretty similar driving and we got an average of 47 mpg and reached the dizzy heights...
  17. P

    Hot air coming out from under the steering

    Buongiorno a tutti, ho un fastidioso problema che in vw non risolvono.. dopo circa due ore che viaggio con il mio trasporter T6 esce aria calda da sotto lo sterzo all'altezza delle ginocchia e ultimamente si scalda anche la plancia all'altezza dello stereo. Qualcheduno sa aiutarmi? Good morning...
  18. damo1023

    Air conditioning compressor

    Hey all I'm looking for a replacement ac compressor. Obviously I know I can pay uber bucks and get one from vw. However has anyone had any success finding an aftermarket or re conditioned unit? Mines self destructed around the pulley luckily I noticed the noise quickly and investigated it...
  19. chunkp

    Blower/fan fuse keeps failing resistor replaced

    Hi, hope someone can offer some words of wisdom. Long time forum lurker and researcher. I believe I’ve read the thread(s)and watched the videos on this, but I’m none the wiser. My blowers stopped working in my 2017 t6. I went ahead and replaced the 40a maxi fuse. As experienced by many, once...
  20. Paynewright

    Air con on all the time

    After using the air con a few weeks ago it now seems to be on all the time regardless of whether the button is pressed (and light on). Van is 2018 startline with basic heating controls and aircon on a button. I’ve had a search via google and the forum search and not found anything specific...