1. joshuaaitken

    AdBlue issues - remap related?

    Currently sat at VW Commercial in Tewkesbury.... I had a caution on the way back from Devon yesterday. AdBlue top up and spanner in amber. The van now tells me it’s got 650 miles range until no start. Naturally I topped the AdBlue up, no register at f this on the trip computer. Now it says 600...
  2. N

    Ad-Blue Confusion

    Sorry for posting here as well as in another subgroup but that one seemed to get lost. I have had a 1400m Ad-Blue Warning. So I went and go some and refilled it twice. Each time the mile range went up and the amount needed went down - which seems good. My confusion is : should this have...
  3. N

    Ad-Blue Warning Advice

    So, at 2,500 miles on a brand new van I got my first Ad-Blue indication on the dash. It wanted 1.5g to 2.75g and it indicated 1400m. The guide book suggested this was a miles left figure but was full of scary stuff like engine not starting I bought some while away (it matches spec in the book)...
  4. M

    [RESOLVED] Stuck in France!!

    Hi Guys, I’ve got a 68 plate T6 combi which I took in for first service at VW 3 weeks ago as I wanted piece of mind for driving to SW France for a holiday. Prior to service I had the oil light on on the display although level was fine, this turned out to be because of rodent damage to cables...
  5. X

    T6.1 floor heating up!

    Hi, after slowly advancing in a long queue for about an hour (DSG 4Mo with stop-start switched off) I've noticed significant heating of interior floor - especially rails - were so hot, one couldn't step barefoot on them. I was told, that this has to do with cooling of gases for AdBlue system...
  6. E

    Adblue and Exhaust warning light poll- what is happening to who, with what vans, driving how, is the problem getting fixed, how long is this taking..

    I've had a series of adblue and xxhaust system warnings over the last month. These seem to be a well known issue and some people have had them fixed by the software update- but others have not at all (me included). So data might be helpful. Please complete even if you haven't had problems- just...
  7. AussieMick

    Foam blank underbody question

    Underneath the van below the passenger seat is a foam blank. I dont have an ad blue version so is this where the ad blue tank would go. The blank also supports the underbody plastic trim so is that the reason it's there. Thanks
  8. O

    Fuel tank drop and adblue

    Finally got empty tank and want to drop to attach heater fuel line. Just about to loosen tank straps, but must i do anything special with adblue, or will inlet just wiggle past? Hoping so.
  9. Paynewright

    Adblue bottle

    Just done my first adblue refill - 1400 mile refill bing, 1.75 to 2.5 G refill so put 10L in all good :thumbsup: So, I have a bit of a tupperware fettish and wondering what to do with the bottle. I’ve told SWMBO we can use it for our camping water bottle as the spout will be good for filling...
  10. J

    adblue issue - didn’t wait 30 seconds

    Ok so I didn’t wait 30 seconds before turning the key. Now it won’t reset. Any solution? I’ve read the threads on here but no luck
  11. Garny999

    T6.1 Passenger Side Undertray Stuff.

    Hello, I was about to venture into fitting a diesel heater under my passenger seat. I had a sneak peek at the access from underneath (undertray)for mounting the unit and running the ducting. The question I ask is....does anyone know what this lot is and is this also on a T6. I am thinking that...
  12. czmate1999

    Panic Buying...

    Topped up on Ad Blue today, you know, just in case... ;)
  13. toonaroon

    AdBlue recall video

    Has anyone else seen this video, and whats your comments???
  14. S

    Does It Matter What Brand Of Adblue?

    I’ve searched and can’t find this discussed. I’m due my first adblue topup and wondering whether it matters what brand/type of adblue I use. Do I just go for the cheapest. 20L for £15 on eBay. I know I can go to BP pump and the dealer owes me some but for convenience I need to fill at home...
  15. E

    Newbie - Looking At Buying A Kombi

    Hi Guys, I'm new to the transporters and I'm about to buy a van from a local garage. I'm hoping someone can explain to me the adblue situation on the Transporters. I have a 2016 touareg with adblue so I now how it works. I've took a T6 T30 kombi for a testdrive at the weekend, I had a good...
  16. bullracing

    Eu5 Or Eu6 Shuttle?

    So I am getting mixed messages. I have a 2016 Shuttle SE 150. It has adblue. There is zero mention of it being an EU6 anywhere. On the eurostandards website, it is classed as a 5B. Free Vehicle Emissions Checker So what do I have? Bit gutted to have adblue on a Euro5. Does it mean I can remove...
  17. Markymark

    Adblu Filler Pipe Is Threaded - Who Knew?

    Adblu range started dropping fairly rapidly whilst in the Outer Hebrides, two garages had none. Down to 650 miles on the dashboard. Remembered the community cafe come fuel station at Ravenspoint sold it so made our way there. They had 1.5l bottles from Redex. Took off the top tipped it onto...
  18. Salty Spuds

    Adblue In Aldi

    just seen this
  19. mackmaya

    AdBlue Software Update from Dealership

    Hi all, apparently there is a new recall for certain t6's , new software update effecting regens and adblu usage??
  20. James1000

    Pig P*ss Problem - Aka Adblue!!!!

    So, as per many others on here I had the 600 mile warning suddenly appear after jumping from 3500 miles I topped up the Adblue (have to say my display always stated Min 1.00 Max 1.25 regardless - perhaps should have been alarm bells) Anyway with the Adblue topped up the 30 second reset did not...