1. M

    What’s this warning light?

    Can anyone advise what this symbol means? TIA
  2. mmi

    [T6_measured] NOx emissions, AdBlue consumption, DPF regeneration - Before and after ECU update

    Introduction An update campaign for T6 EU6 diesel engines took place in 2019-20. Affected engines were on van of model years MY16-MY18, including some of MY19. For M1 class (passenger carriers, VIN WV2...) the update was an official recall. For N1 class (VIN WV1....) the update was not...
  3. K

    AdBlue & EGR delete - possible?

    Evening all is it possible to map out the egr and adblue on my 2016 102hp getting a bit prepared for it as a possibility rather than replacing every single part on it ?
  4. K

    Adblue /software version

    Evening all still having issues with my t6 had egr replaced yesterday still have the adblue error with MFD countdown would anybody know what the most up to date software is for my vehicle mine is ver 6163 I think
  5. K

    More Adblue woes

    Had a few issues with adblue on my 2016 102 t6 had it in the garage and all was ok now got and error adblue (Def) on the dash I've scanned it with vcds no error codes related to adblue although have an egr sensor implausible signal fault . It has happened before then cleared itself some the...
  6. W

    Reoccurring AdBlue Level Fault / EML / P204F00 / P20EE00

    Im a total novice and new to Transporters so bear with... Since buying my van (T28/2018/150bhp/panel van) it has had 6 occurrences in past 6 months of ad blue level jumping around (from down to 650 miles) and/or the EML light coming on. Same codes each time - P204F00 / P20EE00 Its under an...
  7. K

    Adblue vcds

    Evening folks recently bought vcds was wondering is it possible to reset the adblue level sensor should I need to again paid to have it done at the garage before would be handy if I can do it myself should it return Thanks for any info Keith
  8. C

    Another adblue issue.

    I've read the other posts on this subject but am still at a bit of a loss so please bear with me. I drove 400 miles yesterday in our van and checked them adblue level before I left. It read 3000 miles of range remaining. 300 miles into my trip, the beeper sounds and dash lights up with the...
  9. 1Pearman

    Has My AdBlue System Been Deleted?

    Hi all, I bought a 2016 T6 Shuttle SE DSG 150 just over a year ago that was on 60k miles. I've also never had a vehicle with an AdBlue system before so I'm not familiar with any of it. Van was doing great, albeit the MPG seemed a lot worse than my old T5.1 manual van. Around April last year I...
  10. C

    AdBlue tank protection from rodents

    I have just heard from my VW dealer that the reason I have been getting an "ad blu" warning message is due to rodents chewing through the cables under the ad blu tank. Apparently they can smell the sweetness of the ad blu and try to chew through to get to it. This is going to cost me £1800 which...
  11. B

    2017 T6 Adblue tank part-number

    I am having problems with my adblue sensor picking up the refill. I am looking to source a new tank from eBay, does anybody know the part number for a 2017 150 DSG T6 or where I can find it without removing the current tank
  12. Tourershine

    Has anyone replaced an Adblue tank?

    I had an adblue error pop up on my dash, followed by the engine management light. It transpired that I had a leak from my tank causing a drop in pressure, hence the light coming on. I'm very lucky to have some really good contacts and within an hour I had a brand new Adblue tank, which I've...
  13. shaiboyuk

    Adblue topup and Inspection Due

    Hi, So in the last couple of days the blow messages have came one dash... Whats needed for inspection? Van has done just over 5k and is 1.5 years old. Can it just be cleared? Also adblue, I've heard different stories about about filling and waiting till its down to 1000 miles range then put...
  14. Catagonia

    Converting Adblue tank to Water

    After having my Adblue coded out it's got me to thinking whether the redundant Adblue tank would make a good onboard hot water tank? Cleaned out of course! Could even be fitted with a submerged heating element that can produced hot water whilst the engine in running. Filler cap is already in...
  15. L

    Adblue not registering

    I'm not sure if I've missed this. The adblue warning light came on yesterday- I think it was probably last filled at a service. It had a 1500 mile warning with a minimum and maximum fill so we filled just below maximum amount but the warning message is still showing and I dont know how to reset...
  16. D

    AdBlue range & yellow EML following service

    A quick query in case anyone has experienced. I had my T6 in for a service and they said they would top up the AdBlue. When it came back the AdBlue message on the display was saying a range of 6500 miles. I thought this odd as it’s normally about 4-4500 miles when filled up. I‘ve driven about...
  17. M

    AdBlue Range Not Going Down?

    Purchased a T6 150 (2020) end of March 2021, 14k on the clock and just serviced including AdBlue top-up. AdBlue range said 6,500 miles remaining when I collected it. Van now has 16,200 miles, and AdBlue range is 5,000, which it been sitting on for some time. Is this correct, should it not be...
  18. John the Gas

    Adblue in Diesel tank

    I don’t know why but today I put about 4 litres of Adblue in the Diesel tank instead of the Adblue tank. I know - how can you do that? Well I did in a mad moment whilst doing about 5 other things at the same time. The tank was filled up yesterday and I’d done 32 miles. In went 4 litres of Adblue...
  19. A

    EML and AdBlue message. Advice please

    2017 150 DSG remapped last week. Just driven to overnight in Wales and these lights have appeared. Do you think I’m ok to drive back to London tomorrow? Is it remap related? Should it go to vw to resolve? Thank you very much
  20. Oldsparrer

    Reductant fault

    I have a EML on my dash in my 2017 T6, A guy up the road plugged in his diagnostic tablet and its got a fault showing reductant heater open circuit. He’s tried resetting it and it comes back. Does anyone know how to fix it or where I should look? I’ve checked all the fuses and they seem ok