1. bmc054

    Adblue MOT

    I’ve got the dreaded 550 miles to no start adblue warning light on and I’ve put the correct amount in MOT is due so is the orange fill up adblue light on an MOT fail ? thanks Bob
  2. T

    Should the adblue dash display just have --- displayed?

    Just purcased a T6 van and when I open the addblue dashboard page, it displayes --- rather than displaying miles left. The van was serviced just prior to my purchase and apparantly the adblue was refilled. Are the dashes normal? Thanks
  3. P

    T6 Euro6b but no Adblue

    I've bought a 2017 Sportline. It's a 180, dsg which is Euro6b, start stop but has no adblue. Shouldn't it have adblue? I've spent quit a bit of time searching the Internet and can't work it out. Anyone got any ideas?
  4. Howzat

    Mannol AdBlue - 10l for £9.08 includes delivery! So we know Mannol oil is cheap and I'm sure many of us wouldn't use it for our van but what about this adblue? AdBlue is just a mixture of distilled water and urea and this seems to conform to ISO standards so looks like an insane deal to me considereing it's delivered...
  5. C

    Parasitic draw from AdBlue heater

    Hi everyone, I have a parasitic draw on my T6 battery. Now found the fuse causing the draw c43 looking to be the ad blue heater? Can anyone help with this? Since I unplugged this fuse the draw on the battery has completely gone down. Any advice would be great please. Thank you
  6. H

    AdBlue message remains on MFD

    My range has just dropped from 1600 - 1400 and when i start the ignition the ad blue message automatically shows & stays (till another option is selected ) . It didn’t automatically show when it was reading 1600 . Any reasons why this may be? Cheers
  7. Howzat

    Is there an easy way to drain the Adblue tank?

    So I'm at the 250 mile warning. Was hoping the adblue issue would rectify itself but it 'aint happening so I'm gonna have to drop some out of the tank to see if that resets it. I see @lucky13 managed to do this by getting underneath and removing a pipe with a quick release connector to drain it...
  8. K

    MFD showing MIN0_75G / MAX0_75G message?

    Evening gurus, Whilst trying to figure out how to reset the clock on a 2016 T6 Startline (yes, I figured it out) I managed to get the MFD to flash up with the below image. It said both ‘MAX*_75G’ and ‘MIN*_75G’. I’ve tried to search this on both the forum and Google - with both 0 and O - but...
  9. M

    Bigger AdBlue Tank in a newer van?

    Hi, Im new to this forum, and the subject im raising may well have been covered previously .Apologise if it has . However i have looked through some threads and not found an answer to my query . I've just purchased a 1 year old 22 plate VW T6.1 . On the display it states the Adblue range is...
  10. Pau1GTI

    Whats this please?

    Hi Guys, My van was in for an inspection for an Adblue heater fault...during this we spotted this and didn't know why it wasn't connected? Any ideas please
  11. A

    Adblue warning.

    I was driving along calmly today when: Beep. An orange spanner and 'pouring bottle' appear. A message: In 650 miles, your engine will not restart and mass extinctions will follow*. I know I had about 2500 miles range when I recently looked. Could it be a leak, faulty sensor or a prank? I had...
  12. J

    Some one's now the settings for this error in addblue

    adresse 01: Motor Forklaringsfil: NEZ\04L-907-309-V1.clb Styreenhed reservedelsnr. : 04L 906 056 KA HW: 04L 907 445 Komponent og/eller version : R4 2.0l TDI H02 6163 Software kodning : 0011401C433401090000 Forhandlernummer : WSC 65047 005 1048576 ASAM...
  13. J

    Do I have the latest software in my T6 (and some Adblue problems)

    adresse 01: Motor Forklaringsfil: NEZ\04L-907-309-V1.clb Styreenhed reservedelsnr. : 04L 906 056 KA HW: 04L 907 445 Komponent og/eller version : R4 2.0l TDI H02 6163 Software kodning : 0011401C433401090000 Forhandlernummer : WSC 65047 005 1048576 ASAM...
  14. Pau1GTI

    Adblue wiring loom on back order? Months.

    Hi Guys, my van has the Amber EML on. My garage have diagnosed it as the Adblue wiring loom that needs replaced. However due to the war in Ukraine, the part is on back order apparently. No delivery date mentioned at all, it could be months. Can I still drive the seems fine. Thanks Paul
  15. M

    Glow plug fault code PO671 causing issues with reductant system and catalyst efficiency?

    I’ve got an Engine warning light on the dash, on inspection it’s given me PO671 - bank one glow plugs, but it’s also flagging up P204F and P20EE, these relate to the reductant system performance and catalyst efficiency of bank one. Is it possible that the faulty glow plug is causing the...
  16. Crazymind

    Adblue consumption 150 vs 204

    don’t know if this info is of any use but I have noticed on the same journey a lot of difference in terms of Adblue consumption between my previous t6 150 and my t6.1 204 btdi. Both van have the same spec, DSG included. Just the engine differs. 150 had a remap (196hp). 2000 miles to Copenhagen...
  17. Bulldogboy

    Stuck adblue sensor???

    Hi chaps, i previously overfilled my adblue, the display said 6500 miles to go, I've now done 600+ miles sincd overfilling, and its still saying 6500?? Going to France soon, dont want any questionmarks about anything before going in the van, whats going on as i thoufht it dropped in 500 mile...
  18. T

    Consultation on AdBlue issue repair price

    Hello fellow T6 drivers! I bought mine in July, 2018 model with 161 000 km and a VW service history. Unfortunately after under 2000 km I got an AdBlue error while driving (spanner symbol, "no engine start in 1000 km"). I had filled the AdBlue tank several hundred kilometres before, not recently...
  19. CarpyT6

    How much you paying for your Adblue

    Just put some AdBlue in the van, 35p a litre at Morrisons! What a Bobby Dazzler ! I filled up in Coalville but I'm sure all other Morrisons will be a similar price. :grin bounce:
  20. Bulldogboy

    Overfilled AdBlue tank

    So ,like a bellend, i overfilled the adblue tank, the range is saying 6500 miles, and after a week to 10 days of driving its still saying 6500 miles, so i presume the sensors stuck The manual says overfilling can cause damagd to the tank AND the vehicle!? How do i get the sensor reset? How TF...