1. C

    Driving in the EU (Green Card & IPD)

    Might be worth knowing: Green cards for driving in EU to be scrapped in August 2021 | Heritage Car Insurance 'From the 2nd August this year, Brits will no longer need an insurance green card to drive their own vehicle in an EU country.' - but apparently you need to show one if you are involved...
  2. R

    T6.1 dipped LED headlights abroad

    I,m currently in Germany in my T6.1 California Ocean, I have led lights. Do I need to do anything to change dipped beam as now of course driving on the right. I thought you could change via the info display but can't find anything......
  3. nobbyq

    English radio channels when abroad

    anyone else get bored of french channels when traveling , i know ur in france but is there anything english one can receive everywhere in europe ?
  4. Oldrat

    Going Abroad - EHU advice needed

    We are venturing into deepest darkest Europe with our van in a month. This will be our first time abroad in it. Are the hook up sockets the same as here? Been all over Europe on motorbikes so have never had to use a hook up there before . Many thanks :thumbsup:
  5. Ads_Essex

    Driving Abroad (especially After Brexit)

    Lifted from the Gov.uk website: Driving in the EU and EEA from 29 March 2019 If there is an EU exit deal, UK licence holders will be able to continue to drive in all EU and EEA countries using their UK driving licence. In the event that there is no EU Exit deal, the government will seek to...
  6. MEZ50

    Moutain Bike Insurance When Abroad.

    Hi All, I'm having problems insuring my MTB for a Holiday abroad. House insurance will look after my bike at home but not Abroad as its over £5k. Best offers so far :- Change House insurance with 6 months still to go. Extra £200 Independent Bike only, annual insurance £174 . Take my...
  7. TassieT6

    Spare Parts To Carry And Aftermarket Parts

    G'Day T6 People, As the warranty period draws to a close on my T6 Multivan 4Motion, it is time to think about parts that are required to keep the beast running. Here in Australia I can be thousands of miles from the nearest VW parts supplier and their parts database, so it is important to...
  8. B

    Insurance Abroad Problem.. (business Use) Word Of Warning!

    So, I've had my T6 combi for about 14 months now. From the outset I've had the van insured by Brentacre. They seem/ed very competent from the off. Now when I got the original quote I was clear with what I wanted. Social domestic and business use with European use also. Every time I went abroad I...