1. L

    Ablemail Battery Monitor

    Does anyone have any experience of these? Bluetooth Battery Status Montitor I've got my Ablemail AMS installed and I'm currently using a couple of BM2 monitors. Just wondering if anyone has used one of these and if it gives more information than the BM2 software. Cheers
  2. L

    Stupid Question About Ablemail B2b And Sargent Ec155

    Probably a stupid question I know but....... The Sargent EC155 has an inbuilt 'battery charger' when on hookup. I know this is a constant voltage charger, but if you connected it to the input of the Ablemail, would this not then convert it to a proper charger? Just wondering if i need to buy a...
  3. JasonW

    Best Off Grid Set Up

    I'm in the process of trying to determine the best off grid set up for my T6 conversion. Being a novice to all this, i'm not even sure if my expectations are realiatic if I'm honest, but I'm figuring i'm in the right place to find out... So, I'm looking at some pretty wild touring, upto 7 to...
  4. Wills

    Ablemail Ams 12 12 30 Asi Monitor

    Has anyone opted to utilise the Ablemail software interface (ASI) to monitor the performance of their charger? There info here but states available to Ablemail or partner. Not much out there to go on...
  5. O

    Wiring For Ablemail Dc-dc Charger

    Hi, Just putting wiring in for new t6 towbar and i want to put wiring in for ablemail battery battery charger at same time while dash & seats are out. Looking at ablemail installation handbook I am a little confused. Is my undertanding correct, high amp cable and small sense cable connected...
  6. Salty Spuds

    Lead Acid To Lithium

    I'm about to swap my lead acid battery out for a Super B Epsilon Lithium battery. We spend a fair amount of time "Stealthing" it both winter & summer, and the current 110ah battery is getting tired & isn't up to the job anymore. This is our current setup:- 1, 110ah Lead acid under passenger...
  7. Dream Chaser

    Ablemail B2B Charger Unit. Model 12-12-30

    Hi all. As part of my on going 'day van' conversion I am looking for feedback from anybody who may have fitted the Ablemail 12-12-30 battery to battery charger unit. Looks a fairly robust unit with a simplistic approach for the install. However I was looking to install in the engine bay & run a...