1. B

    Can Anyone Help With App Connect Problem

    Hi, Can anyone help with an App Connect issue Im having on a 65 plate Kombi with Discovery Media Unit. I have read through couple of threads on here ref. App Connect but can't find an an answer. I Bought a van a couple of months ago and missed having apple CarPlay, so went to VW and paid an...
  2. D

    Just Paid 230 For Appconnect Not To Work

    Hi just had my van back from my local VW centre after having appconnect activated and yep it doesn't work. They've tried to reinstall it but still no good. Appconnect is activated it just wont show any devices , they have tried it on engineers phones as well iPhone and android and nothing. If...
  3. M

    Apple USB socket for App-Connect

    So having paid to get my AppConnect enabled, I now discover my van has the wrong kind of USB socket (really VW? I mean really?). Looks like these are about £35 on eBay here ( VW PASSAT B8 2017 AUX USB Connection Port B8 5G0035222E 5Q0035726E | eBay), but I found them for the equivalent of...
  4. R

    USB And Aux Part Numbers For Apple Carplay

    Hi I've just had app connect retrofitted by VW but i can't get any iphone to connect, keep getting message usb device not recognised. I've tried all the usual stuff restarted the phone, reset the stereo to factory settings, different cable etc. In the menu i noticed i had the choice of Mirror...
  5. Pethew

    App Connect activation

    Anyone got App connect to work in thier T6 ? I can see it and it asks for a code , but I’m told from the dealer that it isn’t possible to have the app connect unless it has been ordered from the factory. But why can I see it on the screen ..The Dealer seems lost on the subject ..