1. shaiboyuk

    Wanted 215 60 17 Spare wheel

    Looking for a 215 60 17 spare wheel for my T6. Needs to be this size as the holder has spacers for this size.
  2. N

    Will the Spare-wheel carrier accept 215/60/17 or 220/55/17

    Folks, I have a 2018 t6 highline originally factory built on 16” rims. I have upgraded the wheels to 20” and also the front discs and callipers to 340mm.I’ve been told the 16” spare will not fit now. question does anyone know if the spare wheel carrier will accept a 17” rim shod with with a...
  3. L

    Sold 2 x Continental VanContact 200 215/60/17 with 5mm tread on both

    I have two Conti VanContact 200 tyres - fitted OEM on my Devonports - Have swapped to winters and now have some amarok alloys for the summer so these going spare. Looking for £60ish. Based in Cornwall. Cheers!
  4. L

    Sold 2 X FREE TYRES contact 200 with about 6mm tread, too good to chuck. Free exeter area.

    Hi all I have a couple of tyres that were too good to chuck I took off a set of Devonports they surely are good to someone. pics are self explanatory but they have been kept indoors and are date stamped 2018 so still good . sizes 215/60/r17c 109/107s Collection from Budleigh Salterton near...
  5. A

    Sold 4x Bridgestone Duravis R660 215/60/R17 109/107T

    I took these off my new T6.1 back in February to fit winter tyres. They have done less than 300km. £200 for the four. They are located at HU15 xxx, I would prefer collection but willing to meet up within a reasonable distance. Alternatively I'll be driving from Folkestone to HU15 on Monday 03/08...
  6. Salty Spuds

    For Sale 4x Continental Contivan Contact 200 215/60/17

    4 tyres nearly new, less than 5000miles 215/60 R17C 104H £120 collect from S70-Barnsley
  7. T6Paul

    Devonport tyre pressure?

    What pressure is everyone running on their Devonports? I’ve just switched over to Devonports for the winter with a set of Goodyear cargo vector 2 m+s all season 215/60/17 and the recommended psi of 58 is way too much! I think somewhere around 50 would be better??
  8. carlg

    Wanted Goodyear Vector 2 215/60/17

    Wanted Goodyear cargo vector 2 215/60/17 m+s tyres Has any one got any new take offs they want to sell Cheers carl
  9. Gwyn

    Devonport / Thunder Alloys

    Our Davenport alloys have 215 60 17 tyres but our Thunders have 235 55 17 ( work vans ) Is there any reason we can’t put 215 60 17 on our Thunders ? Are both wheels the same width ? TIA
  10. Markymark

    Tyre Loading

    I just need to check before I press the button on new tyres. I have the following on there at the moment: 215/60 R17 109/107T I want to put on Michelin Agilis CrossClimate but no one seems to have them in the 109 load rating. Michelin won’t have any in the country till late September. The...
  11. Leehoops

    Sold Devonports -delivery Miles

    hi guys I have a set of four Davenport wheels and tyres for sale with delivery miles on them so pristine condition , they will be available in the next two weeks as my new wheels will be arriving next week , I am also going to bus fest in September if anyone wants to purchase them and pic up...
  12. Halfnail

    Sold Devonport Wheels

    Devonport wheels x 4 have some marks see pictures 2 x tyres good 2 x worn £250
  13. revdecal

    Advice on buying T6 for towing

    Hi all. I have a Highline 180 DSG Kombi. Does anyone know the approximate towing weight capability of the van? I have a leisure trailer that should be around 1200kg loaded which I'm sure it can easily tow. It is more a question of being legal. I took a look on the internet and nothing obvious...
  14. Dave F

    Tyre width + spacer question

    I will need new back tyres soon I have 215 Devonports with 30mm spacers on the back and 20 or 25 on the front. Questions 1, are the alloys the same on 215 and 235 so only difference is the tyres 2, what is the main benefit of having wider tyres 3, if I put 235 tyres on will they stick out to...
  15. Brennanpj

    Sold Goodyear Cargo Vector 2

    Anyone interested in part used cargo vector2. 4 part warn tyres 5 mm left 215/60/17 original tyres that came with my van .load rated for t32. All season M&S and 3peak mountain marked. Collection only Bicester Open to offers or splitting if anyone needed one. Pics to follow
  16. T6 dork

    Sold 4 Continental Tyres 215-60-17 Delivery Miles (50)

    Taken off a 2018 T6 only done 50 delivery miles so as new as they get 4off £245 215-60-R17 109/107 T C Continental ContiVanContact 200 Tyres 4off
  17. T6 dork

    Sold Devonports 17" 2018 Continental Tyres 215-60-17 50 Delivery Miles Only. £550

    Set of 4 Davenport 17" alloys with centre caps and Continentel Tyres (original) Perfect condition only done 50 delivery miles off a 2018 Transporter so as new possible delivery 20p a mile depending on location. £550
  18. Y

    Sold Continental Van Contact 215/60r17

    As I'm about to fit some winter tyres to my original Devonports I need to get rid of the tyres that my van was delivered with. I have 4 tyres, as per title, off my 2017 T32 which have covered 4500 miles and so have the bulk of their life remaining. I'm asking £80 for the four, collection from...
  19. C

    For Sale 17” Steel Wheels x5

    Five 17”x 7” steel wheels to fit T6, in excellent condition for sale. One has been used as a spare and has an excellent Cargo Vector 2 tyre on it. (This wheel has been used as a spare so is a bit grubbier than the rest) Cash on collection in Bournemouth. Give me a ring to discuss 07931316710 Ian
  20. andythom188

    For Sale 17" t32 spare wheel with Goodyear vector cargo 2 m&s rated

    17" steel t32 spare wheel stamped vw load rated to 950kg brand new never used and comes with all weather Goodyear vector cargo 2 m&s ( mud & snow rated tyre £190 collection or can arrange delivery at cost by buyer