1. kombisnaps

    FREE 2 x Continental Eco Contact 215/60/17

    Got a couple of tyres left over from swaps to new ones but nowhere to store them so want them gone. No damage and about 4mm of tread on both - taken off of front. Could probably get a few thousand miles out of them - or perfect for putting on a spare wheel. Location - North London
  2. B

    Sold x4 Dunlop Econdrive 215/60/17 T 109/107 tyres

    Dunlop Econdrive Tyres 215/60r17 T 109/107 (Set of 4) Recently purchased my transporter, i needed winter rated tyres for Europe so had to change. The Dunlops were recently put on by the previous owner, they cost £190 per tyre. All in very good condition, no patches, tears etc. 7-8mm tread...
  3. kombisnaps

    Sold 17” Design Steel Individuals for spares etc. £40/each | 3 left!

    Okay so not sold as a set and really need to free up some space- so looking to sell individual steels if anyone wants them. Pretty good condition and have continental rubber with minimum of 6mm tread. Some have sidewall damage but nothing super deep. Looking for £45.00 each plus shipping if...
  4. GARY Doe

    For Sale x4 Continental ContiVan Contact 200 Tyres 215/60/17 T32. £100

    4 Continental Conti Van Contact 200 Tyres for T32 17" rims, 215/60 R17 C - 104 H. 2 of the tyres from the rear have 7.5mm tread the front 2 have 6.5 tread but with a little wear on edges. All good condition £100 Collection only Burnley Lancashire.
  5. T6 dork

    For Sale x4 Continental 215/60/17 (delivery miles)

    as above as good as new removed only last week from a Brand New T6.1 set of 4 215/60R17 CONTINENTAL VANCONTACT ECO 109/107T VW (VAN SUMMER) £300 ono
  6. T

    Sold 215/60/17 Bridgestone Duravis 2922 x 4

    Under 4,500 miles old and with a 2922 date code. Duravis R660 Eco 215/60/R17 C 109/107T LT £200 Ono collection Mansfield J27/28 M1 Thanks, Tom
  7. kombisnaps

    For Sale Continental VanContact Eco Tyres x 2 / 215/60/r17

    Got two tyres for sale - taken off of my van recently when I got new tyres for alignment etc. About 4.3/5mm on outside, and 5mm of tread in centre No punctures or sidewall damage. Was keeping for spares but need to free up space. Looking for £30 - collection in E17 or could look at postage...
  8. D

    Tyre choice for T32 Camper

    My campervan T6 T32 DSG 150 has 215/60 R17 C Continentals as fitted when bought from Bilbos. They get me round corners and stop well BUT the van ride is somewhat harsh. Can anybody advise if different tyres might help with the ride? I’m recalling my last motor, a Toyota AWD RAV4 and the magic...
  9. F

    tyre failed- spare a different size- and replace both?

    Had some vibration on an autoroute run and found the rear LH tyre carcass had failed leaving me with a big lump on the tread area. I have 215/60/17 year 2017 fitted all round and found the spare is 235/55/17 year 16 ... is that normal ? Van wasn't new so maybe previous owner changed to...
  10. Garyf123

    Tyre pressures 215/60/17

    Hi, I have a T6 T32 with full camper conversion. It has 8J x 17" alloys with 215 x 60 x 17 tyres (Michelin Agilis cross climates) Steve at CRS lowered the van by 60mm with Evo Teknik springs and Koni short shocks. What would you all recommend i set the tyre pressures at? Thanks, Gary.
  11. RDT

    For Sale 2 x Davanti 215/60R17C & 2 x Continental 215/60R17 tyres from a T32 - £50

    2 x Davanti 215/60R17C & 2 x Continental 215/60R17 tyres from a T32 - £50 Collection Junction 40 - 44 M6
  12. B

    Sold 4 x Continental ContiVanContact 215 60 17 109/107t tyres

    Excellent condition, no puncture repairs. Barely used, now replaced with winter tyres. Two have 7mm+ tread remaining and two have 6mm+ tread remaining. Load rated for T32. £100 Collection from Bolton area
  13. M

    For Sale Set of 4 Contivan 200 tyres. 215/60/17. £60.

    Set of 4 which I removed to fit winter tyres, went with the Nokian all seasons so don't see the need to put these back on. All 5mm tread, good sidewalls etc. 2 of them have been plugged at some point in the past. These were on the van when I purchased it and ran around 2000 miles with no...
  14. Pedro20001

    For Sale Bridgestone 215/60r17 tyres x4 , less than 1000 miles

    For sale set of 4 bridgestone duravis 215, 60 r17 r109 / 107T load rated tyres. Less than 1000 miles. £200 ono DERBY / NOTTINGHAM Area.
  15. J

    Sold Spare wheel and tyre (pick up only)

    Spare wheel with continental 215/60R17 from my 68 van can't use it: 4 motion, installed different brand of tyres + spare wheel holder is now gas tank holder need to make space in the garage not new new: a few miles on it as I lent it to my neighbour to drive across Nailsea to a garage make...
  16. shaiboyuk

    Wanted 215 60 17 Spare wheel

    Looking for a 215 60 17 spare wheel for my T6. Needs to be this size as the holder has spacers for this size.
  17. N

    Spare wheel carrier: Maximum spare wheel size?

    Folks, I have a 2018 t6 highline originally factory built on 16” rims. I have upgraded the wheels to 20” and also the front discs and callipers to 340mm.I’ve been told the 16” spare will not fit now. question does anyone know if the spare wheel carrier will accept a 17” rim shod with with a...
  18. L

    Sold 2 x Continental VanContact 200 215/60/17 with 5mm tread on both

    I have two Conti VanContact 200 tyres - fitted OEM on my Devonports - Have swapped to winters and now have some amarok alloys for the summer so these going spare. Looking for £60ish. Based in Cornwall. Cheers!
  19. L

    Sold 2 X FREE TYRES contact 200 with about 6mm tread, too good to chuck. Free exeter area.

    Hi all I have a couple of tyres that were too good to chuck I took off a set of Devonports they surely are good to someone. pics are self explanatory but they have been kept indoors and are date stamped 2018 so still good . sizes 215/60/r17c 109/107s Collection from Budleigh Salterton near...
  20. A

    Sold 4x Bridgestone Duravis R660 215/60/R17 109/107T

    I took these off my new T6.1 back in February to fit winter tyres. They have done less than 300km. £200 for the four. They are located at HU15 xxx, I would prefer collection but willing to meet up within a reasonable distance. Alternatively I'll be driving from Folkestone to HU15 on Monday 03/08...