1. bigmig26

    For Sale Diewe Trina Alloy Wheels, 9Jx21" 120pcd ET40 offset. Satin Black.

    Diewe Trina Alloy Wheels, 9Jx21" 120pcd ET40 offset. Satin black. These wheels were fitted to my T32 T6 when I bought it. I have now gone for something different, so looking for a new home for these. They have a high load rating up to 900kg, suitable for Transporters up to T32. I had no rubbing...
  2. T

    Sold AS NEW Genuine 21" BENTLEY Wheels Satin Black SSR II HANKOOK VENTUS 1 EVO 3 TYRES

    Hi Guys I have taken these off my T6.1 T32 Raceline Special which I have just bought. Only done 2344 miles! Plenty of tread left on all four tyres. Wheels all in A1 condition Includes genuine Bentley centre caps and wheel studs. Will fit straight onto the T6.1 Comes with Hankook Ventus Evo...
  3. GRW

    New Raceline Member Need Advice- 21” wheels 50mm springs

    Hi All, been reading the forum for a couple of years, its such a great pot of information on our T6's. Thought I'd go straight into and post here in the new members area, have searched loads on forum and I just can;t find the specifics I'm looking for and I'm pretty sure you helpful bunch will...
  4. M

    For Sale 21" Wheels & Michelin Tyres

    Having now sold my 2018 Caravelle I've have for sale a set of Range Rover Sport wheels which I had painted (not powder coated) in a gunmetal grey metallic. They're fitted with a matching set of Michelin Pilot Sport 2's 265R21/35 XL, load index 101Y. The tyres have done less than 1,000 miles...
  5. Marcoevo9

    Sold 21” Bentley SSR11

    Hi all I have my 21” 5x120 Bentley ssr11 for sale with virtually brand new Dunlop sport maxx gt tyres(2654021-105yxl) best part £1.6k(6-7mm). These wheels came with my van when I purchased it from Raceline. They look the dogs dangles on any t5/6 pics below looking for £2500(ovno) for these...
  6. M

    21” On A Caravelle

    just fitted these this afternoon, straight forward fit with the appropriate conversion bolts. Fitted with 265/35R21 Michelin PS2’s Just had time for a short test run but other than a bit of tyre roar they seem fine.
  7. JOR4S

    21" or 22” Wheels

    Hi, Anyone fitted 21" to their beloved? Thinking of 21's but could do with knowing pro's and con's from people with experience. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated!

    Show Us Your Expensive Wheels!

    So many different wheels to choose from, I have a black van, and I am looking at these at the moment ... Would love to see everyone’s wheels ON the vans! Post away!
  9. MattPoss

    Range Rover Wheel Load Rating......

    Does anyone have any idea of the Load Ratings on Range Rover wheels? There are a few different styles I like (from the Sport, Evoque etc) but i’ve got a T32 and im not sure any of them will be suitable Matt