1. Catmalvin

    For Sale Wolfrace Assassin 19" alloys with tyres

    Set of wolfrace assassins 19" 8.5j in Matt black. Bridgestone turanza 005 tyres x 2 Landsail ls588 up x 2 Still have good life left in them. In overall good condition no kerb marks or scuffs. One wheel has a couple of chips, and one has some powder coating flaking. Collection in OX18...
  2. W

    For Sale Rotiform OZR 19’s

    Hi everyone. Thinking of selling my Rotiforms as I’ve had them around 3 years and would like a change of look to the van. Tyres are Accelera Phi 255/40/19 which were fitted summer last year. Approx 5k miles on them. All tyres have the same tread as pictured. Looking at £900 or possible swap...
  3. Benh76

    Sold Cantera alloys with 98Y tyres. £900 ONO

    For Sale x4 Amarok Cantera 19" alloy wheels in silver, refurbished last year and ceramic coated. No horrible kerbs or damage. Fitted with Accelera 245/40/19 98Y tyres which have alot of tread and only fitted last year and completed approximately 2k miles (tyres manufactured 2022). Fully...
  4. B

    Sold 19" Wolfrace Dortmund (matt black) with Goodyear Eagle F1 255/45r19 tyres

    Perfect condition Wolfrace Dortmund wheels in matt black. 19 x 8.5j offset ET42 875kg load rated suitable for T32. I bought them new in February 2022 and they were only used over summer 2022 and summer 2023, covering about 5,000 miles. Tyres were again bought new and fitted when I bought the...
  5. jonathan123

    Pirelli CINTURATO P7 tyres

    Anyone had any experience using Pirelli`s CINTURATO P7 tyres 255/45/R19 104. Looking for a good summer load rated tyre to use on a new set of 19" alloys. Had a search on the fourm but cant see anyone speaking about these tyres so far. cheers
  6. N

    Wanted Wheels with Tyres 18"- 20"

    Back in the Market for some Alloys - Tyres are at the end of there life so worth doing all at the same time. Ideally Black/or Grey 18" - 20" Open to all option's seen a few on here and reached out but also keen to see what people might have burning a hole in their garage! Based in the North...
  7. J

    19" All season tyres??

    I've got a T6 4motion T32 , it came with 17 steels and a set of 19" Ronal. R55's ( carnt find a weight stamp on em ) both sets wheels need a refurb, i would like to use the 19" , as they look loads better. So looking at 255x45x19 , all seasons , rather than all terrain , i would only need all...
  8. J

    19" semi off road tyre?

    Hi all i have a set if 19" ronal 5 spoke alloys that came with my T6 T32 4 motion as a factory extra when speced new . (Or so im told) Currently they have 255x35x19 tyres on . Is there a semi off road 19" tyre that would fit?(to make use of the 4motion ) Dont want to have to buy new alloys ...
  9. P

    Wanted 18/19" alloys in black / bronze / gold

    Nice set of 18/19 inch alloys in black / bronze / gold
  10. S

    Found 18 or 19 inch wheels

    Hi all, I'm new to the T6 owners scene after finally getting my hands on a 2018 Indium Grey Kombi. I'm looking to replace the 17" inch alloys with an 18" or 19" inch set. I'm leaning towards to Amarok steel style though I do like the Navis wheels. Has anyone got anything available? I'm located...
  11. Strange Al

    Sold REDUCED £750 - 19" Wolfrace Alloys + near new Tyres T32-Rated

    PRICE REDUCED TO £750 Hi there everyone. Selling a set of 19" Wolfrace Alloys that unfortunately were just that little bit too big to work with my SoLow Suspension. Fitted to my van for maybe 5 months before I downsized to 18"s in exactly the same style, they have done maybe about 5k miles and...
  12. CanteraBlackTeamSilver_Offside.jpeg


  13. C

    For Sale 19in Tuff Torque steels + tyres

    Bought these recently but been offered some nice banded Amaroks so will be selling on. They were new about 3 weeks ago as were tyres. They came gloss black but I sprayed them silver. 1200kg rated and tyres are 255/45/19 104 so they are good for T32. Wheel and tyres have done 400miles so very...
  14. Steved55


    Set of four L322 range Rover wheels - rattle canned black - look good from a distance. Pirelli tyres - one is through on the edge, one has had a short screw in the tread block but has not punctured, two ok. Fifth rim available unpainted. I have the top hat bolt adaptors but not the bolts - need...
  15. Lucan

    Go from 20’s to 19’s on a lowered van

    Hi all, Appreciate this can be a bit of a minefield but maybe my questions are simple. Question / scenario 1…. My van is lowered on coil overs and runs on 265 / 40 / 20. I don’t want my van to go lower but I want to drop my alloy size to 19 inch for improved comfort. Can I help to offset the...
  16. J

    T32 19” tyre size vs load rating

    Hi all, I'm having trouble finding the correct load rated tyres for my (camper converted) T32. The current tyres on it are 245/45/R19's and searching various well known tyre retailer sites I only seem to find 102 (or 102 XL) rated tyres. If I up the profile to 50, then plenty of 105 rated...
  17. teamfly

    Sold Cantera 19" set wheels

    I'm looking to sell a set of my 19" canteras . Need to raise funds to pay for daughters next race bike . They're silver original condition, pretty mint and been ceramic coated from new . £750 I'm in Inverness, north of Scotland, but could deliver as far as knockhill ( & maybe a bit further)...
  18. J

    Navis Schmoov 19”

    Hi all. Despite being around for a while I think this may be be my first started thread - such is the quality and depth of threads on here, i’ve never needed to ask anything :) However I have been stuck for a while. I am fully convinced that i’m going with Navis Schmoov but a bit worried about...
  19. RossBamsey

    Tyres - Will 19’s wear faster than 18’s?

    After some advice please Been looking for some new alloys for my T6 as the stock wheels look tiny I had my eye on a set of 19” wheels and was going to go for a 245 / 55 tyre but a friend who has a tyre garage (and a T5 himself) advised that the van eats through tyres and I’m better off getting...
  20. T

    For Sale 19 inch black Lota wheels

    For sale 4 black Lota alloys. These are mint condition Have only covered 4000 miles. Running 4 Michelin Pilot Sport 4, 2 tires are hardly used. The other 2 don’t have much life left. Have come off my tsi, hence not much left on those . Collection Chippenham Wiltshire or Aylesbury on the...