1. K

    9X19 ET48 .... Ok?

    Bonjour à tous, I will put 9x19 ET48 on my van ... Is this correct you think ? or should I put 8mm spacers to get to ET40 ? I have to order the special bolts to fit my BMW wheels to my T6 Thank you for your answers
  2. T6 dork

    For Sale 19” Aragonite 5 spoke alloys, 4 sets..

    i have a very very nice set of 4 factory finish Aragonites fitted with tyres 275-40-19 XL 105Y Acellera £900 i also have another set the same but were powder coated a couple of years back still nice but not perfect fitted with 245-45-19 XL 102Y tyres Acellera £575 i also have a set of 4 BRAND...
  3. GordonHR

    Wanted 19 inch wheels

    What 19 inch alloys are out there for Sale? Without tyres unless they are rated for a T32 please... Cheers
  4. B@rrow

    Sold 19 inch alloys

    Silver Alloys, used condition some marks and chips. Tyres need replacing. Current tyre size is 245 - 45 - 19. Comes with fitting spigots, wheel bolts and security wheel bolt. Offers on £400 please. Collect Bidford on Avon Warwickshire cheers Andy
  5. Tourershine

    Found 19" Banded RR's

    Round and round we go from point A, right round to point A (only those that know me well, will know what that means) Aaaanyway... I'm getting that itch to go back onto 19s and no matter how much I try and find a replacement I actually like, the pull is constantly towards another set of banded...
  6. R

    Quick 19" compatibility check before buying!

    Will keep it short. I have a T6 T32 running on VW-fitted 40mm lowering springs. Pics of current Sportline wheels at 255/45/18 I believe on ET50 offset? As you can see there's plenty of space but I will be adding weight with a full conversion shortly. I have my eye on a set of used 19" 8.5...
  7. Jayjmac

    Sold Amarok cantera 19” alloys. £700

    Amarok cantera 19s in satin black. Alloys only. min good condition please see photos. They are fine as they are but if your looking for perfect then I’d advise a paint job. recently purchased off of another member. But I’ve got way to many wheels as usual.. also I used to have a soft spot for...
  8. Dave F

    Found Cantera 19”” Amarok wheels

    Looking for a set of 19”” canters wheels to replace my 18”” Amarok’s which I will be selling when I change them.
  9. WeaWar

    Judd T311r 19" Staggered

    Hello all. I'm in need of some help finalising the width and offset combination on some Judd 19" T311r's I've got a black Kombi that's had b14's fitted lowered to the max, just waiting, for when funds dictate, to fit some matt gunmetal Judd's. I can visualise what i want but can't put it in to...
  10. T6 dork

    For Sale Amarok Aragonite 19 inch wheels/tyres 275/40/19 105Y..VGC

    just taken these off my caravelle to fit my winters these very rarely come up for sale and are not cheap from VW £975 inc tyres 275/40/19 XL 105Y the wheels are original factory finish and are so easy to clean in very good condition good for T32
  11. Jayjmac

    Sold Amarok Cantera satin black £1050

    Reluctantly putting these up for sale.. these are my go to wheels! I now need the space! If they don’t sell I’m tempted to put them in the loft! :whistle: Amarok cantera fully powder coated in satin black. They are in excellent condition. 19 inch 8j ET43 They have Michelin pilot Alpin PA4...
  12. W

    Meet 'Mo' Our New Mojave Marvel

    Bought a base van for conversion a couple of weeks ago. It looked pretty boring and was having second thoughts about the colour. Spent the last two weeks pimping our ride - 19" alloys, Eibach Comfort Lowering Springs, Rear Spoiler, Front Splitter, Trapezoid Side Bars and Chrome Grille Trims...
  13. T6Paul

    19’s rated for T32

    Just wondering if anyone is running 275/40/19 (105) tyres on a T32? The wheels are 9 inch wide front and rear but I'm looking for a slightly narrower side wall than the current 255/45/19's Discuss... Thanks Paul
  14. Eli

    Sold 19” VW Cantera Alloys + tyres £900

    Well it’s time to sell the Cantera’s as they have been on 2 weeks now. Fitted with Nexen SUV1 255/45/19 104Y tyres less than 500miles done, new OEM centre caps. Two tiny marks as indicated otherwise as new(no scuffs)£900
  15. Wafu

    Steel wheel to save my spare alloy.

    Hi, I’ve always had just a plain steel wheel as my spare, but with my new T6 Caravelle I have the same 19” alloy as the road wheels. I don’t want it rotting away underneath the van so how easy is it to pick up a 19” steel as my spare. Flee bay seems to only have 16“ and 17” steels. Or, does...
  16. Tourershine

    Sold A single banded 19" RR and tyre

    I've had this as my spare wheel for some time now, but it's no longer needed because i've managed to get hold of a single 20" alloy as a new spare. My spares are always kept inside the van, so other that a small touched up mark where I touched a rock on a customers driveway, it's pretty much...
  17. Jayjmac

    Sold Pauls 19 banded steels

    I’ve always liked the look of these on other vans that I’ve seen. I really like them on mine but they aren’t the direction or look I was going for! ideally I’d want to change the colour I think but with these particular set it would be criminal to change them as they are a one off I’m looking...
  18. Tourershine

    Sold Banded 19s for sale again.

    After trying on a set of different wheels yesterday, it's time for a change of look on my van, so the 19s are up for sale again, and I won't bottle out this time. Plus the suspension will be changed shortly, meaning I need to change the profile of my tyres anyway. 19" Range Rover steels...
  19. DWS

    For Sale ABT DR 19” For sale

    I have for sale these lovely ABT. DR’s 19” They came on my van when I bought it, they have 2 different sets of tyres, 2 are cheap and 2 are toyo’s, unfortunately they are only 102 rated tyres rather than 103 making them suitable for a T32. They are not in perfect condition, they are used, I...
  20. Skyliner33

    Sold 19" Amarok Aragonit alloys

    More info and pics to come. Need new tyres and a couple have some marks on, (not kerbing) £450 ono (or maybe swap for some 18" sportline wheels)