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  2. C

    For Sale 19in Tuff Torque steels + tyres

    Bought these recently but been offered some nice banded Amaroks so will be selling on. They were new about 3 weeks ago as were tyres. They came gloss black but I sprayed them silver. 1200kg rated and tyres are 255/45/19 104 so they are good for T32. Wheel and tyres have done 400miles so very...
  3. Steved55


    Set of four L322 range Rover wheels - rattle canned black - look good from a distance. Pirelli tyres - one is through on the edge, one has had a short screw in the tread block but has not punctured, two ok. Fifth rim available unpainted. I have the top hat bolt adaptors but not the bolts - need...
  4. Lucan

    Go from 20’s to 19’s on a lowered van

    Hi all, Appreciate this can be a bit of a minefield but maybe my questions are simple. Question / scenario 1…. My van is lowered on coil overs and runs on 265 / 40 / 20. I don’t want my van to go lower but I want to drop my alloy size to 19 inch for improved comfort. Can I help to offset the...
  5. J

    T32 19” tyre size vs load rating

    Hi all, I'm having trouble finding the correct load rated tyres for my (camper converted) T32. The current tyres on it are 245/45/R19's and searching various well known tyre retailer sites I only seem to find 102 (or 102 XL) rated tyres. If I up the profile to 50, then plenty of 105 rated...
  6. teamfly

    Sold Cantera 19" set wheels

    I'm looking to sell a set of my 19" canteras . Need to raise funds to pay for daughters next race bike . They're silver original condition, pretty mint and been ceramic coated from new . £750 I'm in Inverness, north of Scotland, but could deliver as far as knockhill ( & maybe a bit further)...
  7. J

    Navis Schmoov 19”

    Hi all. Despite being around for a while I think this may be be my first started thread - such is the quality and depth of threads on here, i’ve never needed to ask anything :) However I have been stuck for a while. I am fully convinced that i’m going with Navis Schmoov but a bit worried about...
  8. RossBamsey

    Tyres - Will 19’s wear faster than 18’s?

    After some advice please Been looking for some new alloys for my T6 as the stock wheels look tiny I had my eye on a set of 19” wheels and was going to go for a 245 / 55 tyre but a friend who has a tyre garage (and a T5 himself) advised that the van eats through tyres and I’m better off getting...
  9. T

    For Sale 19 inch black Lota wheels

    For sale 4 black Lota alloys. These are mint condition Have only covered 4000 miles. Running 4 Michelin Pilot Sport 4, 2 tires are hardly used. The other 2 don’t have much life left. Have come off my tsi, hence not much left on those . Collection Chippenham Wiltshire or Aylesbury on the...
  10. marsie

    Sold Banded 19" range rover space savers £1000

    Set of 4 banded range rover 19" steels with 255/50/19 (107h) Dunlop winter sport 3d runflat tyres. Tyres have approx 4-5mm even wear Complete with centre caps (black) These were brand new space savers bought from landrover and sent to Duchy for banding approx 3 years ago. They were powder...
  11. GONA66

    Wanted Any 19" Alloys.

    As the title. Any 19" Alloys for sale? Tyres not required..... Any condition or colour considered.. Only need to be rated for a T30, 102. Thanks
  12. O

    Fitting centre-caps to Navis Holey 19" Steels

    Here's a couple of picture of my Navis Holeys 19" steels I've just fitted in Anthracite, these are running on 255/45 R19 on all wheels, the rears have a nice little stretch looked I am after some help though on fitting the VW centre caps to them, I have seen them on Transporter HQ at around...
  13. D

    19” Tyre option and fit

    Good morning all. I Have order or 19” 9.5 wide alloys looking for some help on what tyres to get. Van will be slightly lowered. Many thanks
  14. 68martin68

    Sold 19” banded steels. £600

    19” banded steels, originally done by Duchy. 5 x steels in total, 4 with tyres on, 1 without. Powder coated chrome rim with satin black centres. Will also come with 3 x spare tyres 2 x falken 255/40 1 x nexen 255/45 They have some marks on them and would benefit from a refurb ideally...
  15. Jonni2rets

    19” with SoLow coilovers?

    Hi all, has anyone run amorak canteras on solows? Iv got solows set at there highest and have no intention on goin any lower. My question is has anyone had them fitted and any real issues running both together.
  16. M

    Lightest 19 wheel for T5/T6

    I'm searching for a new set of wheel for my T6 TSI. Don't want to loose power in a heavy set of wheel so looking for a set of light wheel. something under 22 Lb My Summer tire are on a set of OZ Ultraleggera 19x8.5 @ 9.3Kg (20.3Lb) with 255/40X19 Kumho PS91 weight 20.4 kg ( my oem steel with...
  17. VW Cantera - front

    VW Cantera - front

    T28 camper conversion lowered on KW ST-X coilovers with Cantera 255/45/19
  18. K

    9X19 ET48 .... Ok?

    Bonjour à tous, I will put 9x19 ET48 on my van ... Is this correct you think ? or should I put 8mm spacers to get to ET40 ? I have to order the special bolts to fit my BMW wheels to my T6 Thank you for your answers
  19. T6 dork

    For Sale 19” Aragonite 5 spoke alloys, 4 sets..

    i have a very very nice set of 4 factory finish Aragonites fitted with tyres 275-40-19 XL 105Y Acellera £900 i also have another set the same but were powder coated a couple of years back still nice but not perfect fitted with 245-45-19 XL 102Y tyres Acellera £575 i also have a set of 4 BRAND...
  20. GordonHR

    Wanted 19 inch wheels

    What 19 inch alloys are out there for Sale? Without tyres unless they are rated for a T32 please... Cheers