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  1. T

    T6-T6.1 LED headlight loom

    Hi I’m new here really needs some help T6-t6.1 headlight fitting. I’ve bought a salvaged van and upgraded it from t6-t6.1 headlights the last one I done was easy plug and play bower it looks as tho this one has oe t6 xenon headlights. The same travelinlite t6.1 led headlights I’ve bought will...
  2. Caston82

    Third Brake Light - same T5 to T6?

    Hi i recently bought a high level brake light reversing camera for a tailgate VW T6. It was advertised as a suitable for a T5 and T6, took it to my local installer who said it doesn’t fit and only fits a T5. Is this likely to be the case?
  3. finny

    Kombi Seats T6.1 vs T6

    Hi all, first post on this forum! I've used it so much as there is much info on here but I couldn't find the answer to this question. Is there a difference to fitting rear kombi seats into a T6.1 from a T6? I'm looking to get a T6.1 and put in the extra row of seats and seeing as T6.1 are often...
  4. wessex

    Do T6 Headlights/Taillights fit other models?

    Selling old head/tail lights due to upgrade, will they fit any other model? T5 etc?
  5. A

    Crafted Automotive Ltd

    https://www.t6forum.com/threads/crafted-automotive.45320/ Hi I’m Alan and I manage Crafted Automotive Ltd along side my good friend Gully I’m sure some of you will have seen and heard bits about who we are and what we do so I figured I should do a introduction of sorts We are a...
  6. P

    Kombi bulkhead: T5 / T6 differences?

    Hi Guys, Are the T5 bulkheads for a Kombi the same as a T6? And are the SWB identical to the LWB? Thanks in advance
  7. angelameaney

    H1 bulb change

    Hi this photo is the back of the full beam (H1 I am told) for an after market head light. I was able to remove the cable from the back but unlike the headlight bulb there is nothing to turn. Is there a clip or quick way to release the bulb? I can’t see this when I’m trying to feel around, I put...
  8. J

    For Sale Gloss T6 grille. £65

    Selling T6 gloss black grill. Was going to go all front gloss but now changed my mind. All new and in original packaging from Leighton. Collection from Liverpool or could meet along the M62 as going to Hull next weekend. £65
  9. D

    For Sale T5 Captains Drivers Seat

    I have this T5 Captains drivers seat complete plastic trim, no heating or airbags which is surplus to requirements. Any reasonable offers pls?
  10. L

    Speed limiter?

    Hi everyone, picked up my T6 yesterday. Decommissioned RAC van. Noticed it won’t go over 77mph so assuming there is a limiter on it? Wondered if anyone else has had the same experience? Thanks all
  11. T

    Reuse t6 towbar on t6.1?

    Hi all I’m looking to change my van from t6 (was a shuttle originally) to a t6.1 ocean. I fitted and coded the towbar on the t6 and want to know if I can swap to the new van. Not purchased yet so checking out if factory spec towbar/prep is a route worth taking. A few Qs: - the towbar itself...
  12. ebiii

    Weird T6 Problems - Solved

    Hello everyone, I have a small question and I hope someone can help me. So brace yourselves, I have quite a story below I have a 2016 T6 4motion 2.0 TDI with a CXFA 150hp engine and 50,000 km mileage. History: A cable gnawed by a marten, hence a repair and installation of a marten deterrent...
  13. carlg

    Towing a caravan: differences T6 & T6.1

    I have a caravan with atc trailer control, when I plug the caravan into my new 6.1 the atc doesn't light up straight away or go through the set up process. it takes probably 5+ seconds. On my T6 it would kick in straight away. So not sure if problem is with caravan or the 6.1 tow socket. Any...
  14. D

    T6 aftermarket LED headlamps T6.1 style

    Has anyone bought these if so what are your thoughts are they any good? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/256011014573?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=1cNcucJ6SNO&sssrc=2349624&ssuid=sw9XfjskRT-&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY
  15. Griggsyboy

    CLOSED: T6 / T6.1 Campervan wanted

    Hello folks, We are new to this forum, but at first glance, it looks great! We are currently looking for a converted T6 or T6.1 campervan to buy. We have a few boxes that we are looking to tick, but we are flexible too. Our main requirements are as follows: - Automatic gearbox (manual still...
  16. CJW

    For Sale Custom Grille Badges

    Well, sort of 'for sale'. I'm building slowly up to be able to make custom grille badges for the T6 and T6.1 as a hobby. The idea is that you can tell me what you want your grille badge to say, or what design you want on it, I can send you a computer visualisation to approve, then I can make it...
  17. JamesWebb

    Sold High Beam Assist rimless mirror for a T6 (NOT 6.1) . . .

    Hi there, I have a rimless mirror (7E0 857 511 G 9B9) for a T6 (and not a T6.1!) which I bought new, by mistake, for my T6.1. It won't work in the 6.1 because of the different can-bus protocols in the two variants - but it will work if you have a T6! Included is the bezel with the hole for the...
  18. T

    Fuel economy difference between t6 and t6.1 California

    I‘m considering buying a t6 but am put off by the fuel consumption of 9 litres per 100 km on a van with 4 motion dsg and 204ps. The same model t6.1 with newer 150ps motor seems to do a more respectable 7 litres per 100 km. These numbers are from sprit monitor.de As far as I understand the key...
  19. Buildrightmatt

    Alpine Halo 11 fitting

    Hi, im fitting the alpine Halo 11 to my T6 highline, the quad lock for the van has a green and blue block that don't seem to connecting anything. Are they needed?
  20. 7

    Was 2012/13 a change over year ?

    Hi I have a late 12 plate 5.1. was it a change over year ? Some parts I look up show up to 2012 and some parts already fitted from 2013 on ?