1. mmi

    T6 BCM Central Electrics Decoder - Codings, Adaptations, Measurement Blocks 2024-01-01

    VIP Membership is required to download this document Excel 2016 spreadsheet for decoding T6 BCM Codings, Adaptations and Measurement Blocks. The decoding procedure is straightforward: just copy coding string from VCDS, OBDeleven, Carista etc. to the cell. An Excel function spreads out the...
  2. T

    For Sale VCDS HEX+CAN cable

    I've got a Genuine Ross-tech HEX+CAN cable unlimited vins etc that I purchased many years ago from Gendan.. Would sell for £250.
  3. S

    For Sale VCDS HEX-V2 cable (9 VINs remaining)

    Hi, decided to sell my Ross Tech VCDS HEX V2 10 VIN version. Bought new in 2021 from Gendan (original receipt included). Used a handful of times on my T6 back then and sat in a cupboard ever since so 9 VIN registrations remaining. Just plugged in to my laptop today and updated to latest...
  4. shaiboyuk

    Recommended seller for VCDS?

    Hi, Looking to buy VCDS for my new Transporter T6, i know i need V2. Looked on rosstech and have 4 different resellers listed, anyone have any recommendations? Also any that give a wee discount ? ;) Thanks Paul aka Shaiboyuk
  5. Loz

    Look What Arrived Today..

    A new Ross-Tech Hex V2 vcds interface cable..
  6. Pauly

    T6 VCDS Module Coding List/Guide 2016-11-26

    VIP Membership is required to download this document VW T6 VCDS Coding Guide This document contains every coding entry currently available via VCDS This is intended as a handy reference guide for people wishing to perform changes using VCDS, removes the need to waste time searching through...
  7. Nickdaw

    VCDS badge for cable users

    how do i get the vcds logo?