Towing with a T6?

Discussion in 'General VW T6 Chat' started by Tturner, 19 Apr 2017.

  1. Tturner

    Tturner New Member

    I'm about to order a new camper van conversion in a 4 motion , auto. I occasionally need to tow my horse float (about 1.4 kg)
    Does anyone have any info on how well it will cope? Should I order diff lock?
    Would the 132kw tow just as well.
    I am in Australia, we have some rough roads and a few hills where I am..
    Do you think I need to upgrade the suspension? And any other advice that I might find helpful?
  2. Thogg

    Thogg Guest

    Most if not all of the transporter range have a max towing weight of 2500kg. I won't presume to know anything about Australian traffic law but I can tell you that the T32 4 motion will have not need at all for a diff lock or upgraded suspension. I'm assuming it was supposed to be 1400 kg rather than 1.4!
    It will easily cope with this weight. As ever.. make sure the trailer and braking system are well maintained and if you are going from new then I'd definitely consider getting the towbar factory fitted.
  3. T6 Dave

    T6 Dave Senior Member VIP Member T6 Legend

    Hi, difflock is best advised by someone over your way, but having seen some of the dust roads converted to mud tracks due to some of your rainy season, I'd consider itvas a backup, as can't be put on afterwards, and for the relatively small investment, could be a life saver in a field that's turned wet suddenly with the box in the back..
  4. T6 Dave's Dad

    T6 Dave's Dad Senior Member T6 Legend

    Hi @Tturner and welcome to the Forum. I towed a 1100kg caravan for many years with a 2.2ltr petrol car and I can reassure that your load carrying T6 will cope fine with an all-up weight box of 1.4 tonne with no problem. The one thing that is important is not to exceed the tow hook maximum loading - commonly referred to as the trailer nose weight. A useful accessory from a caravan dealer is a nose weight balance which is a spring-loaded "stick" with a graduated scale to show the down weight. The stick is placed in the trailer coupling and the jockey wheel retracted so that all the weight is on the scale (sorry if I'm teaching granny to suck eggs). As a rule of thumb, the tow ball down loading should not exceed 75kg and probably tows nicely at 65kg. :thumbsup::thumbsup:
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  5. Tturner

    Tturner New Member

    Thanks Tim
  6. Tturner

    Tturner New Member

    Thanks, I will look into nose weights and tow hook max
  7. BognorMotors

    BognorMotors Senior Member Trade Member T6 Guru

    I tow my boat, approx 1.5 tonnes, all the time. The transporter tows beautifully, really stable. I always run a 4Motion DSG. We even do a 1600 mile round trip to annecy every summer, 5 up fully loaded, towing at approx 70/80 on the continent, she returns low 20's MPG. I'd always recommend diff lock with 4-motion, it used to be standard until VW realised they could make a few extra quid! It's really handy on slippery launch ramps as well. You'll also get the bigger brakes with the big engines 4Motion, and you never feel underbraked.
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  8. Alan Walsh

    Alan Walsh Senior Member VIP Member T6 Guru

    I have towed a 1.5Kg trailer with a over 2Kg lifter on top (over wight I know!) and had absolutely no issues. What you want to pull you will hardly notice.
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  9. DaveyB

    DaveyB Senior Member Moderator VIP Member T6 Legend

    I tow a RIB with a semi-loaded van, plus dinghy's on top of the RIB. My van is 2-wheel drive without a diff lock. It performs beautifully, but then where I tow is not exactly the outback. As a towing vehicle the T6 takes it all in it's stride, but you may benefit from diff lock and 4motion, but will depend on exactly what terrain you are going to be towing over.
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