For Sale T6 sportline alloy wheels and tyres


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Genuine gloss black sportline alloy wheels and tyres
Just over 2 years old.
Two wheels have a small scratch on shown in the pictures
No kerb damage, never been refurbished
Tyre size 255/45 18 103Y all round
Two tyres brand new accelera 7mm tread
Two tyres nexen nfera su1 5/6/5 and 5/6/5
Some slight blisters from stone chips starting to appear on the back on this rims can been seen in the pictures
Brand new cantre caps
Located south Staffordshire 20200628_153749.jpg20200628_153800.jpg20200628_153836.jpg20200628_153852.jpg20200628_153902.jpg20200628_154009.jpg20200628_154014.jpg20200628_154107.jpg20200628_154149.jpg20200628_154157.jpg