sportline wheels

  1. J

    Wanted T6.1 Sportline Alloys

    Hi, Long shot I know, but I’m really after a set of genuine T6.1 Sportline Alloys if anybody is thinking of upgrading theirs. Cheers
  2. F

    Wanted Sportline alloys

    Hi as title Is anyone thinking of selling there T6 sportline alloys? Would prefer black polished But would also consider grey polished I’m have a set of Leighton van l1 alloys that will be for sale Cheers firthy
  3. dave_b

    has anyone bronzed their Sportline wheels?

    considering having mine bronzed for my Candy White. pics would be great if you have any.
  4. G

    Sold Black 18" Sportline wheels & tyres. £500

    Looking to sell these very soon, just need a quick clean/inspection and some pics. I'm sure they are OEM someone please correct me if I'm wrong, plenty of tread on the tyres. Some of the centre caps have seen better days .Plus my Van is T32 so all load rated. Not sure how much these are...
  5. H

    For Sale For sale 20” Sportline style loys with 275-40-R20 tyres all legal treads but

    As the title reads, selling my wheels as I’m going down the swamper route. Wheels are all straight with no damage with the exception of purely cosmetic scratches as can be seen in the images. Wheels are well balanced and will fit straight on with no bother, I have attached a picture of them...
  6. M

    For Sale 20" Sportline replica wheels and tyres. £599

    Hi all I'm selling my set of 20" Sportline replicas. They come with centre caps. The wheels are 9Jx20 load rated to 950kg. There are a few marks and some kerbing on them but it's only really noticeable up close. From a distance they look great. When cleaning them I noticed that one tyre does...
  7. M

    Sold sportline alloys. £700

    VW T6 18" diamond cut alloys for sale, genuine VW with Continental tyres (4-7mm). good condition with some blemishes (as photos) complete with spacers, bolts/locking nut and covers. £700 ono
  8. PukkaT6

    Sold T5.1 Sportlines. £625

    Genuine VW T5.1 Sportlines Load rated for T32 but will fit all T5 and T6 models. Diamond Cut Slight wear but doesnt not detract from looks. All tyres are a minimum of 5mm 4 years old and balanced ready to go on Location: Warrington Can potentially deliver but van goes back 1st March. £625
  9. M

    Should I refurb my wheels before selling?

    I have genuine VW T6 18" diamond cut (black/silver) alloys with continental tyres in good (not new /perfect) condition, circa 4-6mm tread on tyres. Having had van converted changing upto 20" so selling the wheels. The questions are , firstly is it worth the cost (£340 +vat) for refurb and...
  10. G

    Wanted T6 Sportline alloys

    Is anyone selling a complete set of genuine t6 sportline alloys the grey and silver ones preferably. Thanks Gordon
  11. Jason Kew

    Sold Sportline 18" Black gloss machined rims Goodyear Eagle F1's. £550

    Treat your T6 to these... I have just bought some new wheels from Van Cave and need to sell my old ones on.. The wheels are in overall great condition, except one nick to the rim of one and another has a slight grind.. both a victim of the lanes around my neck of the woods! Easy repair and a...
  12. Jason Kew

    Sold Sportline wheel swap for Devonports

    Hi, testing the water here.. would anyone be interested in swapping their new or delivery miles Devonport's for my set of Black gloss with polished rim Sportline 18's.. 2x brand new 255 45 18 103 Goodyear F1 Eagles and 2x Conti's with 5mm tread.. all unmarked except in a small nick on one rim...
  13. H

    Found 18" Sportline alloys, black with diamond-cut lip

    In the market for a good set of 18" Sportline alloys in gloss black with the polished lip, to suit a T30 along the lines of the ones that were on sale here:
  14. Ads_Essex

    Sold T6 Sportline wheels - gloss / diamond cut. £300

    Set of four T6 Sportline gloss-black with diamond-cut edge alloy wheels. Pirelli P-Zero tyres fitted, 245/45/18, 100Y (800kg - T28). Two tyres with low tread (stamped 2016) will want changing (the other two are stamped 2018). There is lacquer peel on parts of the diamond cut sections - see...
  15. Deaky

    Sold Genuine T5.1 Sportline 5 Spoke 18” Wheels and Tyres Satin Black. £450

    Great condition as you can see from the pics, no kerbing. Load rated for T32. Included are 5mm spacers, bolts, bolt covers and locking nuts Tyres are Falken 510, 255/45 R18 103Y Tread is 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 5mm Collection from Telford or Bilston during the day £500 Dropped to £450
  16. j4ckal

    Sold T6 satin black Sportline wheels and Continental premium contact 6 tyres. £625

    Up for sale are my T6 sportline wheels in satin black and silver/diamond cut. I've ran these for approx 12 months, they were apparently off a low/delivery mileage t6.1 and I think I have covered approx 6 - 7k with them on. I was going to keep these and stick some winters on, but a change of...
  17. I

    For Sale Sportline wheels - anthracite - £1200

    4 x virtually new T6 sport line wheels and continental tyres for sale only on the van for approx 4 weeks genuine have receipt. £1200.00 Ono.

    Anyone with Sportline’s running Solows?

    Im having solows fitted, and maybe fancy a change of alloy… quite like the sportlines !
  19. G

    Sold Sportline t6 genuine alloy

    Bought as a spare but I’ve sold my van, brand new never been used 18” genuine sportline wheel £150 posted
  20. Pauly

    New VW 18 inch wheel options

    Just checking out some VW literature and see there are 2 new styles of wheel about to hit the market, each wheel is available in a choice of 4 finishes, polished gloss, gloss, matt and dark bronze I quite like the new styles, not sure how durable the polished gloss will be as diamond cut wheels...