sportline wheels

  1. J

    Wanted Sportline wheels (T5 / T5.1 /T6)

    After a set of Sportline wheels, ideally T5's. Will also consider T5.1's and T6's. If its the older wheels the cheaper the better as I will get them re-coated, if its the T6's ideally after a mint set. Ideally rims only, got a set of tyres avail that I want to fit. Thanks!
  2. Martin Gibson

    For Sale T5.1 Sportline wheels £600

    Advertising these for a friend that has one of these old things lol. They are in really good condition,been ceramic coated and have Eagle F1 asymmetric 255/45/18 tyres on them. The photo is just one i got from the internet but if anyones interested, then i can get some photos of the actual ones...
  3. Northern Monkey

    Sold Satin black sportline wheels £650

    Up for sale these are original sportlines had them powder coated when the white worm appeared on the diamond cut. All 4 wheels have Goodyear eagle F1’s on 2 are about 2mm and the others are 3/4mm all absolutely mint the center caps are shot the orange is just vinyl 255/45/18 so T32 compatible...
  4. teamfly

    Sold SOLD t5.1 matt black sportlines

    Selling my genuine matt black sportline alloys . good condition , no kerbing . Fitted with 2 toyo proxes with about 4 mm tread . 2 jinyus with very little wear . 255 45 18 , 103 rated for T32 . Looking for £600 .
  5. Stevio

    Black/polished Sportline Alloys T32 and New Tyres £800

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, I have just bought a 2016 T6 Sportline 180 BiTDI which is waiting at home for me (Currently abroad for work) I would be looking to sell the wheels which are on it as I want some 20" alloys to replace them with. I have been assured all alloys are in great condition...
  6. Skyliner33

    Found 18" T5 Sportline wheels

    As said, Im looking for a set of 18" alloy wheels, preferably T5 sportline. I would like to do a part ex / swap for a set of wheels. I would be looking to get rid of either: 19" Amarok Aragonit (a couple of small marks) in Bronze (need new tyres) or 17" Davonports (2 not in great condition)...
  7. L

    For Sale Silver Sportline Wheels + tyres £600

    Hi all. I need to create some space in my garage so if anyone is interested (or friends) I have four Sportline wheels and tyres for sale. Two wheels have minor scuffs but all rims clean and never curbed. Two tyres have a reasonable amount of tread, other two barely legal. Only used them for a...
  8. C

    Sold 20in Sportline Style Wheels + Tyres T32 rated

    Set of 20in Sportline style wheels for sale. Wheels are 960kg rated. 9x20in, et45. Gloss black and diamond turned sections. Tyres are all Pirelli p-zero, 103 rated. 265/40/20. Two have 4-5mm and other two have 3mm. Some small marks on a wheel outer rim but otherwise very good...
  9. M

    Anyone running JBW Sportline reps?

    I was looking at Amarok steels and getting them painted, then found the JBW steels but they are out of stock and for £50 more they do sportline reps? Just wondering if anyone has seen or fitted them as the advert doesn’t have pics of actual wheels? Will...
  10. Apretext

    Sportline Wheel too big for spare wheel carrier?

    Our converter has a Sportline 18" wheel which we were going to have as a spare, but he's just gone to fit it into the new spare wheel carrier, and he says it's too big. Is there any way to make it fit, or alternatively, is there another wheel that will fit in the spare wheel carrier, that will...
  11. R

    Wanted vw t5 sportline wheels.

    HI there guys have any of you guys got a set of vw t5 sportline alloys with or without tyres .must be very clean and without damage please .colour isn,t important but condition is.i have a t32 so tyres must be load rated too.can and will travel for decent undamaged wheels .I,m in Glasgow area...
  12. A

    Sold T6 sportline alloy wheels and tyres

    Genuine gloss black sportline alloy wheels and tyres Just over 2 years old. Two wheels have a small scratch on shown in the pictures No kerb damage, never been refurbished Tyre size 255/45 18 103Y all round Two tyres brand new accelera 7mm tread Two tyres nexen nfera su1 5/6/5 and 5/6/5...
  13. 68martin68

    For Sale Sportline alloys - Matt anthracite / polished £750

    Will be changing wheels soon and putting these up for sale. 18" Sportlines in Anthracite grey and polished/diamond cut with sportline centre badges. All in very good condition, will get close up's of each wheel this week. Tyres are: Front Goodyear Vector 4Season 235/50R18 - All season...
  14. ZipcodeUK

    Sportlines and spacers.

    I've just installed rear wheel spacers and am now thinking the fronts need some help to balance things a bit. So I'm looking for pics of T6's on coilovers, with front /rear spacers, ideally on 18" wheels, but happy to see any pics of lowered vans with wheel spacers.
  15. Sosarge

    Sold 18” T6 Sportline Alloys - black/polished

    Genuine Sportline alloys with new Hankook tyres load rated for T32, complete with bolts & locking nuts. used for approx 18 months, few stone chips etc. £700.00 Notts / Derby area
  16. LakesT6

    Sold 18” T6 Sportline Alloys - Silver

    Here we have a set of genuine 18 inch Sportline alloy wheels, arguably in the best colour with no diamond cut surfaces to worry about. They’re fitted with 3x Davanti tyres with 4-5mm tread and one nexen with 6mm. Tyres are load for a T32 so will fit all models, they have a 103y rating. The...
  17. P

    For Sale Gloss black / polished Sportline alloys + tyres OFFERS

    Open to offers? There's a small mark on the one but nothing silly come off a year old t6. Local to Worcester.
  18. DaveyB

    T5.1 black Sportline wheels £500

    I am putting this up to see if there is interest in my wheels. I have had a couple of people DM me having posted in another thread that I was considering selling them. Simply put I am undecided so thought I'd post and see what happens. I am looking to sell them as is, because otherwise will keep...
  19. R

    Genuine Sportline Alloys Or Not?

    I'm looking at changing my 16" wheels on my Kombi for are set of 18" and I quite like the look of the genuine Sportline wheels from the T5 model (I think, see photo). Are there any benefits from using genuine Volkswagen wheels over 3rd party wheels or would I be better off saving some money and...
  20. Leigh

    Sold Set Of Oe 18" Sportline Alloys With Tyres

    4x Genuine 18" Sportlines (Gloss Gunmetal Polished) with Goodyear / Dunlop 255/45R18 (2 of each with 5mm tread) Excellent Condition with no damage / corrosion/ scratches etc (Been in storage for 2 years) £700