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Discussion in 'Prospective Buyers & Vehicle Owners Information' started by T6 Forum, 3 Jul 2016.

  1. Chris You'll

    Chris You'll T6 T32 150 6SP MY18 Kombi Window Van VIP Member

    The thing im most pleased with are the H7 lights, ordered more by luck than plan. Couldn't afford the LED but happy with the results.
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    KEDSKI Member T6 Pro

    And, i said it before and I will keep saying it: On £43K car, van front LED should be standard!!!
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  3. JaySal

    JaySal Senior Member VIP Member T6 Pro


    To be honest if it improves safety whilst driving LED headlights should be standard never mind what price the car. VW are having our pants down! violent108.gif
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  4. Woodsey

    Woodsey New Member

    Hi all glad to be here and finally ordered a T6 Kombi. I have always had other brands of vans so just have a few questions to ask that hopefully some of you can help with. I have ordered the Kombi and spec'd most of what I want. I just wanted to see if in the rear seated area if the glass has window openers or does this need to be specified when ordered. I don't want to just assume that it has opening windows. Also I am considering the NAV and media connect are these options worth it or just stick with App connect?
    Will keep you updated of progress and post pictures when I eventually get it
  5. Evgenij Webster

    Evgenij Webster Member VIP Member T6 Pro

    If I was ordering A spanking new Van, I would've had heated captain seats up front ( I am forever cold in the mornings), LED headlamps, Fully unlocked Discover Media headunit, Power fold mirrors, colour matched Comfort Dash, Acc, DSG box.

    But since beggars can't be choosers, I ended up with a bog standard, year old T32 LWB T6 150ps manual Transporter in Cherry Red. There was another Van in Mojave beige that was similarly priced and had LED lights, it was T30 LWB 150ps Manual, but I did not like the colour, at all.

    Here she is, Image stollen from VW used vans page. not the best of quality.

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  6. maxdefrost

    maxdefrost Member VIP Member T6 Pro

    Could we have a sticky in here at the top about headlamps, output and cost for new orders factory fitted? IE Light and vision plus pack or LED with 3 pictures of the differences? It might lower the “headlamp” traffic across the rest of the forum?
  7. Ian Blewett

    Ian Blewett T32, 204, DSG, Hi line Kombi VIP Member

    I took delivery of a T32 Hi line 204 DSG Kombi in November last year & specced it up a bit. Went for Star light blue, LED lights, powered tailgate, folding mirrors, comfort dash, cab comfort, heated seats, winter pack, side airbags, media centre with Nav, active cruise, reversing camera & 80L tank ! I also added Sportline front & rear spoilers, Sportline lowering springs, Sportline Alloys & eBay black side bars. The Van is Stunning !! I had a T5.1 Sportline Kombi before & this is so much better. The only thing that Pisses me off is you can't remotely open the tailgate !! The Lights are expensive but are fantastic & look so cool !
    Only able to go for this because of the great resale value of my 62 plate Sportline.
  8. carlg

    carlg 204 DSG Highline Kombi MY17 VIP Member T6 Legend

    I saw a video on Facebook page and edd cameron from volksfit had programmed it to open on remote
  9. Ian Blewett

    Ian Blewett T32, 204, DSG, Hi line Kombi VIP Member

    Cheers. Saw a video on YouTube by Advanced technology from Poole & they do it but only at their unit. I've used Hazzydayz in the past for retro fitting a MFSW on my Sportline so spoke to them about it. They have never converted the powered tailgate to remote operation so didn't know if they could access the software to do it !
    I'll give Volksfit a call & they're fairly local to me ! Thanks
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  10. clufus

    clufus Member VIP Member T6 Pro

    Sorry to hear you're pissed, after parting with all that dosh...... you shld know that I can remotely open AND CLOSE my leccy tailgate, so you've been stitched up like a kipper, m8:)
  11. Ian Blewett

    Ian Blewett T32, 204, DSG, Hi line Kombi VIP Member

    Good 4 U
  12. Shredder

    Shredder It's a Beast VIP Member T6 Guru

    God I feel reassured when I hear good things about strong Transporter residual positions. One of the many reasons I moved from a Vito :)
  13. Lukavell

    Lukavell Senior Member VIP Member T6 Guru

    Would you care to elaborate?
  14. Vinci

    Vinci Senior Member T6 Guru

    Honestly, my H7 lights are fine, and I won’t be blinding any oncoming vehicles or more importantly motorbikes, and I really have not had any problems shutting either the rear nor side slider doors.
    Regrets, none, although comfort dash looks nice if you can get it in a non gloss finish.
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  15. Ian Blewett

    Ian Blewett T32, 204, DSG, Hi line Kombi VIP Member

    Thanks to Volksfit today ! Came to site & coded my powered tailgate to my remote & coded my stereo for rear speakers :):) Happy Days :)
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  16. EdP

    EdP New Member

    A quick question that I have seen other people ask around the forum but I can’t find an answer to:

    Side and curtain airbags. Are these compatible with doing a conversion included pop top?

    Also, dealer confirmed today that comfort dash is only available on Highline Kombi if you have carpeted cab and single passenger seat. Apparently it used to be an option on a few variants?

    Finally what discount did people manage to get? I got 10.5% plus 1700 deposit contribution. Which I think is about 14% off a £45371 list price.
  17. algled

    algled Member VIP Member T6 Pro

    After browsing the T6 forum for over year, I said to myself I would write an in-depth spec list with my considerations/decisions when I took the plunge…

    Last month, I went for a used (6month old, 4k miles) vehicle as the spec was so close to what I wanted and I believe I got it for a superb price. According to the dealer – the previous owner had bought x6 Transporters last year for his business and this vehicle was his – he returned it after 6months and swapped for a Crafter.

    He had chosen loads of options but key things missing: DSG and LED lamps and lights.

    From the configurator:

    Model = Transporter Kombi Highline (chosen for high spec, wanted 4Motion and felt like best value. I was tempted by the Edition, particularly used, but T30, no 4M and limited colour palette)

    Engine = 2.0 T32 TDI SWB 4Motion manual (chosen for payload, wanted it to fit in parking spaces (LWB is a bit more challenging), 4Motion for muddy fields and manual as my wife is less keen on automatic [I would have liked the DSG])

    Colour = Acapulco Blue Metallic (chosen by my wife. Original plan was to buy Candy White and go two tone with a classic VW colour bottom half. It is a shame that the more interesting/on trend colours aren’t on the highline – i.e. Bright Orange, Grape Yellow, Pure Grey)

    Interior = Titanium Black, seat trim in Simora (intention is to recover in leather/GTE fabric)

    Options =

    - Seating options = single seats, heated seats (did not choose swivel seats as aftermarket allow height adjustment).

    - Wheels and tyres = all weather tyres (good value and good for 4Motion as I don’t want the hassle of changing for seasonal tyres – if it’s snowing, I will not travel/use our other car).

    - Audio and communications = Discover Media Radio with 6.33” touch screen, Voice control (though rarely use it!), App Connect. (App connect is great. Did not choose Media Navigation system as will always use Google Maps through Android Auto – I am always frustrated by OEM navigations that require updates. Google or Waze are much better. I would have liked the 2 USB interfaces).

    - Driver assistance = Lights and Vision package plus, front and rear parking sensors with rear-view camera. (the sensors and camera are super. The Halogen lights are ok but I wish I had the LED lights front and rear – such a miss :()

    - Equipment packages = Folding wing mirrors, body coloured, power adjustable and power folding, comfort dash (love the comfort dash - looks so stylish and it's practical)

    - Body and chassis = Towbar - removable/lockable, Electric sliding door, Power latching for tailgate, without model and engine designation badges, mudflaps front and rear. (happy with this selection – towbar is excellent, though hard to remove(!) and doesn’t interfere with parking sensors, electric sliding door is noisy with the beeping but handy, power latching is fantastic).

    - Cargo area = carpet flooring in cab (required option with comfort dash)

    - Heating and ventilation = (no options chosen here – just standard AC, I chose not to have passenger compartment AC as read it is challenging with channels for converting to camper (elevating roof and floor). I do wish I had Programmable parking heater (air) with radio remote control, aux heater (coolant) and second battery – it is £2k and would be similar cost, perhaps less, to retrofit)

    - Safety and security = 4 remote folding keys (did not choose side and curtain airbags as read that this can cause problems in fitting elevating roof)

    - Windows = (I am sure there used to be an option to add in rear windows? I would have done that at factory if possible)

    From the VW Accessories list:

    - Heavy duty rubber floor mats

    - Loading lip protection – carbon fibre

    - Angled side bars – polished stainless steel

    - (I could have considered Sportline kit with lowering springs – but I dream of aABT kit and air suspension!)

    I was going to start a section on conversions and aftermarket accessories… but I will save that for another time!...;)
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  18. Strettyp

    Strettyp Member VIP Member T6 Pro

  19. Strettyp

    Strettyp Member VIP Member T6 Pro

    I'm currently deciding what van to go for after about 10 years of lusting after a T5 / T6 - with my current car's lease is expiring in the spring and after a couple of years of saving I'm finally at the point of ordering.

    I was going to go for a used van but having spent many many hours browsing I've never seen a van which has my spec and having been to VW in Preston and Trafford park I've realised that speccing my own from new is probably the way I want to go, particularly as I want to own it for a decade or so. In terms of usage I will be driving to work and using it for ferrying the kids about then at the weekend I want to be able to put my bike in the back, or take it up to the lakes as I hike every other weekend, so it will be ideal as a kombi first off but longer term I'd like to put the caravelle rail system in and turn it into a multivan/light camper.

    so to start with I was going to order the following

    • t32 150ps Manual - have read that lightly loaded t32's don't handle well so would I be better with a t30?
    • Indium Grey - was going to go for black but dealer showed me a brand new black van in the showroom and pointed out the scratches on the paint just from buffing it to a shine
    • App connect
    • Composition Media
    • Solid Tailgate
    • Front and rear sensors and reversing camera
    • Swivel seats (I'm 6'1" so would lack of height adjusting be an issue?)
    • Power latch on single side door

    I would like but I think budget won't allow

    • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) - had this on a vehicle before and thought it was great but not essential
    • LED headlights - like the look etc but £1500 for brighter lights?
    • Second maintenance free battery with cut off relay - is this better to do now rather than after market?

    finally - the "Electrical interface for external use (terminal block in driver´s seat)" - would this save cost given I want to add modifications etc

    Is anything on there a waste of time, or have I missed anything obvious?
  20. Lord Mfwic

    Lord Mfwic Chief Fire Starter. VIP Member T6 Legend

    Only thing I would suggest is drop to H7 lights. They are very good and a lot cheaper. Don't under any circumstance settle for H4's.
    I agree Black is a nightmare to keep clean and scratch free but when detailed properly it looks nearly as good as Blackberry.;)
    Apart from that it sounds like a nice specced van.:thumbsup:
    Welcome to the Forum.
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