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Discussion in 'Prospective Buyers & Vehicle Owners Information' started by T6 Forum, 3 Jul 2016.

  1. former member

    former member Senior Member

    Out of interest @Pauly how much is that?
  2. Pauly

    Pauly Senior Member VCDS User Admin Moderator

  3. former member

    former member Senior Member

  4. Willoughby

    Willoughby Member VIP Member T6 Pro

    What you going to be using the van for? I'm going for a camper conversion. Been impressed with ACC, App Connect, Heated Seats, Heated Front Screen, and power latching. If ordering again I would go for led head lights and DSG Box, and drop an engine size to cover the cost difference, then get it re-mapped :p

  5. former member

    former member Senior Member

    We are clearly from two different planets...:whistle:
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  6. burnercan

    burnercan Member VIP Member

    Here in Switzerland the option to have assist on one slider and the end gate is about £275, about the same over there?

    I hummed and hawwed and eventually removed it from the order. I thought I could live without it thinking I'd be able to add it after if needed. That said, it was on every single one that I tested so I couldn't try the doors without. I never experienced eardrum pressure issues when the kids slammed the doors on the leaky old westy, so that thought never crossed my mind. Thanks for the tip! I think I'll call the stealer up and have it added back on before it's too late..
  7. burnercan

    burnercan Member VIP Member

    On my wife's golf, they fold when you lock the vehicle. I didn't notice, do they do the same on the T6?
  8. Pauly

    Pauly Senior Member VCDS User Admin Moderator

    Early ones don't by default but MY18 models now have it as standard
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  9. Carlos Vandango

    Carlos Vandango Member T6 Pro

    I would have liked a power opening rear tailgate but it's not an option on a solid tailgate. However VW in their wisdom feel a rear view mirror should be !
  10. Zave

    Zave Member T6 Pro

    I'm pleased with my power folding mirrors.
    Would be tempted with 4 motion if I bought again just for the acceleration.
    ACC would be very nice to add also.
    Comfort dash should be standard on a 2 seater.
  11. DPS

    DPS Senior Member VIP Member T6 Guru

    I wish I had upgraded to a Discover Media Head unit with app connect Yes I know that there are very good aftermarket head units but the VW ones sit very nicely in the dash with a factory look, and you don't lose any of the MFD features. Apart from that, I specced everything else!
  12. Blu-Tack

    Blu-Tack Member VIP Member T6 Pro

    Had my van for about a month now, here are my thought on options:
    Things I'd get again:
    1. Single front passenger seat.
    2. LED headlights - like igniting a collapsed sun.
    3. ACC - Great when you get used to someone/thing else braking for you.
    4. DSG.

    Things I'd think twice about:
    1. 204 engine - It's fast, probably more speed than needed. With start stop on there's a slight delay between your foot going down and actual movement, you tend to put slightly more pressure on the accelerator and then when the van catches up you're launched away. hopefully some impending suspension modifications help the wheel spin and front end lift.
    2. Power latch - cant see the point. I'd probably go for fully powered doors next time or just standard doors.
    3. As mention before, power folding mirrors don't offer a great deal of space saving.
    Other points:
    1. I think VW should really offer the Bluetooth connection thing as standard.
    2. The 204 engine doesn't return very good MPG. Off the motorway I'm showing 19MPG. What it does give is speed, it's the fasted van I've ever driven, feels faster than the numbers suggest.
    3. The fuel tank AAHHHHHHHRRRR the fuel tank, its the size of a thimble!
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  13. Carlos Vandango

    Carlos Vandango Member T6 Pro

    Agree with the fuel tank size or lack of ! First fill up this weekend. Thought the pump was jammed when it stopped at £80. No, that was it full......range 450 miles. Used to get 660 on my T5. Oh well a man of my age needs to stop more often to pee anyway
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  14. jerry

    jerry New Member

    Has anyone bought a van from DNV or GB Car Deals?
  15. Gavandi

    Gavandi Senior Member T6 Guru

    I would go for DSG.
    Ran out of dosh so had to compromise!
  16. Stevehf2

    Stevehf2 New Member

    I've just bought a Highline 150 with DSG, I didn't get to test drive it as it's 300 miles away!!
    I did test a 102 5 speed so I know the vans good but what do you think to the DSG?
  17. Tourershine

    Tourershine Senior Citizen. VIP Member T6 Legend

    I got most of what I wanted, but if I was going back and starting again I'd add 4motion and power door.
    ACC is a waste if time in my real world, so id ditch that. Also folding mirrors are only used if parked in tight spot. Using at night at home just means the mirror glass is wet if its been raining.

    Couldn't live without DSG, LEDs or 204. Agree about the fuel tank.
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  18. Vinci

    Vinci Senior Member T6 Guru

    Pleased with my simple 150 Highline lwb, H7 upgrade are absolutely fine, reversing camera very handy, as are swivel front seats, and parking sensors.
    Wish for locking top dash cover
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  19. Craigsom

    Craigsom Senior Member VCDS User T6 Guru

    after 15 years of T ownership, I finally have everything I could possibly want on my Velle :thumbsup::thumbsup:
  20. KEDSKI

    KEDSKI Member T6 Pro

    standard velle se swb 150 euro6 with optional dsg, parking sensors, cruise control, 17 inch wheels. we had t5 exect full leather with full powered side doors and they were sticking so decided to get standard (power latching).
    Wish i'd gone for LEDs front for visibility, adjustability for Europe driving and look.

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