My Son Does Not Exist

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Roadrunner, 13 Jul 2018.

  1. Roadrunner

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    My son went off to do a CSCS test today to get a card and took some I'd of sorts with him including his birth certificate and (month out of date) passport (he does not have aadriving licence either) none of that was acceptable it did not proof who he was so he could not take his test and has to reapply but it seems he can get a saver form so I ask myself what is the point in asking for all that in the first place.
    I can't exist either as I have no passport or photo driving licence (old green one) does my bus pass count. :mad::mad:
  2. Petehelmet

    Petehelmet Senior Member T6 Pro

    Got my son to do his CSCS last year and thats when we found out he didn't have a NI number, soon got that sorted much to his dismay as he thought he was staying at home in bed once he had finished his GCSE's.;)
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  3. Kevthegas

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    2 years ago today my son finished his last GCSE.
    The following Monday he started as my apprentice, now qualified as a plumber. Starting an another apprenticeship for 2 1/2 years in September to get his Gas qual's.
    Great working with my son, as a reward for his hard work he has a new T6 panel van with a few extras coming in 2 weeks time, ordered again through Oli@Bognormotors
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