Sold Modified Drivers Seat Base

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Drivers seat base with lowered handbrake bracket to clear RIB seat swivels without spacers. (Might fit other swivels but not tested)
The handbrake bracket has been drilled off and rewelded about 25mm lower than standard. This clears the RIB swivel seat with a standard cover fitted and keeps the seat at standard height. All you have to do is trim the lower cover by 20mm and refit as normal then adjust the handbrake cable to take up the slack. Looks standard when you have finished. See my thread in the Camper section for fitted photos of one I did earlier.
I bought a spare base and swapped them out. This base is from a 2017 T6. £95 plus postage that’s slightly less than it has cost me in total. Not done to make money just to get one for myself. It’s in the Highlands but might be able to meet up in the central belt the week of the 6th July if that works for anyone.
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Hi, I’ve just fitted sportscraft swivel base and I’m assuming it’s similar to the rib? This would save me having to fit the adaptor bracket. Any ideas on postage?
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