seat base

  1. Lee540

    Sold Lowered Double Seat Base

    40mm lowered double bench seat base. If fitted with a double swivel bracket, like Kiravans I'm also selling it will retain the OEM seat height, level with drivers seat. £150, collection from St Ives, Cornwall or happy to meet up along A303/M3 or M4
  2. Lee540

    Found Single Seat Base

    Anyone have a single seat base for sale? Kicking myself now I bought one on here from another member and then gave it away to another member and now I need! I'm in Cornwall, can collect in South of England. Thanks, Lee
  3. T

    Sold Roamer 100A Bluetooth Seat base Battery

    Roamer Lithium Seat base 100ah battery. Bluetooth internal BMS Used for less than a year in our T6 then stored since we sold the van discharged to 85% as recommended by Roamer. Collection MK43 (between Milton Keynes and Bedford) £325
  4. z1ts

    Ignition Live under passenger seat (30 amp) ANOTHER WAY TO DO IT!!!

    This much needed and never present function can be now be done without running additional cabling :cool: This is the list of requirements:- VCDS (possibly could be done with other software tools, but I used VCDS) 13 pin OEM towbar electrics (I have full OEM towbar install not just towbar...
  5. TallPaul_S

    Wanted Passenger seat base, SE area

    Hi all, I'm looking for a passenger seat base, without the battery tray and ideally with the side pocket (not a must have but would be nice to keep that same spec as I currently have) - SE or that area (I'm in Kent). Wanted as I want to start building up my seat base electrics, my T6 already...
  6. MrG

    Wanted Single/Drivers Seat Base

    Hello All, Does anyone have a single front/drivers seat base I could borrow (or buy)? To fit a T5/t6. Looking to build my build under seat electrics but van is the daily drive. Based in Kent / South East. Cheers!
  7. P

    For Sale Seat-Base Rear Trim-Cover x2 (Driver and Pax). £30

    GENUINE Transporter T5 T6 Front Seat Base Rear Trim Cover Drivers and Passenger side. Came off my VW T6 (2017) £30
  8. timthetinyhorse

    Driver seat removal….leaving base in place

    Hi All, Perhaps I’m being dense here but I want to remove my drivers seat leaving the base in place allowing me to do my battery install. Is there a way to do this? Sure I had seen a thread about it but of course now I can’t! Any help appreciated!
  9. X

    Seat base side pocket retrofit

    Hi all, Two questions with which hopefully you can help. Firstly, looking for infomation on the seat base side pockets you often see. Are these something that can be easily retrofitted to a seat base not shipped with them? My bus doesn’t have them and would love to retrofit or is it a case of...
  10. A

    Twin passenger V Single passenger captain seat.

    Hi, me again… Basically, I have purchased a camper already fitted out. I love it. My passengers continuously complain the two seater swivel is uncomfortable. Today, I rode in the passenger seat. At 6”1 I literally couldn’t really move. And I want to be able to get into the back without...
  11. 1325rosie

    For Sale T6 Double Pax seat + base in Simora. £50

    For sale : double front seat and base. £50.00 Collect from north Suffolk.
  12. I

    Changing a Leisure Battery (Advice)

    Hi, I am sorry if this is a daft question and I have done a forum search to see if it's been answered before but I couldn't find anything that answers my (probably daft) question. I have had a T6 Camper for 3 years and the leisure battery is basically totally dead now and not holding a charge...
  13. D

    Under Passenger Seat Electrics

    Hi. I have just taken out the double seat to fit a single and have uncovered factory and other cables. I wanted to to put my leisure battery and chargers under the single sear… what are the factory cables for and can I move these somewhere else? Thanks
  14. Chrishall888

    Benefit to battery under passenger seat

    Hi Folk, I’ll shortly be heading down the leisure battery route, to enable diesel heater, lights and additional rear sockets etc. I see most people mount the battery under the drivers seat. Is there a main reason for this? We’ve got a captain seat up front, and I’m looking at the possible...
  15. Lee540

    Sold FREE Drivers Seat Base

    Anyone after a drivers seat base? I bought this from a member so I could build my leisure electrics in the garage first before taking the van apart. Free to anyone here if they are willing to collect it from St Ives, Cornwall.
  16. L

    Drivers seat replacement

    I recently purchased a t6 with a captains drivers seat that has been modified for a disabled person. I want to change this to have a standard seat base And keep the captains seat. The problem is the seat bottom (not the base) has been modified by cutting it short (See pictures) so it doesn’t...
  17. S

    Lowered Double Passenger Seat Base - Alternative to Vankraft

    I’ve got the Kiravans swivel under the base of my passenger seat. It now sits too high as my head pretty much touches the ceiling. i know you can get a lowered base from Vankraft VW T5 / T6 Lowered double passenger seat base but the are pretty expensive at £325. I've seen a seller on eBay...
  18. Ivor

    Seat-base bolt part-number

    Hi all, My first post, apologies it's a bit of boring one. I've got a horrible creaking sound coming from my T6 drivers seat base area so I had a go at checking as many fixings as I could access and in the process managed to shear one particular fixing. I'm looking to purchase a replacement...
  19. sparkzer

    Driver Seat Position

    Does anyone else feel their driver seat is too far toward the middle of the van? Due to the position of the centre console/gear stick I find I end up sitting on the right hand side of the seat which does my head in as i know eventually it will bugger up the foam in the base.
  20. E

    Roamer 230SB and seat base modifications

    I’ve mocked up a dummy space model of a Roamer 230SB out of empty cereal packets (cheaper than making an expensive purchasing mistake). It is never going to fit in the passenger seat base unless I totally remove the lumpy factory 2nd battery tray which I think is spot welded in place; I can see...