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  1. S

    T6.1 Leisure battery - max size?

    Hi all, Looking to fit an Agm battery under factory single passengers seat alongside a ctek in a T6.1. Anyone have any recommendations for the largest size I can fit under there? Guessing 110ah on its side but don't want to trial and error fit looking for tried & tested models please thanks simon
  2. Andysmee

    Sold Driver's seat base modified for passenger side

    Driver's seat base with the handbrake mount removed. £Sold delivered
  3. Mikey2ooo

    T5.1 / T5 Seating for a T6

    Does anyone know if i can use T5 or T5.1 front seats in my T6 will they fit the base or will a T5/5.1 base match my T6? Getting fed up with looking for over priced T6 seating everyones trying to make a quick $
  4. Niknak

    Reduced-height Seat base - any interest in fabrication?

    I’m considering making another reduced height seat base if I do won’t be ready for a month as doing in lunch breaks just wondered if anyone would be interested
  5. campz

    T6.1 permanent live under drivers seat?

    Hi, New to the VW world! I’ve seen some posts about a factory fitted perm live being available under the drivers seat in some 6.1 vans. We have just purchased a 6.1 shuttle and will be fitting a split charge, is this true or will we need to run a new cable from the engine battery? thanks!
  6. Baz..SVT

    Sold Single seat-bases...

    Drivers and passengers single seat bases.. Out of my t6.. In very good condition. Drivers can be used as a passenger base if you take the handbrake section off.. £150 the pair.. Ipswich suffolk Willing to post at buyer exspence.. Offers or swaps...
  7. 3crispies

    Adding Kombi lights to rear seat-bases.

    Adding extra lighting in front seat bases, is there somewhere local to tap off, our passenger seat has no fused connectors as it was originally a panel van. Or is it a case of soldering off permanent 12v+ (red/black) and timed negative 12v- (brown/red) at original roof lights. thanx in advance
  8. Mkgolfnutters

    For Sale lowered seat base

    passenger lowered seat base I am having these made in the UK they have a locking door at the rear to hide away from prying eyes as you can see in the pictures it can also hideaway with the trim panel as the lock has a low profile. they are slightly narrower than some seat bases thus allowing...
  9. Jay

    Accessory live under the seat?

    Looking for an accessory live. Any of these under the seat? Fitting roof mounted monitor and needs permenant (sorted) live and switched live.
  10. W

    small secured safe under double front swivel seat

    hi i am installing a swivel to our front double passenger seat - does anyone know of secure smallish safe which would work or is it only possible to put it under the drivers seat but this is where the heater exit is going to be placed. any advice welcomed
  11. S

    Under seat Dimensions

    Does anyone know the measurements of the drivers and passenger seat bases? I have found posts on this forum which say what battery/kit they've fitted but can't find the actual dimensions published anywhere. I have a 4 motion panel van on order with two single seats with factory swivels and I...
  12. Clydiee

    T5/T6 seat bases: identical?

    Are T5 and T6 front single seat bases the same?
  13. Alanmh

    CTEK doesn't fit

    So annoyed with myself. Rejigged all the electrics under the drivers seat. Put the drivers seat back on and the 2 wires out the top of the ctek foul a bar under the seat. Any thoughts as to cutting away the insulation on the ctek sense wires and making god with hot glue or do I need to move the...
  14. cfdave

    How to keep things tidy?

    Just finished installing the ctek and battery etc. I thought it would be easy to make it look neat. With loads of room. Nope. Awkward af. And advice on how to tidy up this nest of cables? Thanks
  15. cfdave

    inverter under drivers seat?

    Hi All. I was wondering if its very bad practice to place the inverter under the driver seat? I don't know if theres room yet. I have a battery, fusebox and ctek 250se. Or would it be best placed under my passenger seats? I have a double. Im only looking at a small inverter to run a laptop...
  16. R


  17. Skyliner33

    Removing Plastic pocket on seat base

    Just wondering if the pockets on the seat bases are removable and if so how it’s done. Difficult or easy? thanks
  18. AussieMick

    Removing front passenger seat in a T6 transporter

    Hi all , I am fitting a diesal heater to my T6 campervan and want to remove the front passenger seat. Should I disconnect the battery before unplugging under seat connectors as I have a side airbag in the seat and dont want to set it off .
  19. Farnorthsurfer

    Sold Modified Drivers Seat Base

    Drivers seat base with lowered handbrake bracket to clear RIB seat swivels without spacers. (Might fit other swivels but not tested) The handbrake bracket has been drilled off and rewelded about 25mm lower than standard. This clears the RIB swivel seat with a standard cover fitted and keeps the...
  20. Ethan Andrews

    Is there an earth I can use under passenger seat?

    Trying to hardwire my Blackvue battery that is under passenger seat. I got positive supply from fuse box. And found a suitable earthing point on the seat base. It has continuity to earth. i.e I am find it with a multi meter in any metal part. But I am not getting a power feed due to no 12...