seat base

  1. S

    Lowered Double Passenger Seat Base - Alternative to Vankraft

    I’ve got the Kiravans swivel under the base of my passenger seat. It now sits too high as my head pretty much touches the ceiling. i know you can get a lowered base from Vankraft VW T5 / T6 Lowered double passenger seat base but the are pretty expensive at £325. I've seen a seller on eBay...
  2. Ivor

    Seat-base bolt part-number

    Hi all, My first post, apologies it's a bit of boring one. I've got a horrible creaking sound coming from my T6 drivers seat base area so I had a go at checking as many fixings as I could access and in the process managed to shear one particular fixing. I'm looking to purchase a replacement...
  3. sparkzer

    Driver Seat Position

    Does anyone else feel their driver seat is too far toward the middle of the van? Due to the position of the centre console/gear stick I find I end up sitting on the right hand side of the seat which does my head in as i know eventually it will bugger up the foam in the base.
  4. E

    Roamer 230SB and seat base modifications

    I’ve mocked up a dummy space model of a Roamer 230SB out of empty cereal packets (cheaper than making an expensive purchasing mistake). It is never going to fit in the passenger seat base unless I totally remove the lumpy factory 2nd battery tray which I think is spot welded in place; I can see...
  5. roadtripper

    Seat base FRONT panels for storage?

    I've seen lots of ideas (and suppliers) of panels to replace the factory ones on the rear of seat bases but what are folks doing for the front of seat bases and are there any suppliers (for an easy life)? Why? On the drivers side I have a lot of space and I'd quite like to use that for storing...
  6. C

    Has anyone fitted a diesel heater under the single passenger seat.

    My next job is to fit a Planar diesel heater. My leisure battery is under the drivers seat. The passenger seat is a single seat and the van has Add Blue and I know the tank is under that front seat. Has anyone fitted their diesel heater inside the van, under the passenger seat please. Thank you...
  7. E

    Seat Base - Securing Rear Covers

    I’m in the process of slowly upgrading my camper electrics. As part of that upgrade, I will be replacing each of my 2 single factory plastic rear seat base trims with carpet covered plywood. I’m doing this because the drivers side will be fitted with a mains socket in addition to the existing...
  8. D

    Loose bolt from seat removal

    I have just removed my front bench seat and replaced with a captains seat and a kiravans swivel base with built in safe. The 2 floor bolts nearest the handbrake have become problematic. One of them was removed but the securing nut on the underneath has fallen down. The other bolt is loose but...
  9. 360ian

    Rusty Lee Sliding Swivel Base

    Hi all, I recently fitted the Rusty Lee sliding double seat base from TransporterHQ. The seat base is absolutely brilliant and it's so easy moving the seat round with the slider on it but Im having trouble locating the bolts back into the securing positions after swivelling. The rear 3 seems to...
  10. david173

    Found 2 No. front single seat base rear base trim / cover

    Hi looking for 2 of the black plastic covers that sit on the rear of the front single seats please in black with our without lights. thought id ask here before trying ebay Thanks!
  11. Cool Carlos

    What underseat connector is this?

    Does anyone recognise what this connector is? Just started a new battery install and found it unconnected under the driver seat. I don't have any warning lights. It's a 2016 T6 Highline - I don't think it has any seat electrickery?
  12. Silber

    Found Standard Single Passenger Seat Base

    Looking for a single passenger seat base for our german T6. Based in bristol.
  13. Steeeeve

    Found T6 Single passenger seat base

    Preferably Essex area or available to post. Thanks
  14. H

    Underseat battery size. What have you got?

    Heya folks. Another battery size question I’m afraid. I’m looking and putting a Renogy DCC50S 12V 50A DC-DC On-Board Battery Charger with MPPT, fuse box and bus bars under there too. Has anyone got any tips on what battery will fit? My next step is to mock up the sizes with cardboard boxes...
  15. Sparks715

    For Sale Kiravans single seat base / safe with swivel

    Hi All , 1 x Kiravans single seat base / safe with swivel in good condition . Has been fitted to the van for about 5 years and only removed as I needed to revert back to the factory base so I could easily fit an inverter under there. Swivel works really well and it’s very handy for securely...
  16. Sparks715

    Found Seat base

    Hi I'm after a single seat base , ideally a passenger but don't mind a drivers base and I'll cut off the hand brake bracket. I'm in East Devon and could pick up fairly locally. I have a Kiravans single Safe seat base with swivel but I want to fit my invertor under the passenger seat and fit a...
  17. W

    Seat base bracket

    I have this spare seat base which has a bracket as shown in the pic. Anyone know what it’s for ? Came with a Rusty Lee swivel base if that’s a clue. Just looked at my seat and I don’t have the bracket.
  18. 1271A

    Found Passenger single seat base

    I'm looking for a passenger single seat base. No seat. Ideally dorset/Hants/wilts area Thanks in advance
  19. Y

    Changing double-seat for single passenger seat: what is the box beneath called?

    Hi there, We‘ve just bought our T6 but it has a bench seat that we want to replace with a swivel bucket seat/captain seat (are these interchangeable terms) on passenger side. The place we are having our campervan conversion done says we need to buy a seat with a metal box - does anyone know what...
  20. Dayoster

    Wanted Passenger seat studs/nuts

    Im changing my passenger captain seat back to bench. Has anyone got them studs/buts kicking about? Only need 2. Like picture below. Many thanks