seat base

  1. Dayoster

    Wanted Passenger seat studs/nuts

    Im changing my passenger captain seat back to bench. Has anyone got them studs/buts kicking about? Only need 2. Like picture below. Many thanks
  2. bobbybasic

    Sold Drivers Seatbase

    I bought this off eBay so I could figure out my seatbase electrics install out of the van. It’s a bit battered so perfect for prototyping or give it a lick of paint and stick it in your van. Free, collection from Brighton & Hove.
  3. Ragster13

    For Sale T6.1 Passenger Seat Base, Located in Leicester, photos added

    Just removed from a 2022 T6.1, passenger side seat base and plastic kickboard, a few light marks from removal, £120 ONO, located in Syston, Leicestershire photos to follow
  4. Zave

    Roamer lithium battery in sick seat base install

    So, after 5 years I've replaced my AGM leisure battery with a shiny Roamer. During lockdown I added solar and a CTEK 250 SE charger. When new I got fitted professionally a Victron mains charger. I've got factory heated seats and the original leisure battery and split charge relay. It all...
  5. lukeadams

    Removal of heated captain chairs

    I’m looking to add a leisure battery under the passenger seat o was wondering if anyone has any instructions of removing a heated electric captains chair to get access underneath. Thanks.
  6. S

    seat base screw loose

    I have noticed that my single seat from the 2:1 kombi (T6 2017) is only held on with one bolt. I found another on the floor but it’s damaged so need to source spares. It looks like an m10 tri-square about 15mm and says 3 F on the base. Feels light like aluminium but it could be steel? Any...
  7. D

    T6.1 driver seat base electrics

    Hi all, so I'm looking at locating my leisure battery and dc to dc under my drivers seat but I seem to have a few extra boxes under it currently. I think the two boxes on the left nearest the handbrake are possible the towbar prep thingy and auto headlight dodad. Not sure what the white and pink...
  8. DuncanB

    Renogy DCC50S and LB under the single passenger seat? Advice please

    What is the best route to run cable from my starter battery to my DC-DC charger under the single passenger seat in my LWB please? I've taken all the matting out and I'm considering different layout options. Any suggestions would be very welcome. I'm only doing a basic conversion with the...
  9. D

    Wanted T5 or T6 single seat base

    Hi I’m after a single seat base that I can use to mock up how the under seat electrics will fit in my T6. Anything scratched, dinked, damaged or mangled will be fine, I need to be able to take it to the local Mens Shed where I will be spending a few weekends putting it all together. If you...
  10. D

    Wanted M10 seat base bolt

    Just discovered that I'm missing an M10 bolt from the underside of my seat base/squab. Not sure how long that's been missing! Long shot, but does anyone have a spare please?
  11. ma77y

    Sold Single passenger seat base £90

    In very good condition but does have some slight scratches due to it being sat in my garage. Collection from M41
  12. M

    Seat-base side pocket removal?

    Hi Can anyone tell me how to remove the plastic side pockets on the T6.1 seat frame I’ve tried to pull it off but had no joy and don’t want to risk damaging it. Cheers Mike
  13. A

    Battery size under seat base

    Hi, I'm about to convert my T6 with AGM leisure battery/charger etc fitted in the standard (captain) seatbase, and need to work out what size battery/batteries to order. Thinking about twin batteries - will have solar panel on the roof, and ctek 250 in the seat base with the battery. Does...
  14. Steved55

    For Sale Swivel seat base

    Bought in error as I need leisure battery under seat. This base keeps seat at standard height. Rotates both ways so universal fitting. It's effectively as new, paid 170 for it, will let it go for 125 one ar offer. Collection preferred from ng23 but prepared to ship at cost
  15. M

    Found Single passenger seat base

    Looking for a genuine single passenger seat base
  16. K

    Double-seat base Dimenions

    Hi, Does anyone who has fit a battery, charger etc under a twin front passenger seat have the dimensions of the space under the seat? I'm planning on an install next weekend but want to get the correct dimensions for the board to hold all the gubbins. Thanks
  17. damo1023

    Underseat install mk2 roamer

    So I figured out that I'd like to keep track of this as I go along. It's not a full build thread which I will probably tag this into. However I decided when I paid out last year to do a freshen up of my electric install. When I initially did the van last year I ran out of time and the most...
  18. Sackmycook

    Found Seat base bolts x4

    After a set of 4 bolts that attach the seat base to the van floor, for a project if anyone has some lying around. Cheers
  19. N

    T6.1 Leisure Battery Under drivers seat

    Hi, I need to fit a leisure battery along with split charge, fuse box etc to my t6 kombi. I have bought all the kit from Rayne Automotive along with a battery plate from MVM. I’ve taken the drivers seat out and tried to suss it all out but it doesn’t look like it’ll fit. The plate doesn’t...
  20. C

    Leisure battery and heater under driver seat??

    Hi all. I’m planning out where to put my leisure battery, split charger etc but want to fit a night heater with the hot air vent coming up through the driver seat base. Will I fit everything under the seat or do I need to relocate the electrics to make way? Thanks.