How Much For A 3rd Service?!


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Hello! my vans coming up to the end of its 3 year warranty...

and its done 39k,

been quoted £559 for a service, including oil and filter change, DSG oil change, and the other usual bits... labour was £340.

Is this reasonable?! (non VW garage - just the performance garage i often use)



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Sounds very steep to be honest for non main dealer. A very reputable local indy (midland VW) would be around £425 for that lot I reckon.

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I've just had a major service at the local Vindis VW dealer here in Mordor (Northampton) and bearing in mind the van is a 67 plate 102hp 5 steenking speed at 42k the service came to £354 inc. VAT and a free wash and hoover up.

I think Dell Massive has posted a thread with VW service intervals and prices but mine was the filters, oil, fuel, air, pollen and generally poking bits.