Help Sourcing Expansion Rivets


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Hi There,

I am trying to source some replacement expansion rivets to be used to fasten the front bumper.
The first type I believe I have found but would just like confirmation it is the correct part please and also if I can get it cheaper than £4.25 for one, as that seems very dear for a single plastic rivet. The Part No: N91-158-501 and it is the rivet to secure the front bumper at the very top above the VW badge. There's four of them in a line.

The second expansion rivet I'm struggling to source is the one in the wheel arch that also holds the front bumper on. Could somebody please point me in the right direction please as to where I can purchase one from.

Many thanks,

@Pauly will be able to help. From memory, the one in the wheel arch is the same.
Hi @t6 soon thanks for the suggestion will give them a shout.
@Deaky the one that I do have for the wheel arch is a lot fatter than the ones at the top of the bumper. Will try and get a picture of it uploaded if that helps.
I am missing the one from the wheelarch and it’s not listed by VW as an available part, they do have an arch liner fixing kit that contains plastic inserts and screws to replace the missing piece with but I haven’t tried one yet
Those could work @Loz . Nice to know I've got 99 spare :laugh: Crazy how you can get a 100 of these clips for about the same price as one of the smaller clips I'm looking for. :eek: