Finally Found A Good Black Trim Restorer / Protector


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As you can imagine I have used loads of black trim cleaners, sealers, restorers to keep the matt black trims on the exterior looking good.
The wheel arch protectors are particularly prone to going milky or grey in sunlight or after wax washing.

Finally, I have found this from Autobrite; Autobrite Direct - Well Dressed - Trim & Tyre Gel Dressing


Goes on easily with an MF Cloth and seems to last ages.

Edit: Not faded after a month so far.
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Anything that smells of Tangerines has to be added to my arsenal for goodies... ordered :thumbsup:

As you well know @Loz, the Mini has an abundance of plastics that I'm trying to keep looking fresh, and my normal Maguires stuff isn't working on these.
Ultima Tyre andTrim Guard plus......fantastic for keeping new look and doesn't wash off....not so good for already badly faded trim. Black bumpers, tyres, and all black trim, treated from new on my last T5....were still exactly like new 5 years later, when traded in....and you don't have to keep re-applying. and that's in Aussie summer heat.... pricey but bottle lasts a long , long time. Cheers.
Without wishing to sound like a Gtechniq fanboi after my superlatives in the other thread. Gtechniq C4 is the cat's tits. Darkens faded trim very evenly, doesn't leave any residue. Well worth a try, I have been amazed by it on various bits of black trim, mirror casings etc..

I don't think you'd want to do all of the arch liners in it though... As you were Loz...:thumbsup:
I’d have to second Gtechniq C4, I used it my nephews old BMW and it was brilliant, lasted over 2 months until he sold it.