1. Village

    KDS Keltec - detailers

    KDS Keltec, based in Gillingham, Kent. 5 star; superb and highly recommended. The third vehicle I've sent to KDS now which speaks for itself. No doubt not the cheapest but the attention to detail is first rate. Took the van there after only 1000 miles to keep it pristine. On inspection the...
  2. Loz

    Finally Found A Good Black Trim Restorer / Protector

    As you can imagine I have used loads of black trim cleaners, sealers, restorers to keep the matt black trims on the exterior looking good. The wheel arch protectors are particularly prone to going milky or grey in sunlight or after wax washing. Finally, I have found this from Autobrite...
  3. Dieseldonkey

    Best Brake Dust Repellent.

    I don't know if because it's a van with larger brakes, or if VW use a soft brake pad........or it's just cost cutting crap, but I've never known a vehicle that contaminates its wheels so quickly in brake dust. Clean them and after one drive, they're manky again. And I ain't heavy on my brakes at...
  4. T6180

    Best Wheel Sealant?

    So I'm due to receive some freshly powder coated wheels and been looking at the best way to seal them in time for the winter, what do other member recommend? I'm not sure to use polish sealant or ceramic, but I'm leaning towards poorboys wheel sealant or Gtechniq C5
  5. T6Paul

    Going For Gold!

    Back on the devonports for a week whilst my wheels are being powder coated. I can't wait to see them on the van!...
  6. andythom188

    Summer Wheels To Winter Wheels - When?

    as it say when are people removing there winter wheels and putting the summer bling back on is 1st of march to early ?:D
  7. richi

    when is everyone putting their summer wheels on

    I'm putting my new ones on in the next couple of days,it is nearly summer down south :laugh: Leaving team Devonport for the summer thanks to @T6180 :thumbsup:
  8. ehuplad

    GTECHNIQ Crystal Serum Black vs Light

    Hi All, The detailer I am looking to use (registered with GTECHNIQ) is recommending I go with the light version of the Serum. He does not see any real world benefit in using the black especially as he would expect the EXO coating to be reapplied every 1-2 year (once the beading stops). What...