Sold BBS XA 20" Alloy Wheels.REDUCED £875

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Hi, after much deliberation I'm parting with these BBS XA alloys.
9.5j x 20
Come complete with the bolts and BBS valve caps
All not curbed and no corrosion
I bought the wheels on there own from daveF via the forum
No welds or cracks
I still need to wash them as just taken them off
Tyres are 265/40 Goodyear eagle F1 A3's
2 have around 4 or 5mm
2 are around 2-3mm max so although legal will be ready for changing soon
All t32 rated inc tyres
Were on my van with b14s quite a way down as per pic
Collection from West Yorkshire
Reduced to £875








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Great price for these stunning wheels, BBS wheels are German made and in a different league to most 20" EBay specials.

850 I believe but will double check- I know they're t32 rated as per my advert as I checked as did Dave F when he bought them. Are you interested @Skyliner33 or just wondering about the rating?
Very much appreciated. Thanks for looking. I just knew they were rated enough for a t32 but couldn't recall the figures.
Those replacements are lovely, what are they?

If i was in the market for a new set of wheels i'd be all over your XA's. Bargain.
Hi. They're Supermetal Cells.
Thanks for the kind words on the BBS's. Tbh I didn't think they'd hang around long!
Are these still available? I'm torn whether to 19 or 20s as I want a decent ride quality and tend to load my van to the hilt when going away with the family. I don't want any rubbing etc. Vans only been lowered 40mm though so am tempted with 20s.
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