bbs xa platinum wheels

  1. Deep black sparky

    Sold BBS XA 20” alloy wheels x 5

    BBS XA 20” alloy wheels x 5. 20” x 9.5j Bolt pattern 5 x 120 ET 42 Spigot rings 82.0 - 65.1mm 5 alloy wheels purchased from rim style for nearly £2500. Taken off my very low mileage t6 transporter. 4 of the wheels have covered 2000 miles only - the other was the spare and is mint with new...
  2. G

    Sold BBS XA 20" Alloy Wheels.REDUCED £875

    Hi, after much deliberation I'm parting with these BBS XA alloys. 9.5j x 20 Et42 Come complete with the bolts and BBS valve caps All not curbed and no corrosion I bought the wheels on there own from daveF via the forum No welds or cracks I still need to wash them as just taken them off Tyres are...
  3. DaveF

    Sold 20" BBS XA Wheels - Suit T32. £1000

    Hi all, I'm selling my BBS wheels that I've been running on my T32. I bought new them in April 2018 They're currently fitted with tyres, but they're worn. If needed I'll get them removed and just ship the rims. Spec is as follows - Satin Black with polished face / all 9.5 inch wide / 5x120...
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    After a good wash.