zito 935

  1. D

    Sold 20" Zito 935 silver alloy wheels

    Hello, I have for sale four 20" Zito 935 alloy wheels, recently removed from my van. Below is a description of each wheel. Please zoom in on photos attached for the best description of the condition. All are rated 860kg and sized 20 X 8 1/2 J. I'm asking £650. Collection is from Tring...
  2. B

    Spacers question 275/40/20

    Hi everyone, I noticed today that my front wheels come out further in the arch than my rear wheels do. I'm on 275/40/20 but moving to 245/45/20 which will give me 20mm further poke out than currently but I'm guessing that obv the rears will still look further in than the fronts. Is this where...
  3. dennismo

    Sold Calibre Exile R 20" Black Wheels

    Hi all. These wheels were fitted by the team at Leighton Vans. Last winter, after around 4500 miles of use (mainly motorway driving), I swapped to some All Seasons on Amarok 18" ready for a Peak District winter, and planned to put these back on this spring. However, I never got around to that...
  4. P

    Wheel bolts - different type if alloy or steel?

    hi I brought a set of secondhand davenport alloys my van just has normal steel wheels.Will I need different wheels nut and will they just fit straight on thanks for any advice
  5. Matty B

    Low Van Owners - Narrow Tyres To Fit So Low Suspension. 225/35 R20

    Morning all, I’ve just got the new So Low suspension from the lads at Transporter HQ. I’m planning to fit and fun it just above the lowest setting as I love the look. However I’m currently running 275/45 R20 on my wheels which will 100% rub I’m told. Andy from Transporter HQ has recommended I...
  6. 6

    Wheel identification [Zito 935]

    Evening all Anyone have an idea which rims these are? Looking everywhere for a white / black combo rim Cheers!
  7. IMG-20190210-WA0014


  8. Benjones6

    Anyone Know What Wheels These Are?

  9. E

    What Make Are These Wheels!

    Sorry, just purchased a van from a dealer, but they didn't know the make of the wheel fitted... any ideas They are 19" if that helps :-)
  10. jzd7tcm

    Set of 4 20inch Black Zito Alloys

    Set of 4 20 inch black zito alloys. 8.5j and 815kg load rated. 35mm offset. Fitted with 4 Uniroyal rainsport 3 275/40/20Y load rated tyres. 2 of them are virtually new and 2 part worn with lots of miles left. Wheels are immaculate but no longer needed. Only been on van for 6 months. Centre caps...