wolfrace dortmund

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    Tyres for Wolfrace Dortmund 20 x 8.5J

    Hi all. Iv baught a set of wolfeace dortmunds and need some advice on tyre width. Can i put 255/40/20 on?
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    Wolfrace Dortmund wheels

    Hi, I currently have a set of eibach (low 50/60mm) lowering springs on the van and undecided on whether to go for 18" or 19" wheels as an upgrade from the standard 17" highline wheels, I've searched the net high and low to find pictures but had no luck? Does anyone have a set up with these...
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    Wolfrace Dortmund centre cap sizes

    Hi Guys Dumb question perhaps - what's the centre cap size for a set of 20" Wolfram Dortmund's? im thinking 60-65mm?
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    Wolfrace Wheels ... reliability?

    Hi, has anyone had any problems with their Wolfrace wheels. Mine were changed under warranty 18m ago and the replacements are now going. The black finish showing white marks. I have deliberately avoided using products but this has not made any difference. Wolfrace have offered replacements at...
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    T32 tyres for Wolfrace Dortmund 19 x 8.5J

    Im looking to upgrade my devonports to a set of Wolfrace Dortmund 19 x 8.5 Do I need to include an 42 offset that is an option from supplier? I dont carry much weight in the back and will be a camper soon. What size tyres suit theses wheels best with a squared off look? Thanks folks
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    Wheel choice.....Team Indium Grey!

    Hi everyone, Picking up my indium grey T6 next week and it currently has davenport wheels, so a few questions... how much do you sell the davenport wheels for on average? Also i would like to get some 18's and was thinking about going for the older matt black sport line alloys as the new ones...
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    First Timer - lowering + Wolfrace wheels?

    Im a first timer! just purchased my first T6 LWB, wondering what people think of just using lowering springs. and the quality of 19" wolfrace dortmund alloys?