1. Pedro20001

    Decisions, decisions.... Wolfrace Sahara or Supermetal Rockets?

    hi all, this is a toughie, torn between these two wheels. Anyone running these and what do you think? Tia.
  2. Pedro20001

    Wolfrace explorer sahara

    Hi all, does anyone have these fitted and if so any pics please. Torn between these and supermetal with general grabber at3 in 255 55r18. Thanks
  3. Dannyb6467

    For Sale Wolfrace 20" wheel...NOT ME SELLING

    Just seen this....May be useful to someone ??Log in to Facebook
  4. B

    Wolfrace Aero 18” with lowered setup

    Hi all Just wondering if anyone has these and could share pics? I have them on standard vw suspension, thinking of lowering, but can’t visualise then… (can’t find any when searching on the forum so far). Thanks! Dan
  5. B

    Sold 18" Wolfrace Genesis wheels and Tyres.

    4 x 18" Wolfrace Genesis alloys with 255/45 R18 Hifly HF805 103W XL Tyres. Lacquer needs re-doing hence low price. Wheel bolts included. Collection only from near Suffolk/Essex border (CO10). Tread depths are approx 3.5mm to 4mm. £250 o.n.o £150 Barry 07941223868.
  6. nobbyq

    Wolfrace Wolfsberg 20s

    anyone running these wheels ? thx
  7. J

    centre-cap removal

    I’ve not removed this type of wheel before. Can anyone tell me how I get the facia off without damaging it??
  8. DaveF

    Sold 18" Wolfrace Munich Rims plus Uniroyal Rainsport 5 Tyres

    Hi all , I'm just about to fit new wheels and I'll be selling my Wolfrace Munich 18" rims, which are running 244 45 Rainsport 5's Tyres were fitted last year (2 in March and 2 in November, so all pretty much brand new....as I've been nowhere!!) The rims were bought in August 2018 and are...
  9. JTT6

    Sold Wolfrace Assasin 20" Alloys with 275/40 ZR20 106Y load rated Tyres

    These will be coming off a T32 T6 Kombi and have appropriate load rated tyres. In good condition, I think only 2 are marked but please see pics for more info. Tyres have a mixed amount of tread but definitely would do you over the coming winter and then some. Looking for £500-600 Based near...
  10. JamieinSwindon

    For Sale WolfRace 18" Black Gloss Alloys 255/45/R18 with good 99Y Tyres

    Having recently upgraded to 20" Alloys we have this set of WolfRace 18" Black Gloss Alloys (please see pics) These Tyres and Wheels are off our 68 plate VW T6 - T32 Kombi. They have done 10,000 miles and come complete with Matching Continentals which we ran on the Fronts and match (unknown) on...
  11. X

    where can i get a Wolfrace Assasin 20 inch wheel from

    where can i get a wolfrace assian 20 inch wheel from i just need 1 single wheel to replace a damaged one i have, i have looked all over but can not find one or a place to buy one hoping someone on here might no thanks
  12. S

    Wolfrace Wheels ... reliability?

    Hi, has anyone had any problems with their Wolfrace wheels. Mine were changed under warranty 18m ago and the replacements are now going. The black finish showing white marks. I have deliberately avoided using products but this has not made any difference. Wolfrace have offered replacements at...
  13. P

    Wheel bolts - different type if alloy or steel?

    hi I brought a set of secondhand davenport alloys my van just has normal steel wheels.Will I need different wheels nut and will they just fit straight on thanks for any advice
  14. 462CB04E-5A64-4A37-926F-139B77B4A9E4


  15. M40CCA

    M40CCA build thread

    Picked my new caravelle up today Really impressed with it so far All the space I need for 5 kids and 2 dogs Definitely need the coilovers fitting soon feels a bit unsure on roundabouts and corners but overall great so far Already fitted the gloss black side bars and have it booked it for...
  16. Luke howells

    OEM alloys and Wheel-Spacers

    I've been searched for some new alloys and had some people tell me all different widths, havent found any i like as of yet anyway i have lowered 50mm and want to put some spacers on the wheels so was thinking 25mm for the front and 35mm for the back is this to much or shall i go 5 mm each shorter...
  17. bmw222000

    wolfrace W10 alloys and OEM centre caps

    I've just bought some wolfrace w10 alloys is it possible to change the centre caps to vw ones? If so what size would i need