wireless phone charging

  1. Mic71

    T6.1 ign/live in the drivers’ door loom?

    Does anyone know if there is an ignition supply feed I can pick up In the drivers door? Because I would like to put a wireless charging base in the top pocket of the door card.
  2. A

    T6.1 wireless charging retrofit?

    do some having one retrofitted wireless charging ??
  3. D

    "Comfort Telephone Interface Including Wireless Charging 9ij"

    All over the VW Transporter website and within the printed literature is the phrase "Optional comfort telephone interface including wireless mobile phone charging". But going through the options, I can't actually see this option. Anyone able to shed any light?
  4. A

    Wireless Charging And Carplay

    After all my escapades in modifying and using the RCD330+, I decided to do what I always end up doing and start a new project with only a week to go til my annual fortnight touring Europe. So I've ordered a Kenwood 8019. (I shied away from the undoubtedly better 9190 due to budget). One of the...