1. RosscoPCole

    T6.1 Wing Badge - options?

    I'd like to add a bit of colour to my Cali. I've seen the black trim round the indicator and model badge in different colours. How is this done?
  2. Jonnoa

    T6 Side Repeater wiring

    Can anyone advise me where the side repeater wiring goes through to the loom and how best to access it. It seem that an animal has chewed through the cable on both sides as when I remove the repeater the cable is no longer attached. Have been advised that the Front Wings may need to come off to...
  3. M

    T6.1 wing suppliers

    Hello guys, I’m looking for t6.1 both wings and arch liners. Anyone know how to get it? I called almost all local shops, tried to search on internet, emailed a lot of companies in UK and Germany- no one can offer me anything. So I’m trying my luck here. Anyone know where I can get it? Thanks
  4. Pauly

    [Guide] T6.1 Fitting new wing badges

    Since getting my new van and having the @BognorMotors gloss front end i couldnt help but feel the wing badges looked a little out of place These were the only bit of matt plastic around the front of the van so thought they needed to get gone so got myself a set of gloss black/chrome bulli...
  5. S

    Front Door Opening Angle…

    Hi folks, no idea which forum page would be best for this question, so apologies in advance if it’s the wrong place. I’m a new owner of a 2018 T6, and find that the front doors don’t open as wide as I would expect, and certainly not as far as my old van (not VW!). I can see on the door stops...
  6. Heath1984

    T6.1 Coloured Side Repeater Trims

    Really struggling to find anywhere that supplies these or even a tutorial on how to do it yourself?
  7. RyanGerry

    Wanted Candy White Drivers Wing

    A long shot but I’m after a Candy White drivers wing for my van as I have managed to put a dent in it and chipped the paint. I don’t really want to claim on my insurance to get it repaired.
  8. B

    Wanted Drivers side front wing.

    Preferably in silver.
  9. patbarn


  10. T6ARF

    Driver’s door adjustment?

    Hello folks, I’ve just noticed this morning that my driver’s side door appears to have ‘dropped’ a little and is pinching the bodywork and rubbing off the paint! Please see pictures below.... The question is does anybody know if the door can be adjusted to lift it up at the bottom slightly...
  11. LambethBoy

    T6.1 Headlights / Indicators

    Anyone know where the indicators are on these? Are they that little black bit underneath or part of the DRL?

  13. Mrpowwow

    Wing Panel vendors

    Hi Guys Due to my L/H wheel coming off whilst driving I now need a new front wing after it smashed into the road. Does anyone know best place to buy one online as I am struggling to find them anywhere ? Regards Andy
  14. Vanda

    Transporter breakers - parts needed

    Hi. Anyone know how easy it is to replace the LHS front fender? I see you can get them on eBay for about £150 (unpainted). I think my challenge is finding someone who can paint it and get a good match for Indium Grey. Cheers
  15. Craigsom

    T6 Side Repeater removal

    Hi All, could anyone tell me how the side repeaters come out, I want to fit some chrome caravelle ones (as pictured) but want to be sure I know what I am doing first :-)