wing mirror

  1. Lukavell

    Sold Caravelle gloss-black electric mirrors.

    Small scuff on driver side - will polish out. Located near Scunthorpe. Buyer to collect or arrange collection/delivery.
  2. Andysmee

    Sold Heated wing mirror glass - driver's offside

    £10 free postage (UK mainland) Priced for quick sale, and it's dead easy to change the mirror glass, no tools needed. There's a good video here on YouTube
  3. Andysmee

    [SOLVED] Bad radio reception + no electric mirror control = cut loom

    Having read this thread about bad radio reception - T6 Aerials, Gps, Dab, Fm/am, Gsm - How I Did It and knowing that my offside wing mirror is not body colour (as it should be for a Trendline) and was not responding to the electric controls, I decided to take the mirror apart. Thanks to folks...
  4. catfood12

    [Guide] Fitting door mirror repair mounting

    Following on from this incident; Then this thread; I bought a couple of the brackets from the 'Bay... Fitting requires full mirror removal and dismantling. My temporary fix holding up well...
  5. harridean

    Media Head Unit Not Working From Steering Wheel Controls - Help Please !

    Hi Guys Need some help in finding what's caused a problem with the steering wheel controls for the head unit. My T6 recently had a minor minor paint repair to the drivers door which involved taking the electric door mirror off, and while in the shop the door was left open so the battery went...
  6. andy greenwood

    Wing Mirror Covers/ Plastics - T6

    Unfortunately on a tight lane i have scraped the wing mirror, top and bottom piece. Does anyone have a part number for both pieces? And more importantly can i buy the top piece already colour coded in candy white ?
  7. A

    T5.1 & T6 Wing Mirrors

    T5.1 & T6 mirrors - are they the same? Thank you in advance.
  8. F

    Wing Mirror Plastics

    Hi I wanted to get my wing mirror plasrics painted black. I’ve read on here it’s a bit of a pain to remove the plastic that attaches to the body from the wing mirror itself. So if I do remove the wing mirrors to be painted I will be without the van for a few days. So 1. With the Caravelle...
  9. T6DSGChris

    Gps Module In Drivers Mirror...

    is it fitted to all as standard in the drivers mirror or if required fitted at factory to match the head unit fitted? Thanks chris
  10. J

    Transporter Wing Mirror Spring Assembly

    Hi Can anyone tell me if the spring assembly for fitting the wing mirror (Transporter) can be sourced online separately or will I need to go direct to dealer. I have ordered the bearing bracket that fits into the mirror unit but am 'missing' the spring assembly part Thanks
  11. spook

    Sold Reduced T6 Pass Side Wing Mirror Gen Vw

  12. SAF1981

    T6 Electric Folding Wing Mirrors

    Hello, new to the T6 forum. I have a T6 Camper and looking to replace the wing mirrors with electric folding ones. Has anyone done the same, any recommendations and how easy is it to integrate with the central locking? Thanks
  13. S

    T6 Rh Wing Mirror

    Snapped another wing mirror on my T6, have tried the replacement sleeve but looks like pot metal and snapped just too easily so the question is, is the T5.1 electric mirror (not power folding) the same as the T6, have seen one on Flea bay at the right price
  14. L

    Reversing Mirror Dip

    Hi guys Got a new t6 and would love the electric mirrors to dip when I put the vehicle in reverse to see the wheels etc. Has anybody done this? I know it's doable in a golf and other VW's Cheers Luke
  15. JasonW

    Aftermarket Head Unit Question

    I'm specing up a new vehicle and don't want to waste money on the discover media Nav system as I plan to put an Alpine X802D in it. So the vehicle will be supplied with the basic Composition colour radio; 5" touch screen as standard. My question is the standard unit has no Sat Nav but the...
  16. Buzznitro

    Composition Media aerial upgrade

    Hi guys need some help please, I’m try to add after market aerial to comp media, is it possible to use the drivers door connection and if so which is the DAB connection Thanks in advanced
  17. O

    Looking For T6 Offside Electric Mirror

    Hi I've got a 2017 T6 Transporter and the offside electric wing mirror has been knocked off so I'm looking for a replacement with DAB antenna, any ideas where I can get one? Thanks
  18. A

    Folding Mirrors

    Hi there i have been reading the threads regarding folding mirror not working, i have tried some of the ideas but to no avail, i wondered where i can test to see if the motor in the near side has packed up or the wire/switch is the problem. The van is a t6 2017 and it has had a secondhand door...
  19. Thomas Hopkins

    DAB Not Working

    Hi all, Just picked up a new (to me) 2017 transporter and although FM radio is working fine DAB won't pick up anything at all in several different locations so something isn't right somewhere ? anyone have any ideas ? Many thanks Tom
  20. S

    Wanted Wing Mirror Casing

    Drivers side wing mirror, just the main case. Some t**t decided to pull mine off and snapped the metal bit in the main casing. The glass, dab ariel/wires, silver bit etc is all in tact. The thinkware dash cam caught him walking down the road kicking off wing mirrors. Police won't so owt tho...