wing mirror

  1. I

    Broken wing mirror - help please!

    So two weeks after getting the van I’ve clonked the wing mirror. Doh!!! The main metal bracket has sheared off and half is on the wing mirror and the other half in the door. And the mirror is hanging by the cables. The vehicle has DAB and heated / powered door mirrors. I’ve tried to undo the...
  2. D

    Width with retracted wing mirrors?

    The width of a T6.1 is 2.3m with wing mirrors down. But what is the width with wing mirrors retracted? Anyone know? And can the electric wing mirrors be retracted whilst driving to get through a gap?
  3. M

    Replacement wing mirror glass only

    Just cracked the glass in my T6 Driver's side wing mirror. Could someone tell me where I can get a replacement piece of mirror to fit, assuming I can replace the glass only?
  4. J

    Best gloss black wing mirror cover?

    I've managed to lose my o/s gloss black mirror cap (upper), well, it got smashed off :rolleyes:, they were sprayed gloss black when i bought the van. Just wondering the best place to source one (or maybe a pair of already gloss black, so they match)? Are the aftermarket any good or do I need to...
  5. R

    Near side wing mirror cable?

    Have to replace whole unit there is a cable/cord attached to the unit that's runs into the door what is this for ?
  6. D

    Wing Mirror connector plug

    Does anyone know what this connector plug is for in the wing mirror? I know the thin brown/white are for the heating element in the mirror but can’t figure out the black connector block???
  7. Gareth Edmondson

    Wing Mirror wiring connector-block

    HI there All, Just a quick one. I'm about to start replacing the driver side wing mirror bracket as it has been snapped in a hit and drive off incident (not me). I'm annoyed of course - but there we are. I've been reading all about it and apart from the large wiring block - it all seems easy...
  8. H

    Heated wing-mirror operation

    Bought my 2017 T6 back in the summer so at the time I didn't even think to look. Now that winter is here the heated windscreen is great but there is no option to turn the heated mirrors on. Am I missing something? Or is it just the case they aren't heated? Would seem a bit odd to have a heated...
  9. Theo1979!

    Mirror ambient light

    Yesterday a installed ambient light in the mirrors
  10. L

    Wing-mirror smashed off

    Dear All Our driver side wing mirror was completely destroyed after being clipped by the trailer of a lorry. To avoid the mirror shell further damaging the door paintwork I cut the two units (too big to push through) off and tucked the wiring away. The mirror is currently being repaired and I...
  11. wileyk80

    Where is my GPS antenna

    Hi again all In need of help please As previously posted I had my offside (driver's) mirror smashed totally Now repaired by other guys Insurance but my sat nav is trying to tell me that I am in Ireland not Stoke DAB is also worse than usual and drops out when I change direction Took it back to...
  12. Lukavell

    Sold Caravelle gloss-black electric mirrors.

    Small scuff on driver side - will polish out. Located near Scunthorpe. Buyer to collect or arrange collection/delivery.
  13. Andysmee

    Sold Heated wing mirror glass - driver's offside

    £10 free postage (UK mainland) Priced for quick sale, and it's dead easy to change the mirror glass, no tools needed. There's a good video here on YouTube
  14. Andysmee

    [SOLVED] Bad radio reception + no electric mirror control = cut loom

    Having read this thread about bad radio reception - T6 Aerials, Gps, Dab, Fm/am, Gsm - How I Did It and knowing that my offside wing mirror is not body colour (as it should be for a Trendline) and was not responding to the electric controls, I decided to take the mirror apart. Thanks to folks...
  15. thebueso

    mirrors too wide for my garage

    Hello everyone. I have a width problem with my van, it not fit into my garage. The mirrors are the problem, the way that they fold it's not enought to come across my garage door. I'm thinking about the posibility of exchange my original exteriors mirrors by anotherone not OEM that fold more...
  16. catfood12

    [Guide] Fitting door mirror repair mounting

    Following on from this incident; Then this thread; I bought a couple of the brackets from the 'Bay... Fitting requires full mirror removal and dismantling. My temporary fix holding up well...
  17. harridean

    Media Head Unit Not Working From Steering Wheel Controls - Help Please !

    Hi Guys Need some help in finding what's caused a problem with the steering wheel controls for the head unit. My T6 recently had a minor minor paint repair to the drivers door which involved taking the electric door mirror off, and while in the shop the door was left open so the battery went...
  18. P

    Wing Mirror Covers/ Plastics - T6

    Hi All First time posting so be gentle..... I own a T6 Transporter, 1968CC. The manufacture year is 2017, some nice person decided to smash my N/S wing mirror and im trying to buy the parts rather than pay the well over priced parts from the dealership.. I have managed to find someone that...
  19. A

    T5.1 & T6 Wing Mirrors

    T5.1 & T6 mirrors - are they the same? Thank you in advance.
  20. LT2019

    Wing-Mirror Mount - gloss black?

    I hate the matt finish (looks sh*te) on the plastic where the wing mirrors attach to the T6. Unable to source a gloss aftermarket replacement, so guess it’s a remove & spray job? If so how do you remove these peeps?