wing mirror

  1. S

    Sold EMUK Towing mirrors for T6 & T6.1

    EMUK towing mirrors to fit T6 & T6.1. Superb quality. I used these on my T6.1, they’re are a great fit and don’t vibrate at all when driving. £80 collected, £90 posted. I paid £120 for them.
  2. Lee540

    Wanted Wing-Mirror Motor

    Does anyone have a single door mirror glass motor? Mine is working but only in one axis so know its getting power and switch is fine as drivers side works fine. Thanks. Lee
  3. BIgben

    For Sale T5 drivers side wing mirror plastic parts.

    Plastic parts for a T5 drivers side wing mirror surround. Some parts used others new. All tabs undamaged. £10? Collection Weymouth or postage at cost.
  4. dshelton999

    Wanted Drivers side mirror

    Hi, Does anyone have a complete drivers side mirror and housing? Someone has smashed mine to bits and drove off. Thanks Dan
  5. Stuart Docchar

    Loose wing mirrow 2022 t6.1

    The wing mirrow off side feels loose but I don’t think it’s been knocked no marks and doesn’t work folding in by button on driver side
  6. K

    Sold Heated Wing Mirrors.

    Pair of T6 electric wing mirrors heated and fully adjustable ( none folding ), perfect condition with brand-new Candy white colour coded caps + Door Switch £120.00 collected or posted at additional cost.
  7. Lee540

    Door-Mirror Direction Fault [Resolved]

    Hello all. 2018 T6 Highline. Non-Folding Mirrors but heated glass + electric movement of the glass. Offside works fine. Nearside. All directions, up and right don't work and left or down equal left until there is no more travel in the motor. Any ideas? I had similar in a car many years any...
  8. N

    Vibrating Wing Mirror

    My drivers side wing mirror vibrates to the point where I can barely use it on the Motorway. I've seen a few things saying it could be the glass needs regluing, and a few saying the arm which attaches it to the car. Obviously I need to dismantle it, but do I need to be aware of anything in...
  9. B

    Replace or repair mirror cover t6.1?

    Had a coming together with a big camper van this weekend and it smashed the mirror glass and knocked the colour coded cover off. The clips on the cover are broken so it won’t snap back on. Any thoughts on whether it could be glued on? If not, are the aftermarket covers or replacement mirrors any...
  10. A

    nearside wing mirror aerial

    How does the arial fit in a t6 nearside wing mirror ? anywhere a diagram or instructions ?
  11. D

    Broken wing mirror

    Hi All , Does anyone know how I can get this part for the T6 Wing Mirror. I have seen this online for the T5 but cannot find it anywhere for the T6. I've seen a few exploded diagrams and I believe the part is labelled 11 Any ideas ? Thanks for reading this thread.
  12. nova3uk

    Help identifying a cable in mirror [Resolved]

    Hi, I have googled for hours but cannot find any info, i am replacing my mirrors for electronically folding ones, I have done most of the work swapping them over, however, the replacement mirror has an extra cable as compared to the one i removed, I have identified it in the diagram and photo...
  13. M

    Sold Badges / W/mirrors / Clamatic controllers / MFSW

    2017 highline van upgraded so original parts for sale (reasonable offers) Rugby based. Leather round steering wheel (no airbag) multi function, VW chrome front/rear badges, Revo badges new, wing mirrors /electric - pair, air con controllers - 2.
  14. J

    Wing Mirror electrical connections..

    Found 4 cables in driver wing mirror. One for mirror allignment - One for heated mirror Both easy to disconnect for repair Other two cables may be related to DAB and GPS aerials Can only be disconnected behind door card QUESTION If that is function of the latter 2 cables could cut them to...
  15. V

    Wing mirror wiring related to airbag

    I'm in the process of repairing my drivers side wing mirror. I got a quote from VW garage for £665! I have managed to remove the broken wing mirror and ordered new parts for around £35. In order to remove parts I had to cut 3 small coaxial wires, (RG174) and I will need to resplice these when...
  16. D

    T6.1 Wing-Mirror Mount - gloss black?

    Does anyone know if you can get gloss black replacement wing mirror mounts or if you have to get them painted?
  17. S

    Found T6 wing mirror

    Hi all I need a drivers side wing mirror complete if possible but could get away with the present covers. It is indium grey and is heated, electric and electric swivel too. Thanks Pete
  18. Gavinsky23

    Electric mirror motor - part number and replacement question

    My passenger mirror has stopped folding so stripped it down to try and find the issue. There seems to be 12v going to the motor so I suspect the motor need replaced. I have a couple of questions that hopefully someone can help. 1. Anyone know the part number for the folding mirror motor, there...
  19. M

    Wing Mirror - Lane Visibility Issue

    I recently had to replace my entire drivers side wing mirror. (Replaced with genuine VW Parts) It's manual fold with electrical adjustment. I have adjusted the mirror fully over to the right and i am still looking at the side of the van. When I was on the motorway I couldn't see the lane next...
  20. J

    Replace wing mirror on T6.1 any ideas

    How do I fix wing mirror on a T6.1 transport