wing mirror trim

  1. P

    Wing Mirror Covers/ Plastics - T6

    Hi All First time posting so be gentle..... I own a T6 Transporter, 1968CC. The manufacture year is 2017, some nice person decided to smash my N/S wing mirror and im trying to buy the parts rather than pay the well over priced parts from the dealership.. I have managed to find someone that...
  2. F

    Wing Mirror Plastic Mount

    Hi I wanted to get my wing mirror plasrics painted black. I’ve read on here it’s a bit of a pain to remove the plastic that attaches to the body from the wing mirror itself. So if I do remove the wing mirrors to be painted I will be without the van for a few days. So 1. With the Caravelle...
  3. A

    Chrome Mirror Covers

    My van came high a few scrapes doused by the owner parking in a very tight underground garage the mirrors in particular quick fix was to buy these stainless covers from van style.
  4. S

    Wing Mirror unit replacement (merged threads)

    Hi Guys I'm new here so hello !! Purchased a new T6 Highline kombi 2 weeks ago but some numpty has taken my wing DS mirror off . The mirror itself , cover , glass etc is perfect no marks but the Ali mounting pedistile has sheared clean off . Been told the door card has to come off . Easy enough...
  5. simon

    How To Remove Wing Mirror Back Cover?

    My cover keeps popping off due to the door opening beyond the stopper on the hinge, due to the fact my son allowed the door to swing open downhill on a windy now the door opens continuously. Any way that's another fix So the cover pops off because the clip is broke I have a new clip...
  6. Loz

    T6 Wing Mirror cover trim 2018-04-12

    Wing mirror trim removal
  7. S

    Getting the lower wing mirror trim off

    Afternoon, How do I get the lower wing mirror trim off ? I can see that if you tilt the mirror fully down you can see three plastic clips. They are very hard to get to and not entirely clear how to get them to release, either at the top of bottom. They look like they break easily. From what i...
  8. Amped

    Mirror cap replacements

    Any ideas on how easy it is to remove the mirror caps? I've just ordered some new ones and wondered how easy it is to change them? Cheers Rich
  9. F

    Replacement Wing Mirror

    Hi All, After some advice regarding the replacement of Power Fold Wing Mirror. Some boy racer has just taken mine clean off (Parts of distributed far & wide) is it best to stick with VW parts or are some of the aftermarket non OEM ones ok? Thanks in advance.