1. Grim Reaper

    CADAC Windbreak

    Someone (trying to) copy my CADAC windbreak. But theirs appears not to fit inside the cooker for storage nor stop the lid from...
  2. evans1089

    Wanted Jormax Windbreak

    After seeing one at Summer Camp, :cool: Or similar. Cash waiting.
  3. V

    Sold Isabella Windbreak - 4 Sided Grey

    For sale an Isabella 4 sided windbreak in grey. Ex-demo model. Only used at a trade show. £190 free UK delivery W: 4.6m H: 1.1m Weight: 5.7kg
  4. Gwyn

    Windbreak recommendations

    Can anyone recommend a quality windbreaker preferably the type without guy-lines TIA
  5. S

    Windbreak Recommendations ?

    Simple, plain and strong......any recommendations?
  6. Phil Harris

    Westfield Windbreak

    Needed a little Jedi Force to put up , but when it is it’s a great bit of kit.. our 1st visit to Camper Calling, really friendly great for families & some nice vans about, however like every festival this weekend “bit of a wet one!” Hence back home/pub in time for Moto GP and give the old girl...