1. M

    Winch mounting

    Im getting my t6.1 (4motion) fitted with VB air suspension. It has the air compressor mounted in the spare wheel space on the back. I also plan to add a winch at some point and now I'm just asking around to see how compatible it can be. I am taking inspirations from SpaceCamper, Terranger...
  2. J

    Winch & Lift

    Hi All This is my first post I've owned a VW T6 4 motion SWB transporter for 3 years. I have converted it to a camper and have done many solo off road trips. My question is can I fit a winch and also raise the vehicle so I have more ground clearance. Im in Victoria Australia and if anybody knows...
  3. C

    Winch And Tyre Carrier

    Hi Just got my van back from my engineer having prototyped and built the new rear bumper with swing away wheel carrier/fuel can and integrated winch, just a couple of minor electrical gremlins to sort. Also fitted new front grill from our sponsors ZunSport, with their special mesh behind both...
  4. C

    Start Of Serious Engineering

    Start of rear steel bumper install, initial bolt on with winch being installed inside the bumper. Next stop to install pivots for swing out wheel carrier and fuel container. Will update you on progress.
  5. KombiKommando

    Improvised Winch

    Here's an idea.... I can't afford a winch for my self titled adventure van/swamper. I can however, get my hands on a loading strap for container lorries which are designed to hold weights of 5 ton. They come with a massive over engineered ratchet. I reckon it would do as an emergency hand...
  6. Glenn Board

    Thick Red Live Electric Cable under drivers seat, for winch?

    I am installing a winch inside the van to pull in my Hot Air Balloon, I need to connect it obviously to a live, looking under the passenger seat I found a thick red live cable, can't believe my luck looks ideal, does anybody know what this cable was originally installed for, and will it support...